Keystone Ski Resort

Keystone Resort encompasses three different mountains: North Peak, Dercum Mountain and the Outback Peak. Each with their own set of runs, bowls, and terrain. All of the mountains have multiple lifts and runs on them, but they do differ in difficulty, amenities, and access. Please refer to this lovely guide for any and all inquiries.

Dercum Mountain is home to long green and blue runs and perfect groomers to keep you cruising all day. This is a great place to start for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. For the daring, A51 Terrain Park invites you to show off your skills. Named one of Transworld Snowboarding’s Top 10 Parks twice, this is the place to be for shredders and acrobats. If tree skiing is what you’re after, you can access The Windows, which offers legendary tree skiing. High above the green and blue runs, you’ll find Bergman, Erikson and Independence Bowls – the perfect opportunity for guided cat skiing tours, but be warned this area is for experienced skiers only. And, you can take a Mountain-Top Snow Cat Tour from the top of Dercum to Independence Bowl for a breathtaking scenic journey (which I highly recommend).

North Peak is the place for skiers and riders that love long trails full of bumps. Show off your skills on a variety of blue intermediate and black expert runs. At the top of North Peak is The Outpost, home to every dining experience you could want. Here, you can experience award-winning cuisine at Alpenglow Stube, family fun at Der Fondue Chessel, and a variety of delicious options at the Timber Ridge Food Court. This is a great place to stop by and fuel up for the day before you head back to the slopes. In addition, the runs in this area are a little more technical and difficult.

Our tallest mountain, The Outback peaks at 11,980 feet. Blue intermediate and black expert skiers and riders will find plenty of long, well-groomed runs here, powder and bumps. As a bonus, there is some of Colorado’s best tree skiing in the North and South Bowls. You can hike or take The Outback shuttle to access these epic bowls.

Flex your skills at Keystone’s A51 Terrain Park – named one of the best in North America. Take a dedicated chair lift to the park and spend the day on rails, jumps, jibs, in the Superpipe and more. There are features for every level, so it’s an awesome place to hang with your friends. The park is well groomed and always changing. And, it’s Colorado’s only night park. Come try out one of North America’s best parks.

The most epic way to see Keystone is with Keystone Adventure Tours. In the comfort of a heated snow cat, you’ll travel above the tree line to 12,000 feet for a view of Keystone like you’ve never seen. A full-day tour into Independence Bowl is complete with guides to show you the best runs and lunch in our warming hut catered by the five-star Alpenglow Stube. Spend the day riding or skiing through untracked terrain. This will be journey you won’t soon forget. Also, this is one of the only ways to access the back bowls and top of the mountain runs, the ski lifts will not go that high in elevation. The other option is to hike, but who wants to do that when a ride is readily available. And now for the runs:

Dercum Mountain Runs

Bachelor – Blue/Black: This is a blue on the Trail Map, but it is a difficult blue. Bachelor has some steep areas, usually moguls, and is not advised for beginning skiers. It runs right under the Montezuma Express and because of the mogul field; snowboarders and beginners tend to stay away. If you want to test yourself or show off your mogul skills, check this run out (Dercum Mtn.)

Ballhooter – Blue: Ballhooter is a pretty easy blue and sits on the front side of Dercum Mountain near the terrain park. This run is close to the Schoolmarm run and adds a bit of difficulty to the descent. This is accessible about halfway down Schoolmarm and is a great supplement for more advanced beginners, or if you want to get out of the A-51 Terrain Park just hop on this run down to the Mountain House Base area (Dercum Mtn.)

Bear Tree – Green: The Bear Tree run is right off of the Dercum Dash and puts you in the position to ski down to River Run or to Mountain House. Bear Tree has a few steep areas, but is otherwise a flat and easy run (Dercum Mtn./ Available for night skiing).

