Ice Skating

Keystone is home to TWO outdoor ice skating rinks, located in the River Run and Lakeside Villages.


The ice rink at Keystone Lake is the largest Zamboni maintained ice rink in North America, offering just about 5 acres of outdoor skating fun!  Visitors can enjoy practicing their figure skating skills or even play in a pickup game of pond hockey.  Ice skating is a fun activity for the whole family and it’s so much fun to do it outside on a natural rink!  Afterwards, warm up with dinner or hot chocolate at one of the nearby restaurants or window shop at the various shops surrounding the lake.  We have some really great condos in Lakeside Village, including Lakeshore, Lakeside, Mall, Decatur, Montezuma and Edgewater. Rentals are available at the Keystone Adventure Center or you can bring your own as well.  Skate assists, hockey sticks and other toys are available for rent too!


Ice Skating in Lakeside Village


In River Run Village you’ll find the Dercum Square ice skating rink.  The rink is located in the courtyard between Buffalo Lodge, Dakota Lodge, and Expedition Station.  This is a smaller rink that gets converted from the summertime mini-golf area.

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