How Do I Sell My Vacation Rental Property While It Is Being Rented?

One of the main questions we are asked by homeowners who are looking to sell their property up here in Keystone is how to do so while continuing to rent it out to short term renters? Selling a property is of course a process, but actually, renting the property during the process can be more than beneficial.

When you are selling your property, it is very important to maintain the property in good working order and condition.  This will help to minimize what needs to be done to it prior to closing, as well as to position it in the best light possible for potential buyers. This is one of the major concerns owners have with renting, believing that when the property is being rented, it is going to experience harsh wear and tear and things will be breaking all the time from renters. Part of this is true. Yes, you will have some wear and tear on the property due to renters, however the role of the property management company like is to keep every bit of the property in good working order. Sometimes renters or housekeepers will report something not working or broken and then that item will immediately be fixed thanks to the speedy services of the property managers.  We are here to care for your property and have multiple eyes in the property on a regular basis that will notice when things need attention.

Another qualm with renting is that the property will be dirty all the time and we will have difficulty getting potential buyers into the property if it is rented. This mostly a non-issue. Because short term property rentals are cleaned between every reservation, your property will be cleaned more often than your own home in most cases!  Also in the case of short term property management there are many open times between reservations allowing real estate agents to access the property. Often if there is a situation where someone wants to view your property yet there is a guest occupying it, we can help the realtors by contacting the guest to arrange for the realtors and the potential buyer to come through and check it out.
A huge benefit of renting your property while you are trying to sell is income. If your property does nothing but sit vacant while it is on the market, it most certainly is a cashflow loss. If you take advantage of short term vacation rentals, you can plan to have money coming in to continue to help pay the bills on the property while you are trying to sell it and possibly even make a profit during this time. At least make it cashflow neutral!
Lastly, a benefit of renting your property while you are trying to sell it is that we can communicate with folks who are interested in buying a property and perhaps entice them into staying in your property simply for the reason that it is for sale. Consider rentals like this as “test drives.” If they enjoy your property, then they might consider purchasing it.  We have many guests inquire to us about purchasing properties in the area and which ones might be for sale and also work closely with realtors in the area that have buyers that are looking for properties.

There are many benefits of doing short-term vacation rentals your property while you try to sell. If you would like more information why not just give us a call?  We can help you through the whole process or even just offer advice if you need some questions answered.

Frey Gulch Townhomes

The Frey Gulch Townhomes in Keystone Resort

Arapahoe Architects have been busy working on Keystone’s newest development at 46 Antlers Gulch Road!  Frey Gulch Townhomes will consist of eight state of the art paired homes that will feature granite countertops, stainless appliances, knotty alder cabinetry, natural gas fireplaces, in-floor radiant heat, heated two-car garages and many other features.  Situated directly in front of the Antlers Gulch buildings, Frey Gulch sits 1.6 miles away from the Keystone slopes on the North side of Highway 6 between Tennis Club Road and Elk Crossing Lane.  These luxurious townhomes will be 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom properties and will be approximately 1,777 sq ft in size.  With 360° views of the mountains Frey Gulch will sit across the highway from the Keystone River Course and is situated in a convenient location to many activities in both the summer and winter seasons.


Frey Gulch Townhomes Floorplan

Flying Dutchman Pool Area Renovation

Over in West Keystone the Flying Dutchman Pool area is nearing its complete facelift.  After some trouble with contractors, this project is finally nearing completion and is scheduled to be completely finished on Monday, August 13th.  The facelift entailed removing all the brick pavers and replacing with tile, replacing all of the coping, installing a new pool apron with radiant heat and replacing the hot water heater and boiler in both the men’s and women’s restrooms.  The remodeled pool area in Flying Dutchman is going to be one of the nicest – check out our properties at Flying Dutchman here.

Jackpine Lodge is getting new carpets!

JackPine Lodge is situated in the heart of River Run Village and is scheduled to replace all of the common area carpet August 20 – 22nd.  Common area carpet sees a lot of wear and tear, especially during ski season and the Jackpine HOA does a very nice job upholding the highest standards in the common areas.  Keep your toes toasty this winter and stay in one of our properties in Jackpine.

Trappers Crossing Replacing Roofing

Tucked away over in East Keystone Trappers Crossing condominiums are currently getting new, more durable roofing.  A massive project to replace all of the roofing in the entire complex started on June 18, 2012 and will be completed on August 30, 2012.  Have no fear that when you stay in Trappers Crossing, you will be lying under a brand new roof!  Take a look at the properties in Trappers Crossing here.

Seasons Townhomes Construction Summer 2012

Seasons Townhomes is in the process of completely remodeling their common area which will include replacing the 2 hot tubs with one much larger hot tub. The public restrooms, steam room and hot tubs will be closed until September 1, 2012. We look forward to seeing this newly updated area and we are just sure our guests will love sitting under the stars or soaking up the sun here! Check out our Seasons Townhomes Here

Five Services You May Not Have Known SummitCove Offered is a full service Vacation Rental and Property Management Company.  We offer 24/7 services to both our homeowners and guests and try to be as helpful and available as possible to you during all the stages of your vacation to ensure you are able to fully enjoy yourself and make the most of your time in Keystone.  Although we can’t say yes to everything, we always try our best!   It never hurts to call us if you have a question, comment, or any kind of issue or concern about your property.  If you are lucky, you might receive a visit from the SummitCove Yeti!