Beger – Black: Beger is one of the only Black runs on Dercum Mountain’s front side. It’s close to the Argentine Lift drop off and adds some difficulty to the area. Experienced riders can incorporate this run into their descent to River Run, while the intermediate skiers can take River Run down to the base. This is a pretty easy Black, but it is rarely groomed and can be a very bumpy ride, but it’s awesome after it has gotten some fresh powder (Dercum Mtn.)

Bobtail – Blue: Bobtail is a blue run that stems off of Spring Dipper and can add a little difficulty to a green descent. Bobtail sometimes has moguls and can be icy, but is usually well groomed and good to go for those wanted a bit of a challenge (Dercum Mtn.)

Crosscut – Blue: The Crosscut stems off of the Flying Dutchman run and is really just a short pathway to take you around some trees and then back to Flying Dutchman. It’s a nice change of scene, but keeps you on the same path! (Dercum Mtn.)

Dercum’s Dash – Blue: Dercum’s Dash is a connector run that will take you from the Argentine area over to River Run. It connects to Schoolmarm and Bobtail runs. As far as blues go it is pretty easy, but the River Run slope is a bit more difficult and this is where it will take you. (Available for night skiing).

Diamond Back – Black: Diamond Back is a difficult run that will take you from Dercum Mountain over to North Peak and the Santiago Express and Ruby Express. On fresh powder days it is one of the smoothest blacks in Keystone, but can quickly turn to moguls, bumps and difficult terrain. Be sure you are comfortable; otherwise the Mozart run is a safer, easier way down.

Discovery – Green: Discovery is a beginner’s area run. It is located at the base of Mountain House and has a chair lift and a carpet lift to take you up a ways to learn the basics on how to ski. This area is strictly for beginners and has a low gradient so you can get comfortable. Afterwards I would recommend moving to the Summit House beginners’ area or try the Schoolmarm run.

Endeavor – Green: Endeavor is one of the two beginner runs at the top of Dercum Mountain. Its next to the scout run and the Ranger lift and is located in the beginner’s area on the top of the mountain, so you can learn and have great views at the same time. Endeavor is a great place to hammer down techniques and learn turning, stopping and other skills, because it is a beginner’s run; it usually is not packed allowing you to practice in relative peace.

Flying Dutchman – Blue: The Flying Dutchman is one of the great front-side blues in Keystone. It is usually groomed and varies in pitch, rolls, and flats. It’s one of the most popular runs in Keystone and it is located near the Montezuma Express lift. Even though it is technically difficult, make sure you visit this run at least once during your stay; there is a reason why it is one of the most popular. (Available for night skiing).

Frenchman – Blue/ Black: Like the Dutchman, the Frenchman is one of the most popular blues in Keystone. It varies is pitch, rolls, and terrain and offers an exciting and fun change of pace for intermediate skiers. This run is oftentimes groomed and is a ‘cruiser’ run, just be careful of the changes in pitch and possible bumps. (Available for night skiing).

Gassy Thompson – Blue: Gassy Thompson is a nice blue run off of Schoolmarm and Last Chance. This run is a bit more difficult and will connect you back to Schoolmarm. The Gassy Thompson is a great run for advanced beginners to test out their skills or work on more advanced turning techniques.

Go Devil – Black: Go Devil is a black run on Dercum Mountain, right below the terrain park, because of the back bowls and more technical areas higher on the mountain, Go Devil does not get much use and you have to traverse the terrain park in order to access this run (which can be tricky and do not get in the way of landing areas!). Go Devil is a long steep run with moguls and could be difficult for intermediate skiers, please be sure you are up to the challenge.

Haywood – Blue/Black: The Haywood is a tricky blue run near the Mountain House base area. It can be accessed by multiple runs, including: Last Chance, Schoolmarm, Ballhooter, Frenchman and more. This run is a bit steeper than others and is a challenge for beginners and intermediates. The rolls hinder visibility and the steep pitches make this an exhilarating, but technical blue.

Hoo Doo – Blue: Hoo Doo is an easier blue run on Dercum Mountain. It is near the Schoolmarm and Schoolmaster runs and offers a little more difficult course on your way down the mountain. This area is great for advanced beginners and offers a fun change of pace for skiers. Sometimes there are moguls that form here, so be warned.

