Posted on 11/14/2009 by Alyssa Hubbard

First Day of Skiing at Keystone Resort

Thursday was the first day of snowboarding at Keystone resort for the 2009 2010 Ski season for me and I decided this year that there was no reason to train, no reason to stretch, no reason to get my snowboard tuned up at Mountain View Sports my favorite shop, instead I decided I would just go and have a good time on the slopes.  We got in line for the gondola, and loved the first day on the new pass, with the RF Scanners on the season pass  no need to show my awesome picture just a quick swipe of my body and they know that I am about to enjoy my first day of the season at Keystone.  We hopped on the River Run Gondola and rode up to the top, buckled in and off we went.  There were only 2 runs open so I got to know both of them fairly well.  First run of the ski season at Keystone is like the first tee box for a round of early spring golf, except that mulligans don't normally hurt that bad the next day!  We took the run down River Run and got back in the quick line for the River Run Village Gondola, quick ride to the top, feeling good ready for the second run, no major spills, its just like riding a bike!

Second run of the ski season was feeling pretty good, carving came back and riding switch, well riding switch didn't come right back but the sun was shining, Keystone had done a wonderful job of producing great early season snow, the weather was perfect so why not smile and enjoy all that Keystone offers the early season snowboarder.  This run we decided that we would catch the Keystone Gondola at the mid mountain loading station, there were just two of us riding at that point so we hopped in and away we went for the third run of the day.

The best part of riding the gondola in Keystone, besides feeling your toes again is watching the new terrain park that is right under the gondola, you can watch skiers and boarders tear it up, or smack there face on a rail and laugh a little thinking how crazy that guy was and realizing there is a reason your not in the terrain park.

Third run was delayed by the growling stomach that caused a quick trip over to the Summit House Food Court for a new Epic Burger.  Wow I am glad they didn't tell me what the Epic Burger was before I ordered it and I enjoyed every last calorie.  The Epic Burger is a monstreous double fresh never frozen organic cheese cheeseburger with the gourmet fixins, for the price of a small hotel room I was kicking back and enjoying the fat tire beer and Epic Burger like it was my last meal on earth, well at least keystone for a while.  Quick nap later and discussion of our groups massive progress so far this ski season we were back on the Spring Dipper to burn off the food coma that was overcoming us.

The first day of the season at Keystone is one of my favorites, it reminds me every ski season why I love snowboarding at Keystone, and why I deal with I -70 traffic to get here, however this year I made a promise to enjoy some of Keystones Luxury Lodging and soak my sore, tired, and shocked muscles back to bed in a hot tub with slope side views before I head back to my accommodations for the night, and after a day of snowboarding in Keystone I am out cold as soon as I hit the sheets, next year, I will try the pre season work out routine I talk about every year!

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