Slopeside Condo Remodel Project Improvement for 2016/2017 Season Underway

Slopeside Condos in Keystone are undergoing a huge remodel!  The owners are investing over 3.4 million dollars into a new improvement to the building.  Here is the slideshow that was presented to the home owners explaining the project!  The building is under construction and closed during the summer of 2016 and our expected completion dates is December of 2016.  Slopeside Condos Keystone Resort Colorado at Mountain House Base Area are going to look completely different and a much needed improvement is on the way.  The location is still the best in Keystone, favored by the locals, and a real hidden gem in Keystone.  

Bruz Beers in Denver is worth the stop!

While we were busy preparing to celebrate Keystone’s 20th Annual Bluegrass and Beer Festival in River Run Village today and tomorrow, it has given us plenty of time to drink some good beer in preparations!  We make a couple of thousand pretzel necklaces to give out to our loyal customers and festival attendees each year who visit our booth in the festival!  While some people think that making thousands of pretzel necklaces might be complicated and a tedious task, we get to taste some beer at the same time so we don’t mind at all!  

Pretzel Necklaces for beer and Bluegrass
Drink Beer, Eat Pretzels, Enjoy Life

One of the beers I was drinking was a  Belgian Beer from Bruz Beers in Denver called Jagged Twilight and snacking on the thousands of pretzel pieces we have left over from making over 2,000 pretzel necklaces and BAMN… It was freaking delicious mmm mmm good beer.  This beer named after the jagged West Needle mountains of Colorado really makes you feel like you are on top of the world!  Or maybe the super high alcohol content helped us feel like we just drank a beer at 14,000 feet.  Either way the beer was very well made and everything from the initial pour, smell, and my favorite the taste, was amazing!

Bruz Beer Jagged beer
This beer looks and tastes like you are on top of the world!

Bruz Beers is a new brewery among the thousands of new breweries popping up around the Colorado, except that they decided they were not going to mess around with easy to brew beers but instead focus on replicating the experts of the world, the Belgians!.   I was lucky enough to travel to Belgium as a younger version of myself and realized that they just know how to make and drink really good beers, you know why?  They have been doing it forever, and we all know that practice makes perfect.  Then Bruz Beers decided if you have something perfected, then replicating it and making your own is a really smart move!  Finding a local brewery that that takes pride in what the beer experts have been doing is a great way to do business, and when you make great beer, you earn the way to go from SummitCove!  Bruz beers has been working on making a high quality beer and not making a million gallons to sell, quality over quantity!

Tasting the beers and buying some for your self (or me)!  When you are coming or going from Keystone to the airport the brewery is really not that far out of the way, and some might say it is the only way to come and go from Keystone is to stop at a brewery on your way!  It is only about 4 minutes off of I70 and I highly recommend the stop. Taste them all to see which one is your favorite, then buy one and enjoy the super cool new clean, but real brewery, I was able to walk around and get a quick tour of the place and enjoy a lesson from the master brewer who calls himself Charlie.

Charlie is a talker, and man o man do you just want to settle down with your beer and listen to his stories.  Not only is Charlie an expert and is able to make amazing beers, he is nothing more than a kind and generous soul who likes to share his love of beer with anyone willing to listen.  You wouldn’t know that you are talking to world class expert who can probably brew beer better than most, he is capable of explaining the complexities of the science to a simple mind like myself.  When I taste beer I either like it, hate it, love it, or absolutely have to have another becuase it is fantastic, this guy can not only explain why, but also tell you a story that blows your mind while enjoying your beer.  

If you are headed home from Keystone for the beer and bluegrass festival this weekend then you should really stop here on your way home!  You can find Bruz Beers online at and in person at:

Bruz Beers  1675 W. 67th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80221

(At the intersection of 67th  Avenue & Pecos Street) 303-650-2337


Look for these two when you get there.  They will certainly help you out, get you a bunch of tasters and talk to you about what they love, good BEER!  Ryan is on the left and Charlie on the right.  Tell them Tyson sent you from Keystone!

Brewer and bald guy behind the bar and bruz
Talk to these two and get some tasters!