Ida Belle – Black: Ida Belle is a very short black run coming off of Schoolmarm. This run is short, steep and usually covered with moguls, so be prepared if you are a new or intermediate skier, this may be a difficult run. If you are looking to test your skills on the moguls, take a short trip. This is also a great run for your first black, it quickly turns into a blue.

Ina’s Way – Green: Ina’s Way is the last leg of the easy way down to the River Run Gondola. This is a great run for beginners and allows them to avoid the steep and crowded River Run area. This run connects of Schoolmarm to take you to the River Run Gondola (Available for night skiing).

Jack Straw – Green: Jack Straw is one component of the ‘Easiest Way Down’ and connects the Spring Dipper to the Schoolmarm runs. Jack Straw intermingles through blue runs, so be careful when you cross these intersections. Jack Straw is the best bet for beginners and you can take this route to avoid the River Run slope (Available for night skiing).

Jackface – Black: Jackface is a short, sweet, but difficult run near Spring Dipper. Jackface is steep and covered with moguls. This is a nice run for more experienced skiers and they can meet up with their intermediate friends further down on Spring Dipper. This is also a great place to introduce an intermediate skier to moguls.

Jackwacker – Blue/Black: The Jackwacker is right below the Jackface run. It starts of narrow, but turns into a wide roller coaster, as the rolls constantly change in gradient. This is for more intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders and offers a fun and challenging ride, especially when it is groomed.

Jacques St. James – Blue/Black: Jacques St. James is a short blue run below the Spring Dipper run. This run is short, but offers some technical difficulty to an otherwise easy area. It sometimes has moguls and changes in pitch, but for the most part is a challenging and short run that will dump you in the River Run slope before you know it.

Jaybird – Green: Jaybird is a short green run below the Flying Dutchman; it serves more as a connector to the Jack Straw run and will also let you decide between the Bobtail or the Beger runs (blue and black). Jaybird is usually groomed and is a pleasant short ride (Available for night skiing).

Last Chance – Green: Last Chance is an easy green run, right off of Schoolmarm. Last Chance will take you to the Montezuma Express lift and is also many runs feed into this run. If you want to head back to the Montezuma Express take Last Chance on over, or it will lead you into plenty of other runs to head back to the bottom of the mountain.

Last Hoot – Black: Last Hoot is the steepest run on the mountain (aside from the back bowls) and is just below the A-51 Terrain Park; it is also one of the most difficult runs. This is an advanced run and only those confident with their abilities should try this run. This used to be a pro racer run, but many pro racers crashed so be careful. When it is groomed it is a great, adrenaline packed rush!

Lower Go Devil – Black: Lower Go Devil is connected to the Go Devil run and the lower Packsaddle Bowl and this is a very steep and difficult run. Although it is more manageable when it’s groomed, it is still a very steep run for a black. This run will take you to the Mountain House base area, but it is a difficult run so be careful.

Lower Packsaddle Bowl – Black: Lower Packsaddle Bowl is a little bowl just below the A-51 Terrain Park. This area usually has moguls and when there’s fresh powder it is awesome. It doesn’t get much use because it is next to the Terrain Park (that’s what the people over there use), but it is a great way to end the day!

Main Street – Blue/Black: Main Street is located in the A-51 Terrain Park and is serviced by the Peru Express or the A-51 chair lift. This run can be taken many times and the different runs, pipes and grinds can be attempted in the Terrain Park, be warned this is only for the skilled.

Midland – Blue: Midland is a blue run that connects Beger to River Run slopes. Beger connects to Midland and is the safer and mellower way out of Beger. Midland comes out onto River Run and because this is such a busy intersection be careful not to run into someone.

Mine Shaft – Black: Mine Shaft is one of the other runs that connect Dercum Mountain to North Peak. It has a long and fun pitch and is an easy black, compared to some of the others in Keystone. Like the other blacks this run is easier when it is groomed, and if it’s not groomed, small moguls and bumps can occur. If you are looking for an easier way, take Mozart.

