Starfire Townhomes in Keystone Resort

SummitCove Property Management in Keystone Colorado is now offering Starfire Townhomes as part of our vacation rental program.  We are very excited about one of our newest vacation rentals in Keystone Resort, Starfire Townhomes 1992

Startfire 1992 is a very nice 4 bedroom rental that your family will love!  This townhouse is high end, nice furnishings, a private garage to keep your car warm and one of the most requested features we hear from our guests, a private hot tub on the back deck!

Starfire townhome 1992 has a private hot tub out back
Soak your soar legs in this private hot tub right out back.

Starfire Townhomes are located in West Keystone Colorado off of Soda Ridge Road.  The location is perfect if you are interested in doing any skiing at Keystone.  There is a free shuttle that picks you up about 2 minutes from this property and drops you off at the Mountain House Base area.

Great place to grab a bite to eat in this Keystone Vacation Rental
Great place to grab a bite to eat in this Keystone Vacation Rental

Keystone Vacation Rental By Owner

Keystone Vacation Rentals By Owner Program

Property Management with SummitCove allows our owners to participate in Rental By Owner programs.  We interviewed a SummitCove home owner to give you a better idea of what the SummitCove Keystone Vacation Rental by Owner Program is and how it works for our guests and our owners.  Because our owners have the ability to find paying guests on their own through sites like Vacation Rental By Owner and Vacation Rentals dot com our guests can work with a private owner but also enjoy working with a professional company, so they get the value of working with an owner and the security of staying with a company.


So what is the SummitCove Vacation Rental By Owner Program and how does it work in Keystone?

The SummitCove Rental by Owner program is basically where a guests contacts the owner to arrange to rent their property directly from the owner, I enter the reservation online and then SummitCove takes over, my guests rent my property for the price I agreed to.


How do you find a guest to rent your vacation home?

There are a number of different ways, I personally work with several people that enjoy visiting Keystone Resort so I offer them a slight discount to rent my property and it is a win win, there are also several online sites like VRBO and Craigslist where I advertise my property.


How much time does it take to find a customer?

That can vary significantly, sometimes it is the first call but others seem to want to talk to 25 home owners before they make a descision on where to stay when they visit Keystone and take up a lot more of my time.


How often do you rent your place out?

I only rent about 20 nights a year on the Vacation Rental By Owner program because SummitCove has most of the nights booked, however SummitCove offers me a discount on the management fee and takes care of most of the work.


What do you mean work, didn’t you say you found the booking?

Sure, but after I get someone to agree to pay SummitCove does everything, they collect the payment, handle keys, cleaning, deal with any lock outs or guest issues, helps them with discounts on rentals and services and provides better service than I can from Denver, when I bought my town home I thought I would just do it all my self, then I realized there was more work on the little things than was worth it, I got calls from guests who got locked out one night and I could not get a hold of my housekeeper to let them back in, the poor family was locked out for 2 hours, my guests said they even saw a SummitCove employee when they were locked out and offered to call someone for them, thats when I called SummitCove to take over my vacation rental.




Jack Pine Lodge 8017 Joins SummitCove


Right in the heart of River Run Village this River Run Condo is a festival goers dream! The balcony looks right down into the courtyard where all the action is!


Keystones River Run Village
View off of your private balcony

Jack Pine #8017 is well furnished, has a full sized sofa sleepr, granite counter tops in the kitchen and 2.5 bathrooms which means all 6 people will be able to spread out and not feel crowded using one or two bathrooms.


At 1322 square feet this is one of the largest two bedroom condos we manage in River Run. Summit Cove now manages SIX Jack Pine Condos with 8013. 8015 and now 8017 all in the same hallway. This makes for a GREAT setup for a group that wants to split into a few different condos, stay close together and also enjoy one of the shortest walks to the slopes in River Run at just 134 yards.

The kitchen is beautiful, the dining room is spacious and lit by chandelier and natural light, and there is even PRIVATE laundry in this condo which is a BIG seller for families, to name a few things about this condo that stand out to me.

I am excited to have another great walk to slopes condo on our program for the upcoming ski season. Let’s get some of these Christmas and Spring Break reservations into Jack Pine 8017 condo this week!

Buffalo Lodge Courtyard looking good!

Buffalo Lodge Courtyard Sparkling

Buffalo Lodge courtyard is getting a face lift this spring.  The Keystone crews were hard at work getting the place to look brand new.  This time of year River Run Village gets a little pampering after a long hard winter of use and abuse.  The Courtyard at Buffalo Lodge was completely pressure washed and we were amazed at how much mud actually came up out of the ground.  The crew had a wheel barrel almost full!  It is a sign of things to come in Keystone this spring, with the weather promising a mixture of all 4 seasons for the next month we know that River Run will be looking good for the fun summer events right around the corner!

