Kite Boarding, Kite Skiing, Snow Kiting

Kite Skiing and Boarding is a relatively new sport, where the skier or boarder is propelled by a kite. It can be done on snow or ice, but can also be done on water or with a wheel-based board on dry terrain. It has been made popular by the fact that skiers and boarders can propel themselves without the use of an engine and is considered a ‘green’ activity as it uses wind power to get you going.


Typically, you can kite board on Kite Park, Lake Dillon (after it has frozen over) and other large, flat areas. Kite boarding is somewhat similar to cross country skiing as it does not depend on gravity to get you to where you need to go, so be prepared to walk a bit if the wind dies down.


Colorado Kite Force

400 Clayton Rd. Silverthorne, CO 80497

(970) 485-3300


Colorado Kite Force is the foremost authority in Colorado for snowkiting, kite skiing, or kite snowboarding. They are also the only IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) Certified affiliate school in Colorado. Meaning that they are fully certified and equipped to teach you how to kiteboard or kite ski.


Colorado Kite Force’s best deal is the full day lesson, which includes the rentals and lessons and starts at $250 per person, but discounts are given for each additional person taking part in the lesson. CKF also sells DVDs on techniques and other rentals. You can even buy your own kite if you would like.


Reservations are required for lessons.

23110 US Hwy 6 Unit 6 Keystone, Colorado 80435
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