I-70 Live Traffic Cams

Avoid traffic – stay the weekend!


We have all been to the Colorado Department of Transportation website to see how bad the traffic to and from Denver is, but it’s not an easy site to get the information you need quickly. This page makes it a snap. All cameras are in sequence so that you can simply scroll down and see within just a few seconds if you should keep skiing or pack it up and get into the car.

All Cameras are in order from Denver to the town of Vail

I-70 and Colfax Avenue Denver Colorado

I-70 & W. 6th Aveune

I-70 Hogback / Morrison Exit

Mt. Vernon & I-70 – Mile Marker 257

Lookout Mtn & I-70 – Mile Marker 256

Genesee & I-70 – Mile Marker 254


El Rancho

Soda Creek & I-70

Soda Creek

Beaver Brook

Top of Floyd Hill & I-70 – Mile Marker 246.7

Floyd Hill Exit Ramp

Floyd Hill West & I-70 – Mile Marker 245.3

Hidden Valley & I-70 – Mile Marker 242.9

Idaho Springs & I-70

Idaho Springs Stanley Rd. Exit

Fall River Rd. & I-70 – Mile Marker 237.2

Fall River VMS & I-70 – Mile Marker 237.6

Dumont – Mile Marker 235

Downieville & I-70

Lawson & I-70

Empire Ramp & I-70 – Mile Marker 232.5

Georgetown & I-70 – Mile Marker 228

Georgetown Hill and I-70 – Mile Marker 226.5

Silverplume & I-70 – Mile Marker 226

Bakerville & I-70 – Mile Marker 221

Hermans Gulch & I-70 – Mile Marker 218.5

Loveland Basin & I-70 – Mile Marker 217

US Hwy 6 Ramp / Loveland & I-70 – Mile Marker 216

US Hwy 6 Ramp / Loveland & I-70 – Mile Marker 215

East Portal Eisenhowner Tunnel & I-70

Straight Creek

Truck Ramp W. Tunnel Descent I-70 – Mile Marker 209

Silverthorne I-70 – Mile Marker 205

Silverthorne Exit

1 mile W of Silverthorne Exit

Frisco Main Street

West of Frisco

Mile Marker 198.6

East of Officers Gulch

Officers Gulch Exit

Copper Mountain Exit


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