Keystone Condos

A lot of our guests wonder how they can rent a condo in Keystone, and what is the difference between a hotel room and renting a condo? The majority of lodging in Keystone comes from condos. Just so you fully understand how this works, the condos in Keystone are individually owned. For example, lets look at the Springs in Keystone. The Springs condominiums are made up of 5 floors of separate condos. Each are owned by individuals who enjoy visiting Keystone Resort and like to bring their friends and family on vacation. Unfortunately, they cannot be in Keystone all of the time so they choose to rent out their condo.


Most of the home owners in Keystone are not set up to rent their condo without the help of a property manager. SummitCove has been chosen by our owners for us to manage their condos for them. We take care of managing the condo, cleaning the condo, and maintaining the condo for them. We check our guests into the condo and answer any questions our customers might have – at any point in their stay. This allows the owner of the condo to relax and not fret but also allows our guests to not worry about renting a condo from someone who lives in Florida.


What happens when the condo has a maintenance issue, or what happens if you’re in Keystone and locked out of the condo? You don’t want to call the condo owner in Florida, you would rather have someone in Keystone let you back in, right?


Why Rent a condo instead of stay a hotel?

All the Condos in Keystone all have superior locations to the hotels. Plus, the majority of lodging in Keystone that is within walking distance to the ski slopes are condos.


Condos are like your home away from home. Full kitchen, access to laundry facilities, parking garage, and even more creature comforts. Someone else bought the condo to stay in so its set up to be homey and comfortable! The savings from staying in a condo is huge when you factor in the cost of dining in Keystone Resort for every meal. Who really who wants to go out to eat for every meal? Wouldn’t you rather have your family sitting around a table in the comfort of our Condos?


Who manages the common areas of these condos?

Most of the complexes have their Home Owners Association managed by an outside company. The honor system only gets the hot tub so clean after you use it. The HOA manages areas outside of the condo, in Keystone this will typically include the hallways, elevators, pool, hot tubs, parking garages, and sometimes the heating and hot water systems for the individual units, as well as access to the condos’ main areas.


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