Missouri – Blue: Missouri is a short connector run that takes many runs such as Jacques St James, Whipsaw and others and puts you out onto the River Run slope. Missouri is a huge intersection and please be wary of others around you! (Available for night skiing).

Modest Girl – Green: Modest Girl is a short, sweet green run that also serves as a connector from the Flying Dutchman to the Last Chance and other runs. Taking this run will help beginners and intermediates avoid some difficult black and blue runs further down on the mountain. (Available for night skiing).

Mozart – Blue/Black: Mozart is a difficult blue, but definitely manageable. It has several pitch changes, and can get icy or slushy. The earlier in the day you come, the better. It is also the easiest run if you want to ski from Dercum Mountain to North Peak. Many other runs turn into Mozart, so be prepared for a lot of traffic on busy days.

Nastar Racing – Blue: Nastar Racing is an easy blue run. It also has a Nastar Racing course and is great for those who want to try out racing. It has both a practice and a Nastar course and is fun and challenging for beginners and intermediates. The course changes daily and is always a fun challenge. This is also a great place to improve technique and develop yourself as a skier. (Available for night skiing).

Orfint Boy – Blue: Orfint Bot is a short, connector run in the middle of the front side of the mountain. Many different trails come close to Orfint Boy and it is a less crowded area of a crowded area. Sometimes it is icy and has small moguls, but is mostly mild and fun!

Paymaster – Blue/Black: Paymaster is another one of the awesome front side cruisers in Keystone. Located just off of Schoolmarm, it’ll take you to the Montezuma Express base. However, keep in mind that it does not get groomed as often as the Flying Dutchman or Frenchman, but it is still one of the greatest runs in Keystone. When it is not groomed it sometimes has small moguls and steep areas.

Richter – Black: Richter is a short, difficult black run below the A-51 Terrain Park. It has an even gradient and is great with some fresh powder or after it has been groomed. Like the other runs below the Terrain Park, it does not get a lot of traffic and it can be quite difficult in when it has not snowed or been groomed in a while.

River Run – Blue: Quite possibly the most popular run in Keystone, River Run is a wide open blue with a consistent gradient and it will bring right into the River Run Village area. As a result, this run can sometimes be crowded and there are a few intersections that go through this run. In other words, be careful as this can be a crowded slope, but it’s still awesome (Available for night skiing).

Riperoo’s Road and Forest – Green: Riperoo’s Road and Forest is part of the ‘Easiest Way Down’ the mountain. Riperoo’s features low gradients and a pleasant drift down the mountain. However, Riperoo’s crosses many intersections and can be intimidating for inexperienced beginners. If you are looking to do some mild tree skiing, Riperoo’s forest has a gladed area with a few trees for trying out tree skiing. In addition, there is a kids’ tunnel and an igloo in the area. The entrance to Riperoo’s is also the entrance for the Wild Irishman so be sure you are on the correct trail.

Santa Fe – Blue/Black: Santa Fe is a mixed run, the top is usually groomed and an open cruiser, whereas the bottom can be rough or have moguls. Santa Fe is on the far east side of Dercum Mountain and connects down to the Missouri and then the River Run slopes. It makes for a great long, moderately blue run, with varying terrain.

Schoolmarm – Green: Schoolmarm is the longest run in Keystone, about 3.5 miles of snowy goodness. Schoolmarm is the best ride for beginners; it starts at the top of Dercum Mountain and takes you all the way to the Mountain House base area. Schoolmarm has some of the best views in Keystone and is a challenging and long beginner run. There are also multiple runs that branch off of this one and you can implement some easy blues runs into your beginning descent and fell free to branch off once you’re comfortable (Available for night skiing).

Schoolmaster – Green: Schoolmaster is another large, open and flat run that is great for learning skiing techniques. It is accessible from Schoolmarm or from the Terrain Park and makes for a great ride with fantastic views. It also allows riders and skiers to hone their skills and get prepared for more difficult runs in the future.

