Posted on 2/20/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keystone Resorts Ski Valet, Ski Lockers and Ski Baskets

Ski Lockers, Ski Checks, and Ski Baskets are a great way for to securely store your skis while still having the convenience of easy access. Keystone offers several different ways for guests, skiers and snowboarders, to store their ski gear while enjoying the resort. Also, If you have little ones in your family, you'll no doubt want to take advantage of these storage conveniences at Keystone, making your ski vacation much more enjoyable and easy to handle.   Keystone Resort has ski lockers available at the Peak of Dercum Mountain in the Summit House. The Summit House is accessible by the River Run Gondola or by the Summit Express, Montezuma Express, Ranger or Ruby Express lifts. There are additional ski lockers at the Mountain House base area, located near the Medical Center. These ski lockers can be accessed through the Pike, Porcupine, or Marmot parking lots.   Keystone also offers ski checks (also known as ski valets), that allow you to check your skis and snowboards during the day or overnight. The Keystone Resort ski check is located near the Peru lift in the Mountain House base area.   River Run Village in Keystone also offers a ski check storage option just across from the Gondola, near the Mountain Services Center at the base of River Run. The ski check storage in River Run offers a great way to check your skis and then explore the Village with ease. The ski check system is a great way to avoid hauling your skis or snowboard around all day and allows you to safely and securely keep your skis near the mountain for easy access when hitting the slopes. Another advantage to checking your skis and boots overnight; you can walk to the slopes in your regular shoes in comfort and ease in the morning, and then simply check them back into your basket while you're skiing during the day. When you're done skiing for the day, check your skis/snowboard/boots again and change back into your comfortable shoes to walk back to your car. Definitely is a great way to make walking and getting to the slopes much easier, especially for little ones in the family, as well as yourselves.   Another great way to take advantage of Keystone Resorts ski storage options is to use Keystone's ski baskets in the Mountain House base area. With ski baskets, you're able to deposit any number of items into the basket, whether its purses, wallets, skis, boots, shoes, cheese, or whatever you want, and access them at any point during the day. The ski baskets are under constant supervision and a staff member is always available to help you out. The ski baskets are located at the Mountain House Guest Services station.   These ski storage amenities are available throughout Keystone Resort and are a great way to relieve some stress, decrease hauling, and are especially handy for those with children, because you won't have to carry multiple sets of skis if they get tired. Next time you're in Keystone skiing, take advantage of their ski valets, ski lockers and ski baskets and make your vacation much easier on you and the whole family!
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