Posted on 10/22/2009 by Alyssa Hubbard

Thanksgiving Dinner in Keystone, CO

The holidays in Keystone are amazing.  We love spending time on the slopes and sharing an extravagant meal with our extended family.  What we don't love is coming up with a list, carefully including every little thing that we would normally have at home, but not at a condo.  After all, who keeps poultry seasoning at their condo? Then, there's the hassle of heading off to the grocery store that is packed with all of the other holiday vacationers trying to pull together their meals for the week as well as the Turkey Day menu.   Last year it was such a headache that I almost convinced my husband that the rotisserie chicken and two sides would be sufficient.  Almost.  My sister and I split the grocery list and two hours later arrived back at the condo with everything we needed.  Except a pie crust for the pumpkin pie and string to tie the turkey up.  After another trip to the grocery store and a near run in over the last bag of fresh cranberries, we were in business.

This year is going to be different.  I swore off the grand turkey making ordeal and my family has accepted this resolution.  We are not going to cut a rotisserie chicken into 12 pieces.  We will have an amazing meal planned, prepared, delivered and ready to cook.  Peak Provisions in Summit County is a concierge service I found this summer when I hosted a staff meeting.  They were able to prepare and deliver breakfast as well as snacks for the 3 days of the meeting and present it just as though I had hired a caterer.  I went on their website, picked out the meals and they did the rest.  So, if it was that easy to prepare for a staff meeting, I can only imagine how much easier it will be to pull off Thanksgiving.  I am so looking forward to an extra day of skiing this Thanksgiving!

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