Scout – Green: Scout is another beginner’s run on the top of Dercum Mountain. This is a great place to learn how to stop and turn and the low pitch make it ideal for first time beginners. Scout also has some amazing views, as it is on top of the mountain (Available for night skiing).

Silvermaster – Blue: Silvermaster is an incredibly short blue run that connects you from Silver Spoon to Paymaster. It is much rougher than Silver Spoon so be prepared for a bumpy ride over to Paymaster.

Silver Spoon – Green: Silver Spoon is a great run for advanced beginners or intermediates. Silver Spoon is a wide, flat area that is ideal for learning the basics and getting more comfortable in your equipment. This area will challenge beginners and teach them to make faster and sharper turns. This area tends to get crowded on busy days so be prepared to avoid other skiers/boarders (Available for night skiing).

Spring Dipper – Blue: Spring Dipper is another of the most popular in Keystone. With long, winding turns and an agreeable pitch, this is an awesome run for intermediates or advanced skiers. This is a great run for experienced skiers and turns into Jack Straw or you can swing onto Santa Fe, all in all, it’s a very popular and fun ride.

The Slot – Black: The Slot is a rarely visited run next to Go Devil that will bring you back around to Go Devil. This run is fairly steep and there are numerous tree obstacles. In other words, this is a difficult area where tree skiing experience is necessary, but it can be fun to weave in and out of the trees.

Two Sled Road – Green: Two Sled Road is the easiest way out of the A-51 Terrain Park and it will lead you on over to the Ballhooter run, so if you are tired and aching after a long day of back flips and other insane tricks in the terrain park , take this run out of the park and down the mountain for an easy and enjoyable ride (Available for night skiing).

Whipsaw – Blue: Whipsaw is in the same area as the Spring Dipper and Santa Fe and offers a varied terrain challenge. Intermediates will find a challenge in the changing pitches and the narrow trail. When it’s groomed it’s awesome, otherwise small bumps appear and slow you down.

Wild Irishman – Blue/Black: Another one of the most popular runs in Keystone, the Wild Irishman is a super fast, fun and wide run on the front side of the mountain. The draw comes from the speed you can attain and the turns to challenge your turning abilities. If it turns out to be too difficult, you can always drift on over to the Schoolmarm area. Be careful as it is easy to get going fast and it can be a crowded area.

Dercum Mountain Lifts

A-51: 2-person: Located in the Terrain Park, takes you to the top of the A-51 Terrain Park (takes about 5 minutes).

Argentine: 2-person: The Argentine Lift is located in the Mountain House base area and takes you halfway up mountain to Montezuma Express or you can ski down Schoolmarm or Haywood back to the base (takes about 10 minutes).

Discovery: 2-person: Discovery is the lift to the beginners’ area and is located in the Mountain House base area, very short and very small (takes about 2-3 minutes).

Montezuma Express: 4-person: Located just off Jack Straw and Last Chance runs, takes you to the top of Dercum Mountain and you can ski down wherever you would like (takes about 10 minutes)!

Outpost Gondola: 8-person: Located on the top of Dercum Mountain, it will take you over to North Peak (takes about 10 minutes).

Peru Express: 4-person: The Peru Express is located in the Mountain House base area and takes you to the top of the A-51 Terrain Park or you can ski down Go Devil or over to the Schoolmarm runs (take about 7-8 minutes).

Ranger: 3-person: Ranger is located on the top of Dercum Mountain in the beginners’ area, next to the Scout and Endeavor runs (takes about 3 minutes).

River Run Gondola: 8-person: Located in the River Run Village base area, the gondola will take you to the top of Dercum Mountain and it is the premier lift in Keystone. This is the lift to take to ski anywhere on Dercum Mountain and will take you to the tubing hill if you would like (takes about 10-12 minutes).

Summit Express: 4-person: The Summit Express is located right next to the River Run Gondola in River Run Village and brings you to the top of Dercum Mountain (takes about 10 minutes).

