Posted on 4/13/2020 by Alyssa Hubbard

Carpet Cleaning 101: Hot Water, Dry Clean, Shampoo.. What's It All Mean?

Do you need your carpets cleaned in Keystone but are not sure what type of carpet cleaning you need... extraction...shampooing...dry cleaning? What does it all mean? Carpet Cleaning Keystone Condo CO   We wanted to provide some simple answers on questions we hear regularly regarding carpet cleaning and hope this helps you understand what is best for you and your carpets in layman terms that we think are easier to follow.   There are 4 main types of carpet cleaning, even though people may call them lots of different names here are the main types of carpet cleaning.
  • Hot Water Extraction aka Steam Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning aka Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning aka Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
Let's explain each one of the carpet cleaning methods to you.   Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning This process of cleaning carpets includes the process of applying and removing hot water into and out of your carpets.  There are several steps that people need to follow in order to get the most dirt out of your carpets but quite simply, heated water is pressurized and sprayed into the carpets and a vacuum system then extracts the water and soil back out of the carpets. Use of pre sprays, detergents, and rinse aids can all be used.  Both residential and professional hot water extraction machines are available to use.   Dry Cleaning - Encapsulation Cleaning or Low Moisture This process is when you apply a encapsulant to the carpet and agitate the encapsulant into the carpet fibers, this can be a liquid, or a compound encapsulant.  Typically it is applied in either a spray, or manually and then agitated. The chemicals bonds with the dirt and surrounds it and then when it dries it is removed from the carpets through a vacuuming or collection process.   Bonnet Cleaning This process is when you apply a cleaning agent to the carpet and then use a bonnet to remove the detergent and soil.  The bonnet transfers the detergent from the carpet to itself and then can be cleaned out to do this process again. In simple terms its like mopping the carpet and then cleaning out the mop head.   Carpet Shampooing This process is when you apply a shampoo to the carpet fibers with water and then work the shampoo into the fibers.  This can be done at home with a can cleaner or commercial carpet shampoos. The shampoo is typically allowed to dry and then vacuumed out of the carpet later.  This can be done either wet or dry.     Q: So which type of carpet cleaning produces the cleanest carpets?   A: It all depends on what type of dirty your carpets are.  Most experts say that hot water extraction will allow the deepest cleaning, since water can pass below the carpet fibers, into the backing, and then be extracted from the carpet pad.  When done properly you can clean more of the carpet than other methods. However, done incorrectly, you can quickly have dirty carpets again. If the carpets are well cared for and vacuumed regularly maybe all you need to clean is the face yarn or the top tufts or the looped yarn, basically what is above the backing. If this is your scenario, another cleaning method can be used and will still remove the soil.   Q: Which type of carpet cleaning does SummitCove offer? A: SummitCove has the equipment, chemicals, and training to offer Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning), Encapsulant cleaning, Bonnet Cleaning, and Carpet Shampooing.  Similar to cleaning your driveway, sometimes you need to simply sweep it clean, maybe use a blower to move grass off your driveway, sometimes you need to hose it off, and sometimes, if it's really dirty, you might need to power wash it clean. It's nice to have all the tools available in your belt, but you don't need to use a power washer every time a leaf falls on your driveway.   We have all of the tools, and knowledge to understand what we are trying to clean. We consider what type of carpet we are cleaning, how dirty it is and then determine what the best tool or tools are for cleaning it and what the best chemicals are for getting and keeping your carpets clean for years.   For all of our carpet cleaning processes, we start with our basic vacuuming. Our housekeeping professionals properly vacuum your floors every time we clean, this helps most dirts from getting into your carpets.  When we notice a stain, we might either use a shampoo or a bonnet method or maybe an encapsulant. For bad stains we also have a mini spotter that allows hot water extraction in a small area.  When we are doing our annual deep cleans we will use a Hot Water Extraction method in conjunction with agitation and we also use an encapsulant rinse solution to help keep the carpets cleaner longer.     Our carpet cleaning services are available throughout Keystone Resort to all Keystone homeowners, building managers, HOA's and even other property management companies looking to have carpets cleaned throughout their vacation rental properties.  We offer bulk discount properties if you are having a number of properties cleaned and work 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Get in touch with our carpet service professionals today and we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and recommendations for cleaning your home or business.  
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