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Hiking is one of the great summertime activities to take part of in Summit County. Keystone is close to numerous hiking trails, but there are some hidden and nestles in the mountains. There are a huge variety of trails, ranging from leisurely promenades to steep uphill treks. Many differ by difficulty (beginner to advance) and length. The vertical is always something to consider for your party when selecting a trail. Bring comfortable hiking shoes and bring a jacket in can get cold in the high mountains. Bringing a water bottle is also highly recommended for any length hike. On longer hikes, it is nice to bring a backpack with lunch and some snacks. Sunscreen is also highly recommended as the sun’s rays seem to penetrate more in the high elevations.


Keystone is home to some interesting and exciting scenery and trails.Hiking is great with the family for a short afternoon or get some buddies together and trek to the top of a mountain. The views are extraordinary and well worth the effort.


Dercum Mountain has some glorious view of the valley and the mountains. Hiking up the mountain can be a bit taxing, but you can also take the Gondolas up to the top and hike down, they also offer lunch packages (there is a fee to take the gondolas). Once you are at the top you can walk down the Schoolmarm trail (3.5 miles) or stay on top a while for some awesome photo opportunities, but the gondolas have limited hours depending on the season. The difficulty depends on which trail you take, the Schoolmarm is pretty flat and easy to hike up or down and would be a seven mile loop (2300 vertical), so be prepared for some steep sections, but otherwise the trail offers some awesome views and a winding descent down the mountain. There are several spin off trails that are steeper and some that are less steep, but either way this is a great area to walk. Be careful as there are cyclists in this area.

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