Posted on 11/29/2009 by Alyssa Hubbard

Christmas in Keystone, CO for the First Time

Three years ago, I gave the best Christmas gift ever! I reserved my condo at the Springs for my sister's family. They have lived in San Diego for several years and my 5 year old niece and 7 year old nephew had never experienced snow. As an outdoor enthusiast and a regular skier at Keystone Resort, I thought the time had come to introduce them to snow, Colorado style! Christmas that year, wasn't just white, but it was a blizzard. Their plane had trouble landing, they had to rent an SUV to get to Keystone, and then it was slow going up I-70. The look on their faces when they arrived told me it was all worth it. My niece did snow angels right outside our condo and my nephew couldn't wait to get unpacked to try out skiing for the very first time. My nephew couldn't get enough of standing up on his skis, going three feet, then falling down. The smile on his face went from ear to ear and he laughed so hard, he had trouble talking.   On the first night, we treated the family for a fancy dinner at the Bighorn Bistro.  After dinner, we all went to check out the amazing Chocolate Village display, which is in the lobby of the Keystone Lodge and Spa, in the same building as the Bighorn.  We also watched the ice skaters down below on the ice rink. On Christmas Eve, the kids were so worried Santa wouldn't find them. They were beside themselves in the morning when they found gifts under the little tree. Santa even found them in Keystone, CO! The best present, of course, was spending the day on the slopes with their dad and grandpa while my sister, mom and I prepared Christmas dinner. The condo has a grill, so it was super easy to make a leg of lamb. After dinner, we went for a walk to watch the snow fall and see the holiday lights throughout the village. Our family had the most memorable Christmas ever and we have vowed to spend every other Christmas in Keystone from now on!
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