Haywood Cafe – Keystone Colorado Restaurants

Haywood Cafe – Keystones best breakfast and sports bar!

The Haywood Cafe in Keystone Colorado is located at 23110 US HWY 6 in the Gateway Lodge building right next to the SummitCove check in office. They offer a full menu and open for breakfast at 7AM and during the busy seasons they stay open pretty late! The Haywood Cafe is known for a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and is Keystones best sports bar with more HD TV’s than you can attempt to watch at the same time and a table top speaker system so you can listen to the game of your choice!

SummitCove Haywood Cafe Recommendations:

Breakfast, Swiss Baked Eggs, is absolutely delicious, not sure how we got talked into it the first time but the Haywood really pulls this one off well!