Mountain Retreats in Summit County Colorado

Summit County is one of the best vacation spots in Colorado and the United States and there are so many spots to have a relaxing retreat or an exhilarating adventure in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The high altitude and crisp cool air are characteristics that define the Colorado mountain way of life. Keeping active and pushing to a goal are what individuals living here are all about. Adventure and relaxation are two great attributes that are apparent in the small mountain towns of Colorado. Summit County is unique in the fact that there is always something to do and you will have fun no matter what plans you may have. You can relax by the shores of one of the many lakes in the area or you can go kayaking in the same lake.


Retreats in Summit County, Keystone or the Rocky Mountains are amazing and full of restful experiences. The high mountains are a great place to relax, reflect and unwind or decompress. The retreats in Summit County and Keystone are some of the best in the nation. Many of the units throughout Keystone have great views of nature and all within walking distance to some secluded area for you to enjoy your retreat. Those Rocky Mountain Sunsets are hard to beat and you have access to all the outdoors as well as common amenities such as restaurants, movie theatres and more. All in all, Keystone and Summit County is a great place to have your retreat!


The Colorado mountain retreats are different for everyone. Some people love the long off-road bike rides while others enjoy hiking to the snowy peaks in July. Other guests enjoy long lazy days fishing or just enjoying the alpine air. Living in the small mountain towns of Colorado, one does not feel the pressure of city life and the on-the-go lifestyle; here, you can take the laid back attitude toward everyday activities. This is a great area to rejuvenate and decompress. No matter what you may do, there is always a way to find relaxation and solace.


Summit County is Colorado’s playground. Summit County is also home to many different activities that can be both relaxing and adventurous. You can take leisurely stroll through the gorgeous mountains enjoying the scenery, flora and fauna or take up a longer hike to the backcountry and be one with nature. There are numerous cathartic and spiritual experiences to take part of during your retreat and Summit County is your key to these experiences. Even within Keystone, there are places to soak up the sun, play in the water or just to be in solitude.


While you are visiting Summit County, there are quite a few activities I would recommend and it depends on your interests, but these are some activities to keep in mind for some relaxation or some adventure. Hiking in Summit County is superb. There are numerous trails to blaze and leisurely strolls to take part of to regard the local flora and fauna. Near Dillon Reservoir there is the Old Dillon Reservoir, a small, but charming body of water. Old Dillon Reservoir is a short, mild hike that is dotted with patches of wild roses. If you are looking for a longer hike, Tenderfoot Mountain is an afternoon trek that is fairly easy. Tenderfoot Mountain is also home to quite a few different wildflowers and offers ever changing scenery and a nice promenade through the mountains. Hiking in Summit County allows you to see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains as well as the local flora and fauna. There are numerous unnamed lakes in the high mountains and traveling to one of these is an experience unto itself.


If you are looking for something more water based, Dillon Reservoir is home to quit a few activities. The activity that puts you closest to nature would be kayaking. Kayaking involves little more than your own strength and endurance and the waterways you are traveling. Dillon Reservoir has multiple arms and areas to trek away from the boats. These kayaking or canoeing journeys are a great way to spend the morning or afternoon with yourself (or a few others) and nature. The Dillon Reservoir does have other boaters and kayakers, but is one of the best ways to get away from it all. So, take up an oar and ride the waves through Dillon Reservoir.


Another sport that will help clear your mind and put your focus on something else is Rock Climbing! Rock Climbing is an arduous sport that requires you to focus your body and your mind in order to best the rock face. Summit County is home to numerous areas to go rock climbing, but remember safety first. There are many different places to climb, just make sure you are comfortable and experienced to make the climb. Rock Climbing can be a cathartic experience and it takes your focus and puts it into the climb. All around, it is an excellent addition to any retreat and it’s a good workout.


The Rocky Mountains are fortunate enough to have multiple lakes and, as a result, float trips and whitewater rafting trips are available to aid your retreat and mountain experience. There are multiple white water rafting companies in Summit County that specialize in not only white water rafting, but also horse-back riding, paintballing, rock-climbing, fishing, hot springs and more. When you are running down the river and the water keeps splashing you it is exhilarating, rejuvenating and fun! There are also float trips which is just what it sounds like; a nice trip down the river taking in the scenery and soaking up the sun. Some companies even offer starlight float trips which are breathtaking and a welcome addition to any retreat or relaxation weekend.


Few activities are more relaxing than fishing. Summit County has multiple bodies of water including the various rivers and lakes. There lakes and rivers are expansive meaning that there is always a place to do some fishing. There are plenty of spots in Summit County for secluded fishing and to be by yourself in nature. Fishing is an awesome pastime and helps you to relax and reflect, perfect for any retreat. All of these activities help you take your mind off your problems, relax, reflect and unwind.


Mountain retreat in summit county colorado

Mountain Retreat in Summit County


Regardless of the reason for your mountain retreat, know that SummitCove, Keystone and the Rocky Mountains will keep you busy and entertained. The alpine air, stunning mountains and numerous activities are sure to make your mountain retreat as relaxing, reflective, and enjoyable as possible.

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