Ride with SummitCove for the MS150

MS150 Bike Ride

We are excited to spend a couple of days on our road bikes for the MS150 and would like to invite all of you to join our team, the “SummitCove Sleepers” on June 26 and 27, 2010. What could be more fun than peddling 75 miles on Sat, enjoying a spaghetti dinner and a beer or two, then getting back in the saddle to peddle 75 miles back? We know it sounds hard, but it’s really nothing compared to a day of skiing the Outback at Keystone. To join our team go to the SummitCove Sleepers page. We will host a fundraiser event or two in Keystone and coordinate a couple of training rides along the way. See you on the road!

Keystone Gondola Expansion

After years of sepculation and rumors, Vail Resorts announced today that Keystone Resort will build a new 8 passenger gondola to replace the existing gondola in River Run Village in Keystone Resort. Undoubtedly, this will make real estate prices bump up accordingly at The Springs and Red Hawk Lodge in River Run Village since the base of the gondola will be moved into the Hunki Dori parking lot between the two condo complexes. How much remains to be seen. This of course is exactly what Keystone has needed for years and will prove to make Keystone Resort a bigger and better destination ski resort than it already is.
New River Run Gondola will replace the existing six-passenger gondola with upgraded features, mid-station loading and unloading and relocating the bottom terminal into River Run Village.

KEYSTONE, Colo. — Dec. 21, 2007— Today, Keystone announced plans to install a new state-of-the-art eight-passenger gondola to replace the current six-passenger River Run Gondola for the 2008-2009 ski and snowboard season. A key component of the plan includes moving the bottom terminal of the new River Run Gondola into the River Run Village, significantly enhancing the guest experience for both River Run destination guests as well as day visitors parking at the River Run Village, by making access to the gondola easier.

According to Pat Campbell, chief operating officer for Keystone, the new state-of-the-art River Run Gondola represents the first step in future development for Keystone.

“Our mission at Keystone is to provide our guests an exceptional experience,” Campbell said. “The new River Run Gondola will represent the most significant on-mountain project at Keystone since the opening of the Outback Mountain in 1990 and will be the largest on-mountain project for Vail Resorts next year.”

The upgraded River Run Gondola will follow the same alignment as the existing gondola with the top terminal located in the same location at the summit of Dercum Mountain. A new mid-station will be constructed halfway up Dercum Mountain with loading and unloading in both directions, giving skiers and snowboarders an option to access the upper trails from mid-mountain and to download at the end of their ski day.

The new base area terminal will be proximate to two Vail Resorts real estate development sites, which will allow for new development at River Run tied directly to the new gondola access onto the mountain.

“We’re making a deliberate decision to upgrade the guest experience by significantly shortening the walk to the new gondola from the village or parking lot, improving access to the mountain and increasing the capacity of the gondola,” Campbell said. “Keystone plans to purchase a state-of-the-art gondola from Doppelmayr that utilizes the latest drive technology and is expected to be 30 to 40 percent more energy efficient than other modern ski chairlifts or gondolas.”

According to Campbell, the new cabins were designed with passenger comfort in mind with floor-to-ceiling windows providing the best possible view and with room to accommodate skis and snowboards inside the cabin. Additionally, the new gondola will offer level walk-in heated load and unload stations to provide convenient access for wheelchairs, mountain bikes, strollers, sight seers, mountaintop tubing hill guests and night-time dining guests.

With a vertical rise of 2,307 feet and a top-to-bottom average trip time of less than 12 minutes, the new eight-passenger River Run Gondola will transport about 2,400 people per hour, more than twice the current level. Keystone plans to operate the new River Run Gondola winter and summer.

Construction for the gondola is expected to begin April 2008 with a planned opening for the 2008-2009 ski and snowboard season.

In the second phase of this project, a new skier bridge will be constructed to replace the current pedestrian bridge, which will allow guests to ski directly from the mountain into a newly enhanced skier plaza and skier services area in the River Run Village. The enhanced skier plaza and skier services area and the new skier bridge are slated for completion during the summer of 2009.

For more information about Keystone and the new River Run Gondola project, visit

Keystone Colorado Gondola Speculation

What does the new gondola move mean for Keystone Ski Resort Real Estate?

