Our Story

After years of sitting in traffic on I-70 on Saturday mornings and Sunday nights, we simply stopped by a real estate office one day in the fall of 2001 to look at a “home away from home” after a full day of Mountain Biking in Keystone.  2 weeks later we were under contract to buy a 1 bedroom condo two miles from the ski slopes at Keystone Resort, and the excitement of owning a mountain home was overwhelming.  The condo complex was called “Lake Haus” and it was located in the “Summit Cove” neighborhood just a couple miles away from Keystone.


After spending weeks trying to find a property manager to rent our new condo, we walked away frustrated, disgusted, and hopeless.  We were in disbelief that the current managers in the area would not supply our guests with basic supplies, and would penalize owners for using their own property.  We refused to let anyone taint our experience of owning a home in the Colorado Rockies and set off to see what we could do on our own against the recommendations of everyone we encountered.


We decided to hit the problem head-on and manage our own property.  We started off with a “big dream” of managing all of the properties not only in our condo complex, but in our small neighborhood, so we decided that we should name the company “SummitCove Property Management”.  The company was founded in the fall of 2001.


Our first guest during Christmas of 2001 wrote us back the day after she departed to let us know that they had never received any sort of hospitality like she did with us.  Using a simple, common sense approach, we discovered that treating people right, and simply following through with our promise was not only easy, but fun and very fulfilling.


We put our expertise of marketing and engineering to work and we quickly found that friends, and others wanted us to manage their properties too…..only each property that we ended up managing was closer and closer to Keystone.  Even though we quickly outgrew our original neighborhood, we stuck with our company name and now solely manage properties in the Keystone area.


15 years, 50,000 guests, reservations and 300+ properties later, we are now the largest independent management company in Keystone Ski Resort and are still growing.  Our “family” has grown to over 50+ dedicated people all working to ensure that everyone we have contact with gets to experience Keystone to its fullest.


Thanks for choosing SummitCove.com for your lodging in Keystone Resort.  We look forward to serving you and making your vacation dreams become reality!

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