SilverMill 8182 New Property Upgrades

We are very excited to show and share with you some of the great new upgrades to Silver Mill 8182 2 Bedroom!

We encourage you to upgrade your home whenever possible as it increases demand for the property, and there is a more visual appeal to renters when viewing it on the website! We have been telling our owners this for a long time, however, when you see the end result you need to stop and celebrate!  What an awesome remodel and upgrade SilverMill 8182 just had!

What are some of the reasons to upgrade your property?  Vacation planners are more likely to choose a property that has been upgraded versus the same furnishings and decor from 15 years ago. Once they check-in for their reservation and get to their vacation home, they want to be wow-ed! They notice when a property is different than others they’ve stayed in, in the same building or area. And they are much more likely to book the same unit again!  

When our guests call us and are ready to make a reservation with our Vacation Planners, and they are narrowing down choices for their vacation, they are looking at the same photos as the guest! If a unit is upgraded and unique, guests will usually choose it over a property that has not had upgrades and does not stand out. We encourage all Owners to upgrade their homes when needed and earn more revenue due to more bookings!

Here are some comments from our vacation planners after seeing this upgrade!!

This is a lovely, cozy/modern property in SilverMill.  It has been upgraded with sleek hardwood and granite, giving it clean lines, yet offers a “luxury mountain” feel.

The TV is not above the fireplace, so you won’t strain your neck to watch a movie.  I like this because there is no other property like this one.  I recommend this above some of the other properties that still have original carpet and furniture from when the building was built!

This property looks brand new!  For a 15 year old building I would reserve this property for my family, just by how good it looks I feel like it is all new and working!

New, updated appliances and modern furnishings.  Feels so clean and new.

If our vacation planners feel this way, imagine how good our guests and potential renters will feel about reserving this property.  Our guests are willing to spend more money, stay longer, and pick your property over the one down the hall or on another listing site because WOW, who would not want to stay here!?  

This homeowner has upgraded the carpet to hardwood floors, painted, and changed the decor above the fireplace and at the kitchen bar. Please take a look at our before and after pictures on this great 2BR/2BA condo in the Silver Mill building in popular River Run!

Silvermill before upgrades
Living Room before flooring and new decor!


SilverMill Condo with new upgraded hardwoods and more!
After New Flooring and Decor Above Fireplace
Before New Decor on bar and flooring
Before New Decor on bar and flooring









After new flooring and decor
After new flooring and decor

Snow Sculpture 2015 Championships in Breckenridge Today

Are you looking for something fun to do tonight after a day of skiing in Keystone?  Well have some fun and go visit the Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge today!  Visit the 25th annual Snow Sculpture Championships, the final work was completed today and the voting has started.  The people choice awards can be determined by you today! 

From January 31st until February 8th 2015 is Viewing Week of the championships, the sculpting is completed and the viewing is in full force!  The lights turn on at night until about 9PM and this can make for a really fun thing to do with your friends and family!  

Where: Breckenridge River Walk Center 150 West Adams Avenue, Breckenridge, CO 80424

When: January 31st until February 8th 2015

Official Website:

Locals Tip:  Bundle up, grab a hot chocolate for the kids and peppermint schnapps for the old kids and prepare for a lovely walk around before a nice meal in Breck.  Take the bus to avoid having to drive and have some fun!

Merry Christmas 2014 SummitCove Office Prank

Merry Christmas from the SummitCove Property Management Family in Keystone!  In good spirit this is what our office pranksters were up to last night……..  Hope you get a good laugh out of this as we all are celebrating in the office another great season, great snow, good people, and really good times!!! Merry Christmas and hope to see you all in Keystone soon!Office decorated in Christmas paper

SummitCove Team Training for the 2014 2015 Season

The season is going strong so far and we got so excited about the storm and that Keystone is open for the season we forgot to post about our recent staff training session!  We brought together almost all of our team member and got a ride down to our training with Summit Express shuttle services!  This is the biggest team we have ever had!

SummitCove Operations Team
Getting Ready to head down to our staff training day!