1. Midweek Cleans

Although we don’t offer a daily housekeeping service during your stay, you do have the option to set up a mid-week clean.  Schedule one with your Vacation Planner at anytime for a minimal fee, and we will have a housekeeping come over when it’s convenient for you- they will wipe down the counters, along with swap out the towels and remake the beds with new sheets.    This is a great option for people who are staying a longer stay and would like to freshen things up mid-stay.

2. 24/7 Emergency Line and Customer Assistance

Although our office hours change slightly from summer to winter, SummitCove ALWAYS has a live person available on our emergency line 24 hours a day.  Summer office hours are typically 7am – 3am, with winter hours running 24 hours a day from 7am – 7am, five days a week.  If you ever need help with anything, whether it be a burnt out light bulb, insufficient supplies, you are locked out or your toilet is overflowing- don’t hesitate to call us, anytime!  We want you have the best vacation possible and we are willing to go the extra mile for our guests whenever we can- just give us a call!

3. Free Summer Bike Rentals & Discounted Ski Rentals

SummitCove’s awesome bike and ski shop partner, Mountain View Sports, hooks our guests up in both the summer and winter months!  We offer a free 2-hour bike rental voucher to every summer reservation who books with, whether you’re here for a day or a week- the free rental is yours!  Mountain View Sports has a fleet of bikes set aside especially for our guests and they are available on a first come first serve basis.  In the winter season, Mountain View Sports offers our guests a 25% discount on all equipment- skis, boards, and even helmets, along with a discount on retail items in case you forgot your hat or want a new pair of goggles!

4. Group Discounts

Whether you are visiting with a group of families, hosting or attending a wedding, planning a family reunion or a class ski trip- we’re sure to get you a great deal when you book in numbers!  Call one of our vacation planners today to hear specific details about our various group programs.  We can often create custom discount codes for your group and landing pages with the discount code built in for ease of booking online for your whole group.  Include photos, itineraries, condo preferences and activities for a custom page that will keep everyone connected.  Some of our programs even include a cash back gift and future credit for the organizer and can sometimes offer discounts up to 35% off!

5. Sunday Night Stay Deals

Looking to avoid the I-70 traffic jam on Sunday morning? Stay that extra night and have smooth sailing all the way home!  Or ski all day, soak in the hot tub, and then leave when you please on Sunday Evening!  Depending on the date, season, and overall availability we are sometimes able to offer a deep Sunday Night Discount when you decide to add Sunday Night the day before departure.  Give one of our Guest Services Agents a call and ask about Sunday Night Deals!

SummitCove’s First Highway Cleanup on I-70 a Success!

SummitCove Vacation Lodging recently signed up for Colorado’s Adopt a Highway Program and has sponsored a 2 mile section of I-70, just East of the Eisenhower Tunnel.   This past Friday, members of the SummitCove team suited up in bright orange vests and loaded up with garbage bags, gloves and sunscreen and tackled our first Highway Cleanup Day!  Although we didn’t find any IPhones or bags of money as we were all hoping, we did manage to clean up and pack over 20 bags of trash from the highway!  We found things like rusty truck tire chains, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, tow ropes, bungee cords, cigarette butts, hubcaps and license plates.  We considered the day a huge success and even managed to wrangle some help from a few of our awesome owners!  A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the cleanup. Although it really was hard work, bending down and up and down and up in the hot summer sun, we still had alot of fun and helped a great cause- keeping Colorado clean and beautiful!  Our next cleanup day will be scheduled for sometime in August, we’ll keep you posted!  Check out some of the photos from our first clean-up day !

SummitCove Introduces “Browse By Picture” Feature on Website!

Keystone Resort has a wide variety of properties to choose from. SummitCove manages nearly 300 properties located exclusively in the Keystone area, which means that our guests have always had options based on their preference of budget, size, location and amenities.  Now we’ve made it even easier to select properties with a brand new feature that allows guests to browse for lodging by picture. Follow this link to access the brand new browse by picture feature!

The browse by picture option is available right from the SummitCove homepage, and it is a great option for guests who want to select their property based on decor, visual appeal or pictured amenities.  One of the best things about booking your Keystone vacation with SummitCove is that you will always know exactly which property you will be vacationing in.  Now, guests will also be able to reserve the property that captures their attention from a collection of photos.  SummitCove is the first vacation rental company to offer this feature, and we are sure it will help our guests make the perfect choice of Keystone lodging!

Contact a SummitCove Vacation Planner today to reserve your  Keystone Resort lodging!

SummitCove is Now a Proud Sponsor of the Adopt-A-Highway Program on I-70


SummitCove Keystone Vacation Lodging will participate in the Colorado Adopt-a-Highway Program for the first time this year in order to give back to the community and keep I-70 clean.  SummitCove staff and volunteer homeowners will clean and maintain a stretch of highway located on Interstate-70 at mile points 215 to 217 just east of the Eisenhower Tunnel.  The location is only a few miles west of the Loveland Pass exit that leads directly to Arapahoe Basin and Keystone.

The Adopt-a-Highway program is organized through the Colorado Department of Transportation.  Working on the roadside cleanups  will help to save taxpayers’ money by removing garbage left on the side of the road by careless people.  Our volunteer teams will be provided with safety vests, signs, litter bags and trash disposal.  Cleanups will be scheduled at least four times throughout the year, and SummitCove is committed to the program for at least the next two years.  The litter can be sorted into recyclable items and brought to a recycling center.

Residents and tourists will benefit from our efforts to keep the interstate cleaner and safer for everyone traveling to Keystone.  SummitCove is proud to participate in the program, and our staff is excited to get started on keeping Colorado clean and beautiful.