North Peak Runs

Ambush – Black: The top of the North Peak has numerous runs and one of them is Ambush, which is a steep, mogul filled run. Ambush comes off strong and sometimes they build ramps so you can try your hand aerials. Towards the bottom, Ambush turns into Mozart (which is a blue) and you finish off at the LaBonte’s Cabin base area.

Anticipation – Blue: Anticipation is a wide open blue that is great for cruising. It’ll take you to the Coyote Caper and Foxtrot runs which lead down to the Outback Express on The Outback mountain or to the Wayback Express which will bring you to the top of North Peak. Either way this run will take you to the two further out mountains where you can glide on fresh powder.

Blackhawk – Black: Blackhawk is a short black run which connects the Star Fire run to the Cat Dancer run. This is a tough run, with windblown moguls and weird bumps and an awkward pitch, Blackhawk will keep the experienced skiers challenged.

Bullet – Black: Bullet is one of the steepest trails in Keystone and it’s a bumpers paradise. Bullet is covered with moguls and is perfect for the mogul enthusiast or the experienced skier; this is a very difficult run so make sure you know what you are doing.

Bullet Glades – Double Black: Bullet Glades is steep and it has trees, lots of trees. If you are going to attempt to traverse this area make sure you are confident and skilled with steep tree skiing as it is tight in there. This run is great for an expert on a powder day, but difficult for most others.

Cat Dancer – Black: Cat Dancer is a popular black run on the North Peak. It has great, smooth and fast areas when it is groomed, a super cruiser, if you will. Otherwise it’s a tricky and technical mogul run. Toward the end the run levels off and you need to go fast to make it to the lift or be prepared to do some cross country skiing.

Cat South Glades – Black: Cat South Glades are next to the Cat Dancer Run. There are lots of nice open places and is a great place to teach experienced skiers/boarders how to tree ski. The area is rather steep, but the trees are spaced far apart making it an ideal area to learn to steep tree ski.

Foxtrot – Blue: Foxtrot is the easiest run on the North Peak. It has awesome views of most of Keystone and is the only run on the North Peak that a confident beginner would not have much trouble on (the rest are black and blue/black runs). Foxtrot leads into the Wayback and Outback Express so you can return to the North Peak or try your hand on the Outback Mountain, it is also the only run that’ll take you from the top of Outpost down to the Outback Express.

Geronimo – Black: Geronimo is the quintessential black run in Keystone. It is steep, usually ungroomed and wide open, perfect for powder days for advanced skiers/boarders. This run leads into the Cat Dancer run and will lead you down the slopes to the Santiago and Ruby Express. Remember to keep your speed up as the end is quite flat.

Glades – Black: The glades offers a moderate tree skiing experience. There are wide sections where the trees are not as intruding and you can more easily navigate through this run. Be careful in this area as they is a 20 foot drop off of Elephant Rock, which can be an adrenaline rush, but also dangerous if you aren’t expecting it.

Last Alamo – Blue/Black: The Last Alamo is another very popular run like the Frenchman or the Flying Dutchman. It has a steeper pitch and is almost always groomed to make this a perfect cruiser run. Keystone occasionally leaves moguls on the sides of this run, but you can avoid it or easily get out and back onto the straight and fast. This run leads into Mozart and will take you to the Santiago or Ruby Express lifts.

Powder Cap – Black: Powder Cap is a popular, usually groomed black run on the North Peak. The pitch is steep, but consistent and the run has a tree island and some light tree skiing involved. There are usually bumps and moguls on this run and it is perfect during a bluebird day!

Prospector – Blue/ Black: Prospector is a blue/black run that rides underneath the Outpost Gondola for a bit and then heads on to the Mozart run along the edge between Dercum Mountain and the North Peak. This is a wide open and popular run that is great for developing your turning abilities on a steeper pitch.