Our staff all met at the Easter Seals Rocky Mountain Camp for a day of fun learning and activities!  

Team training day game time
Jesse getting serious about his game time!


Sitting around the table discussing how to improve
Learning about our company from the source!


During the training day it was awesome to see our entire team together working as a team.  We know we have a lot of hard work ahead of us to make the season a success for our guests and home owners and we look forward to seeing everyone come up to Keystone for a great ski vacation this winter!

Snowing in Keystone! Ski season is coming fast!

View of snow in the mountains in Keystone Colorado
Snowing in Keystone Resort October 1st 2014

Snow is flying in Keystone!  Opening day for Arapahoe Basin and Keystone Resort 2014 is right around the corner and mother nature is sending some help!  We are all getting excited for another great season of skiing and riding in Keystone!  We took this picture today!

Riding a shuttle bus to and from Denver Airports to Keystone!

On a recent trip from Keystone to the wonders of Sin City we decided to skip the driving and take a shuttle.  I hopped online and found a locals special from the Frisco Transfer station to the airport with Summit Express.  We were only going for one night of fun and games so we decided to really enjoy ourselves, plus if you have been to Vegas, a little extra nap time on the way home helps a lot!  At 6:45 in the morning with a hot cup of coffee in our hands we roll into the parking lot and for the first time hopped into a Mercedes Sprinter Van.

Now we are both over 6 feet tall and don’t fit in the back seat all that well.  We opened up a sliding door that’s at least 4 feet wide and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of space inside this Sprinter Van.   There is enough head room to stand up, the seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. Our driver was very polite.  He offered us both a bottle of water, gave us the estimated travel times to the airport and let us know what the free wifi password for onboard wifi!  The roads were covered in snow and it was near white out conditions up at the tunnel.  This would have been some white knuckled driving even for us locals, however we decided to brush up on our card counting skills and enjoyed a very smooth ride up the mountain instead.

Now our timing was impeccable and we were able to hit Denver right in the thick of rush hour.  Our driver hops on the radio and gets us a back road route across town and onto clear roads all the way to the airport.  Our timing was actually very good for the combination of bad roads and rush hour traffic we still made the trip in just over an hour.  Our driver was very polite when we rolled into the airport, unloaded our luggage and wished us a safe trip while double checking we did not leave any items on the bus.

Vegas happened and it was time to head home.  We actually landed early, tired and ragged from a fun night on the town.  One quick call to Summit Express and our shuttle time was able to be bumped up 2 hours and there was actually a van sitting outside ready to take us up the mountain.  Again the driver was very nice, gave us one look and handed us spare waters for the trip up the mountain.  They called us by name and whisked us up through a snow storm right on time and back to home.   Now the experience of hopping on a Sprinter Van and being driven home was awesome.  There was a good mix of locals, leisure travelers, and business travelers on the shuttle both ways.  Even with a nearly full van there was plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the scenery through some impressively large and somehow clean windows.  Summit Express is my new choice for shuttle services to Summit County and Denver Airport.

Great Fall Hike Near Keystone Colorado

I recently was able to spend a couple of hours looking for a quick hike around Keystone.  It was later afternoon in the beautiful fall weather we have been having and decided to hop in the car and drive about 15 minutes over to the Tenderfoot Mountain Trail.  The trail head is easy to find.  Drive towards Dillon on Highway 6 and turn right at the first stop light in Dillon, immediately turn right again on to Highway 51.  This is really just a two lane road that goes up about a mile and you will pass the water tank for Dillon Water supply.  Drive just past this and turn right into the parking lot.  You are immediately struck with great views!  The trail is easy to find and stay on, you are zig zagging up the slope and cutting through clear areas and then into timbered areas with amazing views of Lake Dillon and the surrounding mountain ranges.  This hike is a perfect and easy fall hike for anyone staying in Keystone Resort and a great way to spend an afternoon!  I forgot my water so I also stopped by the Snake River Saloon on my way back, they were able to help me quench my thirst and their hot wings also hit the spot!  With the crowds being non existent this time of year I was able to get back to my Keystone Condo and hit the hot tub!