What should I wear in Keystone?

Here is your guide to what to wear and essential items to bring on your next Keystone Vacation:

Spring in Keystone

Coming to Keystone, Colorado in the Spring? Be prepared to enjoy the sunniest ski days with the snowiest storms on back to back days. March has a reputation as our highest snowfall month every year. April’s average snowfall coming in close second! The weather changes so quickly in Summit County this time of year. Even a 40 degree temperature change in a day is possible. The temperature could start in the single digits when the sun rises could have you in jeans and a long sleeve tee by mid-afternoon!

How should you pack for this kind of weather? Layers!

These are the conditions you will want to prepare for:

Cold storms with lots of snowfall require waterproof jackets and pants and perhaps an extra pair of gloves. For those gorgeous “blue bird” sunny days you want plan your layers so that you can easily change if the temperature goes from brisk in the morning to balmy in the afternoon. A hooded sweatshirt, layered t-shirts or an out-layer windproof shell is all you will need after the sun has been out for a few hours. Dressing for temperature changes can be tricky, but choosing layers with vents and zippers is a great way to adjust your comfort throughout the day.

For your off-mountain attire you will find the same principles of dressing apply. With the days bringing brisk mornings, warm afternoons, and cold nights you want to pack a cozy sweater, a light jacket, and remember a t-shirt or two and think about water proofing your leather boots and gloves before you leave home.

At any time of year in Keystone, remember your sunscreen. The sun’s rays at 10,000+ft above sea level can still burn your skin in cold or cloudy weather. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and chap stick is a must for the dry air! Bring a swim suit to enjoy the hot tubs and heated pools. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all your favorite vacations memories at Keystone Resort!

Summer in Keystone

When you come to Keystone in the summer be ready to do it all! You can participate in everything from paddling boating on Keystone Lake to horseback riding, that is when you’re not riding the gondola up to the top of Dercum Mountain and riding the great mountain bike trails down to River Run Village or packing up for the day to go white water rafting on the nearby Clear Creek River or the famous Browns’ Canyon stretch of the Arkansas River!

The average daily temperature is 75 degrees during the summer and the average humidity ranges around 33%. Coming from a warmer climate you’ll want to remember a light jacket for daytime activities on the cooler days and perhaps a sweatshirt and some warm socks as the nights get chilly. Good thing there are fireplaces in nearly every condo or home we offer at Summit Cove so you can get cozy on a cool summer night after you’ve been out stargazing. The view of the stars from this elevation is breathtaking!

If you’re planning on horseback riding definitely remember to bring a pair of sturdy, comfortable jeans. For hiking and biking bring clothes that you can move in; moisture wicking socks are a great investment to pair with your hiking boots and a wind breaker for the high speed downhill adventurers.

Of course if you are planning on spending your days playing around the pool and barbequing off the patio you’ll want to remember your swim suit, something to wear to and from the pool, sandals and a good pair of sunglasses. The sun is strong at high elevations so hats, sun screen and other protective clothing is a great idea to prevent a surprise sunburn which can just as easily occur on a cooler summer day as it can on a hot one.

There is so much to in Keystone so whether you’ll be spending your days strolling through the villages and surrounding forest or spending a day exploring the nearby outlet shopping mall in Silverthorne a pair of comfortable walking shoes is always a good idea. Also, remember to bring a rain jacket so you can always be prepared for the common afternoon showers that move through the Rocky Mountains in the summer months.

Fall in Keystone

Did you know that it typically snows somewhere in the state of Colorado every month of the year? This means that if you’re coming to Keystone in the fall not only will you be able to enjoy the marvelous colors of the changing leaves on the famous Colorado aspen groves, you may also wake up to a beautiful dusting of the white stuff we all love to play in so much! Early skiing season often starts as early as mid-October at Arapahoe Basin (just ten minutes from Keystone) so you may even throw your snowpants in your suitcase just in case you have a chance for a quick pre-season run down the slopes!

When packing for your fall trip to Keystone you can plan on sunny and rainy days with mild mornings and afternoons and cooler night to follow as the sun starts to set earlier and the snow starts sticking in the higher mountain areas. This is a great time of year for hiking and late season golfing so pack an extra sweater, bring a pair of light gloves and maybe a scarf to keep the chill off. Like every other season in Colorado think of planning your outfits in LAYERS and bring your sunscreen and sun glasses!

Hiking and biking in the cooler fall months is a beautiful way to experience all the colors of the changing seasons so bring your hiking shoes, a backpack for your day hike and as always an extra water bottle to stay hydrated during your time in the high country of the Keystone Area.

Winter in Keystone

Will this be your first skiing trip to Colorado? Are you unsure what sort of clothes to pack so that you and your family won’t be cold while you’re floating through the champagne powder in the Keystone Outback or tubing under the night lights on Dercum Mountain?

Whether it’s your first time skiing and you’ll be spending your day taking your first runs down School Marm or you’re ready to weave your way through the trees in the Keystone Outback you want to be dressed for the occasion.

Basic skiing/snowboarding attire should include the following items to keep you warm, comfortably mobile and dry:

Start with long underwear like under armor or a similar moisture wicking material for the layer of clothes closest to your skin. Remember that cotton will hold the cold close to your skin. You should get wool, polar fleece or another synthetic material designed to keep your skin warm and dry.

-Good, thick socks that will come up above the top of your ski or snowboard boots will play a big role in keeping your toes warm and your feet comfortable.

-Water-proof snow pants are another important piece of your outfit, looking for a pair with useful pockets and air vents is a great idea!

Layering a long-sleeved tee, a warm thermal or a hooded sweatshirt (depending on the temperature outside) under your ski jacket can be a great way to adjust your temperature throughout the day as the outside temperature changes regularly at Keystone when the sun comes out, however you’ll want to zip up and be cozy while you’re riding the chairlift.

-A good pair of moisture wicking gloves and a warm hat that fits comfortably under your helmet are two more important items to bring with you before you ski.

-For the really cold days, when the snow is fresh and the air is brisk, you should bring a neck warmer and a face mask or scarf that covers both your face and neck to help protect your face from the wind and any flying snow while you’re blazing through the powder.

-Finally make sure you remember a pair of UV blocking goggles to keep your eyes safe on the bright snowy slopes as well as to protect your face further from wind and snow. These should be comfortable on your face and should fit you well to keep from leaking cold air to your face. If you’re purchasing these for the first time think about getting a mid-range tint to the lenses if you’re interested in night skiing, the really dark lenses are hard to see in at night.

What about when you’re not skiing?

Keystone Resort offers a variety of things to do besides skiing and snowboarding, even in the winter. There are sleigh ride dinners, fine dining restaurants, outdoor concerts, holiday festivals in River Run Village and several great bars if you’re looking for some night life in your après ski schedule. With that in mind you want to bring some clothes that you’ll feel comfortable in for complete Keystone Resort experience.

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