Spillway – Blue: Spillway is a harder blue that is close to the Foxtrot and Anticipation runs on the North Peak. This run usually features moguls, but when it doesn’t there is a solid, groomed area great for cruising and is one of the few runs that will take you to the Outback Mountain skiing area. This is one of the great runs on a bluebird day and offers awesome snow fields and is appropriately steep.

Starfire – Black: Starfire is an awesome groomed black run that sits at the top of the North Peak and will take you all the way down to the Santiago Express (for repeated enjoyment). This run is not very steep (for a black run) and has a moderate amount of trees for light tree skiing. Starfire starts out narrow, but widens up as you descend and is a great powder day run!

North Peak Lifts

Outpost Gondola: 8-person: This lift is at the top of the North Peak and will either take you from Dercum Mountain to the North Peak or vice versa. Some skiers like to get to the Outback Mountain first and will take the River Run Gondola, then the Outpost Gondola and ski down to the Outback Express for the Outback experience (takes about 10 minutes).

Ruby Express: 6-person: The Ruby Express is a high speed lift at the base of the North Peak area and will take you to the top of Dercum Mountain (takes about 6 minutes).

Santiago Express: 4-person: The Santiago express is located on the bottom of the North Peak ski area and will take you back to the top of the North Peak ski area. On slower days, this is a great lift to repeatedly enjoy the more difficult area of North Peak, but it is still fast on busy days (takes about 6 minutes).

Wayback: 4-person: The Wayback lift is located at the bottom of the Outback area and as its name implies it will take you back to the North Peak mountain top. It’s the only way to get from the Outback to the North Peak unless you ski down from one of the Snow Cat tours (takes 6-8 mintues).

Outback Mountain Runs

Bighorn – Blue: The Bighorn run is an ego boosting trail on one of the more difficult areas in Keystone. Bighorn is an intermediate run that is fast, straight and fun. There are some intermediate bumps that form sometimes and it is a good place to learn and practice on the bumps. Once you are comfortable here, try one of the more difficult runs like the Porcupine or Oh, Bob runs.

The Black Forest – Black/Double Black: The Black Forest is a series of four run in a tree skiing areas. It includes the Timberwolf, Bushwacker, Badger, and The Grizz and is a challenging area for advanced skiers. The Black Forest is a great tree glade area that is never groomed for the true skier experience. The Black Forest is pretty steep and includes wide open and narrow spaces and is littered with trees all about; ideal on powder days.

Elk Run – Blue: Elk Run is a more difficult blue, but it is the most popular trail on Outback Mountain. This run is almost always groomed, but sometimes they leave bumps and moguls on the side for you to give it a shot. This is a great run and it’s even better on slow days when it has been groomed!

Escape – Blue/Black: Escape is a short connector trail that will take you Oh, Bob to Elk Run. This is an easier way to get down the mountain if Oh, Bob is giving you trouble. It is usually very smooth, but is very steep at the end so be cautious when you are entering the busy Elk Run slope.

Lodgepole – Blue: Lodgepole is a large flat trail that is incredibly easy for the area. It should probably be classified as a green, but because blues and blacks feed into and out of it, it’s a blue. Lodgepole will take you across to the Outback and Wayback lifts and should be used if you are in over your head or are tired from the difficult runs. Lodgepole does cross several intersections so be careful when you are riding through this area.

Oh, Bob – Blue/Black: Oh, Bob is a fun, popular blue run on Outback Mountain. IT is a long and enjoyable descent for intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders. Oh, Bob features varying terrain and lots of rolls and changes in pitch. If Oh, Bob is too difficult you can take the Escape run over to Elk Run, but otherwise enjoy the terrain Oh, Bob has to offer.

Pika – Black: Pika is a short diversion from Porcupine into a glade skiing area. It is a relatively short, not too steep run that will take you through tree areas. It does get a little tight in spots, but for the most part is doable for intermediate skiers. This run is perfect on a powder day and it leads into the Wildfire Run for more advanced skiing fun.

Porcupine – Blue/Black: Porcupine is a difficult blue and is a solid intermediate trail. This is a great, wide open run that is great to improve turning techniques and ideal for learning to ski in powder for the intermediate skier. There are quite few rolls on this run, but give it a shot and work your way up into Oh, Bob once you have enough confidence and skill.

