Mountain Rock Climbing – Keystone Colorado

Rock climbing is a sport that challenges the mind and spirit as much as it challenges the body. It is a slow, intense sport that requires a keen eye and technical skill. Rock climbing in Summit County varies in difficulty, but is usually very easily accessed.


Rock Climbing is rated by difficulty using the following system. The number 5 is always used for free climbs in the US rating system and the second number defines the difficulty. The easiest route starts out at a 5.2. This route generally would not need ropes for it can be walked up. The routes increase from 5.3 to 5.14. The 5.10 – 5.14 climbs increase in difficulty by the easiest a, b, c, or d most difficult. The difficulty increases by grade, holds, and steepness. Beginners should begin with a rock rating between 5.5 to a 5.7, intermediates a 5.8 to 5.10 and experts 5.10+ to 5.14. That said there are a few safety tips you should also keep in mind when rock climbing.

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