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Vacation Property Management in Keystone Ski Resort Colorado

Homeowner Login ยป is the premier property management company in Keystone. Back in the fall of 2001, we purchased a small condo to have a place to stay during the ski season. After seeking a management company to rent our property for us, we found that we were not willing to part with 50% of our rental income. We built an initial web site to market our property on our own and quickly found that we had a much superior way of doing business in Keystone using our unique marketing technique. Over the years, we have hosted thousands of guests in our own condos and started turning guests away because we did not have the capacity to accommodate them all.

The Keystone property management services of began in the fall of 2004. By managing multiple Keystone properties, we have built upon the success of our unique marketing technique and help you get the most out of your investment property. boasts the lowest commission rate in Keystone with no gimmicks or surprises. Our commission includes the taking of reservations by the Internet or by phone, guest credit card fees, cleaning, emergencies, and the general management of your property. We are and always have been centered around the owners needs above and beyond our own. We strive to keep things as simple as possible and not “nickel and dime” our owners to death. Lots of times, with other property managers, not only will you pay for every little thing such as remote control batteries and light bulbs, along with a higher commission fee, but you will be hit with huge marketing fees, linen fees, and other extra charges. When searching for a property manager, make sure you ASK about these fees as they are not always disclosed until the fine (and usually hard to read) print of the management contract. In order to cover these costs, we only ask for a few nights of use of your property per year during the slower times.

Our entire business is done through the Internet. From the bookings, to the occupancy reports for homeowners, our business is done securely online. Homeowner reports are always available through the homeowner login page on our web site, 24/7. Although we can send you printed reports, you have the same information available at your fingertips anytime. If there is ever a question, it is easy to call us or email us any time. Our owners will testify for us that our response time to owner questions or concerns is usually less than 1 hour and we are happy to return calls quickly…even after hours if needed. takes reservations 24/7 on the Internet and we have the ability to take last minute bookings. Literally, a guest can call us and walk in the door in less than 3 minutes. Payment made, and key card given. No other property management company in Keystone Colorado can match that. Not only do we take reservations online, but we take pride in constantly testing our servers to make sure that security requirements are exceeded in all possible ways. Take a look at the competition….very few even secure the guests credit card number when booking online. YIKES!

We do not charge additional for posting your property on the Internet. Instead, we use our search engine rankings to your advantage and include your property on our web site. These high rankings directly benefit you, the home owner as they translate into increased reservations and revenue. Not only are we found high on the list by search engine rankings on the Internet, but we have a strong word-of-mouth following and have carefully picked alliances in the Keystone area that are part of our niche marketing strategy.

We contract only well-known and honest cleaning services for cleaning our owners properties. Not only do our cleaners do a great job on your property, but they keep a watchful eye out for any misuse of your property and promptly report it. Rest assured, we are looking out for your investment and want you to feel comfortable with our ability to screen out unwanted guests, and take care of any emergencies in a cost effective manner.

We do not limit the use of your own property. You are welcome to book your unit as often or as little as you wish without penalties of any kind. Using our management system, you can save money if you want to find your own guests. We charge a lower management fee if you find your own guest…once again without any hitches. We will take care of the check-in, check-out, middle of the night calls, emergency calls, etc. for you. By using your homeowner login on our web site, you can make all bookings easily and automatically. Finally a property management company that will make you feel like you own the property! Just take a look at what our owners are saying about our services!

We pride ourselves on not “nickel and diming” our owners to death. We take care of all small items like burned out light bulbs, and any other minor repairs to your property. All linens are provided for your property free of charge, we take care of all the marketing ourselves instead of nailing everyone with a huge marketing fee. We take the time to carefully inspect your property ahead of time to avoid the extra small costs of repairing and fixing. We simply ask for a few nights of free use of your property to offset these costs.

In Summary, the benefits of going with us over another Keystone Property Management company include:

  • We specialize in Keystone Colorado only- We know the market like the back of our hand and don’t spread ourselves too thin. Many other management companies are spread everywhere…including some beach resorts! We’re squarely focused on Keystone and being the best in a single area.
  • We have a very low management fee. No sliding scales or gimmicks. We’re not selling insurance or cell phone plans here. Just the real deal.
  • We have top organic rankings in Yahoo, MSN and Google.
  • We allow you to use your condo as much as you like without any penalties. You won’t have to let us know in advance either….last minute use is not a problem.
  • We allow you to find your own guests and we’ll take care of check-in, cleaning, middle of the night calls, etc. for a discounted management fee. This program is always available and does not cost extra….it’s just up to you how much you wish to use it.
  • You will have access to all reservations for your Keystone property. Past, present and future, you can see all activity in real-time through your personalized web site portal. You will not be left in the dark about your own property.
  • We offer complete flexibility in our system. We have developed our own reservation software and can implement new ideas quickly and be flexible if business or marketing dynamics change. We are not locked into any one system as many other companies are. We are receptive to owners ideas about changes to our web site and usually implement the best ideas from our owners.
  • All guests are contacted prior to arrival for screening out ineligible or questionable renters.
  • We don’t offer any “damage waivers” for renters. Offering such a “get out of jail free” policy only encourages people to damage property. All guests are held fully responsible for their actions.
  • All condos are included in our maintenance program…no extra fees or hidden costs.
  • We do not charge extra yearly fees for special marketing, or inclusion into specific programs that we may offer.
  • We don’t offer tiered solutions or gimmicks that are rigid in structure. We can tailor fit your goals to our program…want your property rented as much as possible? No problem. Only looking to make minimal money to pay HOA fees? No problem. By simply tweaking a few variables, we can make an exact match to your goals for your investment.
  • System security is a top priority. We test our servers in an ongoing manner to provide security for our guests and owners alike. Information loss is a scary proposition these days. Our competition doesn’t think this is important and does not even run secure on-line booking! Our booking engine is real-time, tested, secure, and solid.
  • Speaking of technology, we have a solid 18 years of engineering background. Why is this important to a property management company? It streamlines our process to levels never seen before in the stale lodging industry. We write our own software and are not tied to any single expensive solution that is controlled by someone else.
  • Our management contract is not “Sticky”. Want to sell your property or not rent it anymore? We won’t hold you to bookings outside of 60 days. We don’t charge penalties to terminate contracts or allow only narrow 1 day windows of time to get out of contracts once per year. We’re confident that you’ll be so happy with our level of service and revenue that you will not want to leave.
  • No gimmicks like offering free flat screen TV’s if you sign up with us. Sorry…we’re just more focused on providing downright amazing customer service and generating revenue. The feeling from a flat screen won’t last like years of solid revenue and being treated like true partner!
  • Want REAL numbers and not inflated revenue projections and stats from our competitors? We can give you access to our real-time statistics so you can see the real thing!!
  • Want more benefits? Call us. We can go on and on! We’re the only real deal in Keystone. No gimmicks, we just manage properties the way it should have been done all along.

Be careful….you get what you pay for!

When shopping for property management, be extremely cautious. If it sounds too good to be true or seems “too cheap”….it probably is. While it may seem attractive at first, beware of marketing costs, startup costs, and ongoing charges. It is common for management companies to undercut each other to gain market share. However, don’t be fooled into something you will regret later on and will you dearly if something catastrophic happens. Be sure to read the fine print about what is included and what is not. You’ll quickly find that many things are NOT included. Below are some key aspects that you should be asking tough questions about:

Many times the contract only allows for 1 service call per month….how realistic is that? Items like garbage disposals and toilet get clogged all the time. Sometimes more than once per day! Does this company charge the owner or the guest for these types of things? We don’t believe it fair to charge either the owner or the guest for minor maintenance such as this. If you charge the guest, why would they come back again? Will that single service call be used for a broken coffee pot or a flooding water heater? SummitCove Property Management offers a full time maintenance crew with someone on call 24/7 IN THE RESORT. Guests will not wait an hour for maintenance to be done, nor will they wait until the next day.

Marketing of some cut-rate management companies for guests is limited to VRBO and low-ranking web sites, which the owner must pay for out of their own pocket. Want additional exposure? Be prepared to either pay for it. Even though you pay for the listing, the management company owns the listing and if you ever decide to leave the program, you will be forced to pay again for the same ad for your own property. If you look carefully, be aware that they are mostly focused on growing their own company by marketing to manage more properties. How does this benefit you, the owner? SummitCove Property Management has always focused on the marketing of properties to guests, and has grown to be the leading web site in Keystone for guests to find information. In fact, VRBO and those other marketing web site account for less than 5% of our bookings. Our web site alone accounts for the vast majority of bookings.

Impressed by revenue? Ask who owns the property for which they are reporting revenue. Most likely it is a family member or someone they know closely. It’s easy to gain great revenue when it is your own property or someone who is close to you. Be very leery of people who claim that they have overly high revenues, and ask how those revenues are calculated since there is no industry standard. Are they calculating these revenues when the guest departs, or when the guest makes the reservation, or BOTH? It is well known in the industry that nobody bucks the trend by more than just a few percentage points. Check out the Mountain Travel Research Project to see these trends for yourself. If you want REAL answers, SummitCove Property Management has years worth of live statistical data that shows exactly what we have done for ALL of our properties, not just a select few that showed better strength than others. If it doesn’t make sense financially to use SummitCove, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Contracts & Policies:
Does the management plan seem complex and hard to understand? Are there monthly fees? Are there open-ended possible expenses like a single maintenance call per month? Do they contact you if they have to go perform multiple maintenance trips per month? Just like the standard cell phone plan or insurance policy, a property management contract should NOT be complex and hard to understand. You get what you pay for and the experience of these types of management companies is limited to 1-2 ski seasons. It’s very easy to be attracted to low management fees, but be sure you fully understand the costs involved before diving in.

SummitCove Property Management – Your trusted partner

SummitCove Property Management in Keystone offers an extremely aggressive management fee, no tricks, and peace of mind knowing that WE take the 2am calls and are completely equipped to deal with any possible disaster within minutes. Ask Realtors, local merchants, and fellow owners who they recommend. Chances are, you’ll be told that has the best system, the best people, and the best performance, hands down.

We are dedicated to offering you personalized service, with our own experience being our guarantee that your Keystone investment property will be managed at the highest possible standard. We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves and look forward to helping you get the most of your investment property in the near future.

Peter and Cheri Reeburgh, Owners, LLC

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