Friday, December 21st, 2007 was the official announcement of the installation of a new gondola at the base of Keystone Resort River Run Village. The replacement of the gondola in River Run marks a defining moment in Keystone Colorado with years of expansion and development to come. The current 6 person gondola will be replaced with a high speed 8 person gondola, which will help move more people up the mountain in less time than ever before.

One of the most interesting things about the moving and upgrade of the gondola is how it might possibly play into a master plan of the Keystone Resort Area. As we all know, the motives behind moving ski lifts costing millions of dollars are behind closed the corporate doors of Vail Resorts, Inc. It is interesting that Vail Resorts would choose to spend so much money moving a gondola only a few hundred feet. What exactly is the benefit to spending so much money in order to gain 2 more spots per tram car and making it obviously closer to River Run Village?


Keystone Colorado Gondola Possibilities

A quick glance at a map of creates some interesting possibilities for the Keystone Ski Resort area. The yellow dot represents the loading station proposed. The 2 red lines drawn show a possible surface gondola that has been rumored in recent years to the Lakeside Village and Keystone Conference Center. It is not known exactly where the terminal station would be for that possible lift. By moving the gondola, this puts a direct line to the Keystone Lakeside Village without interfering with existing buildings and land. All lift towers could be installed in natural wetlands with little or no impact to wildlife. It has been rumored at HOA meetings for various condo complexes recently that environmental impact studies have been completed to asses the feasibility of such a project.

Even more compelling is the fact that there have also been rumors in HOA meetings of opening new terrain near the Keystone Lakeside Village. Why is the concentration of activity located around Keystone Lake? Simply put, the Keystone Conference Center is a huge draw for conventions and visitors since it one of the most unique and nicest places in Colorado to hold a conference or meeting. With activities for everyone, it is an attractive place for conventions, weddings and professional conferences for all industries and would easily complete the one place in Keystone that is “stranded” by itself, relying on shuttle transportation to get people to the ski slopes. It is possible in the next 10-15 years to have new ski terrain also opened near the Keystone Gulch area. It is possible that new lift could be constructed from what is now known as the Argentine Building at the Keystone Lakeside Village up into the nearby hills, all connected by a surface lift to River Run Village. Keep in mid that THIS IS ALL SPECULATION AND BASED COMPLETELY DEDUCTIVE REASONING AND WORD OF MOUTH AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

The only missing piece to the puzzle is how the Mountain House base area might tie into a master planned Keystone Ski Resort. As seen on the map, the possibility of a surface lift along the wetlands presents the possibility that there could be a loading station at the Mountain House area. Preliminary plats of a new Mountain House base area have been submitted to Summit County, Colorado and can be seen below on the map. While no loading station for a surface lift exists in that plan, it is entirely possible to tie in such a station and create an overall master plan for all major base areas of Keystone.

This is all exciting for property values and new development in the Keystone Resort area. While it will take many years to see how this speculation all plays out in the real world, it leaves little doubt that the proposed changes present a unique investment opportunity in Keystone Resort Colorado.

By far one of the best things about the move of the gondola in River Run is the investment opportunity in Keystone Resort. In 2007, overall property appreciation rates in Keystone Resort realized over a 30% gain. While this trend is unlikely to keep the same pace in coming years, it is showing no signs of slowing down and the news of the new gondola is likely to help keep this rate from dropping very far in the near future even with the slowdown of the US economy.

The best properties in Keystone Resort to see an immediate gain are obviously The Springs and Red Hawk Lodge. Anyone who already owns in either of these buildings is sitting on a great investment opportunity and should stay put. Other affected buildings include Black Bear Lodge and Jack Pine Lodge. The move will greatly increase property prices in these 2 lodges since these properties will have the greatest benefit to the moving of the gondola. Overall, River Run as a whole looks to benefit greatly from the exciting news of the gondola.

If the scenario of this new move of the gondola plays out to include a surface lift to the Lakeside Village in Keystone, there is further investment opportunity near Keystone Lake. Since preliminary plans have already been submitted to Summit County for a remodel of the Mountain House area, it is likely that the Mountain House project would take precedence, but the possibility of connecting River Run and The Keystone Lakeside Village cannot be ignored even if it is a possible long range plan.

Where ever you decide to look for your next investment opportunity in Keystone Resort, anywhere is safe bet that you’ll gain over the long term. Short term bets are central to River Run Village and long term opportunities exist in the Lakeside Village area of Keystone Ski Resort. Changes are coming to Keystone Colorado and it is an exciting place to look for investment opportunities in the years to come…especially when the downtrend of major metro areas seem to catch today’s headlines on a daily basis.