How To: Get a Babysitter During Your Keystone Vacation

We love traveling to Keystone with our 3 children but we also value a night out to dinner, kid free.  I was not quite sure about using a babysitting service but I read great reviews about Sitter Scout, so I decided to give them a try on our last vacation to Keystone and book a keystone babysitter with them. Our lodging provider, SummitCove Vacation Rentals,  also had a coupon for us to receive a deal on their services during our stay.


We have a 3 year old, a 6 year old and a 10 year old. They are pretty good kids except when the get bored and fight with each other, so I needed a babysitter who would really play with them but would also be firm about bedtime and not eating too much ice cream.  And that is what I wrote when I filled out my online profile. I was able to include special information for each child on my profile too. For example, I wrote that my 6 year old has to be tucked into bed with a story and her puppy stuffed animal.  I also wrote that the older kid gets 1 hour of screen time and no more.

Find a babysitter in Keystone with Sitter Scout

The sitters are pre screened and vetted and they match your families needs with an available sitter.  Sitter Scout notified me that we were matched with Amy. Amy then called and we chatted for quite a while, talking about each of my children and about her.  She was originally from Ohio but had moved to Keystone to ski and work. She had worked for Sitter Scouts in Ohio too and had a lot of experience with children of all ages.  


Our big date night finally arrived and Amy showed up with games, puzzles, art supplies and a big smile.  My husband and I hung out for about 20 minutes and the kids were already playing with Amy. She had started a fun game of Sorry and I don’t think the kids noticed when we said goodbye.  


We had a wonderful dinner at the Snake River Saloon and when we got back to the condo around 10 pm, all the kids were asleep, the dishes were done and the toys were picked up.  My 6 year old had her stuffed puppy in bed with her and her favorite book was on the nightstand. Amy said they had a great time and the kids were well behaved.


The next morning all 3 kids talked about how fun and nice Amy was.  My 6 year old said Amy read her 3 stories instead of just 1! My older child said he didn’t even get on his ipad because they had so much fun playing games with Amy.  They asked us to go out to dinner again so she could come back! I am so happy with Sitter Scout’s professionalism and their screening process. They did an excellent job matching a sitter to my kids.  I will definitely use their service again and request Amy when we come to Keystone.


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