Wildfire – Black: Wildfire is a popular, awesome tree gladed area that gives skiers wide open areas sprinkled with trees and corridors to develop their tree skiing abilities. This is a great run on powder days for advanced skiers and while it is a nice place to learn tree skiing, put it a after you have tried the areas on North Peak and traverse this run after you have developed some skill and confidence.

Willows – Blue: The Willows is an easy blue that many of the runs feed into and it will take you out near the Outback and Wayback lifts. It is a little tight at first, but opens up as you go down. This is a wide, flat run, so keep your speed up to most easily get down the mountain. This run is ideal after you have traversed the difficulties of the gladed areas and gives a welcomed change of pace before you are off on your next run.

Wolverine – Black: Wolverine is like Wildfire and Pika; it is a steep, tree-skiing run and starts at the top of the Outback Mountain. This is a long tree run and is ideal for experienced skiers/boarders. This run will feed into the Lodgepole or Willows run and leads you back down to the base.

Outback Mountain Lifts

Outback Express: 4-person: This lift is located at the bottom of the Outback ski area and takes you back up to the top of the mountain (takes about 6 minutes).

Wayback: 4-person: The Wayback lift is located at the bottom of the Outback area and as its name implies it will take you back to the North Peak mountain top. It’s the only way to get from the Outback to the North Peak by lift (takes 6-8 mintues).

Back Bowls and Snow Cat Tours

Keystone has five back or top of the mountain bowls and they all offer opportunities for advanced skiers. All the runs in this area are difficult blacks to double blacks and should always be traversed with a partner. The back bowls should only be used by expert or advanced skiers, as intermediates and beginner will be quickly outmatched and possibly injured. All of these areas close at 1:30 PM and the only way to access them is by the Snow Cat that will take you to the top of the mountain. If you are experienced enough to enjoy these runs, the views are awe-striking and an experience worth taking.

Bergman Bowl: The Bergman Bowl is a great bowl that has steep, open terrain and is gorgeous and stunning on fresh powder days. In addition to the breath-taking views of Keystone, you can enjoy the crisp mountain air and the variety of runs and fresh powder.

Erickson Bowl: The Erickson Bowl is a huge, rarely skied area of Keystone. The Erickson Bowl is awesome if the conditions are perfect, meaning lots of fresh snow and little wind. Few things are more satisfying for the expert skier than to cut through fresh powder in a rarely ventured area. This is a fairly steep area so take caution and enjoy the powder.

Independence Bowl: Independence Bowl is one of the easier and newer back bowls. Located at the top of Independence Mountain (behind Dercum Mountain), the views are exquisite and the skiing is even more adrenaline rushing. You’ll find wide open bowl areas and steep drop offs with a few trees. Check with ski patrol before entering this area as conditions can be rough. It is also the best bowl for those who have not traversed a bowl before.

North Bowl: North Bowl is one of the jewels of Keystone and is located behind the Outback Mountain area. It features many different choices for boarders and skiers. Most of the choices are expansive powder fields and great ski lines. This is one of the most popular back country ski areas.

South Bowl: The South Bowl is the smallest bowl is Keystone, but is still vast and expansive. This is one of the least visited bowls in Keystone, so you are practically guaranteed fresh powder and expansive ski areas. There are nice steep, but short, areas and most of them offer great powder running. The South Bowl generally leads off into the Lodgepole and Willows runs on the Outback Mountain.

The Windows: The Windows are not a backbowl, but it is a black/ double black ski area that is only accessible through hiking or taking a Snow Cat. The Windows are a bunch of trails on the back of Dercum Mountain and are great tree glade areas for experienced skiers. In this area you will find lots of trees, large rocks, moguls and the area is never groomed (like the back bowls). If you just want to give it a shot, hike up to Mouse Trap and ski down from there and that will give you a decent indication of the difficulty of this area.

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