A Message from our General Manager

Being the General Manager of SummitCove has really opened my eyes to what a great group of people can accomplish when given the tools and space to get the job done with a clear mission from the leadership.  We have changed to be better, better to our guests, better to our owners, and better to our team members!  Over the years we have really been able to expand the services we offer to our home owner clients.  What we do every day is very simple, our job is to make people happy, make our guest happy, make our owners happy, and make our team members happy.  Luckily we get to live in a place where most people pay to visit while we do that.


We manage several hundred properties that accommodate over 2,000 adults a night.  This makes our actual operations fairly complex.  Knowing that our property owners have a choice in who manages their property has also kept us motivated to constantly improve our services and grow the value we offer.  This is what makes the job of being the best property management company so exciting!  We are only able to do this by having a great team of people on our side.


We are able to become better by breaking our job down into several specialty areas including; marketing, sales, guests services, owner services, maintenance, housekeeping, accounting, HR and executive teams.  We align the teams with our central vision of providing the best service we can to our customers no matter how we interact with them in our individual teams, then we take each teams piece of the puzzle and allow the team to determine their own goals and missions, the executive team just needs to make sure everything we do is in alignment with our overall company goals and to keep reminding everyone of our values and goals.


I believe that the people in charge of making the customers experience amazing should also help decide what services we offer in customers, that decision should not be made solely by me, or our accounting team.  Now clearly we need to make sure we have a plan to pay for the services we offer but it is very important that decision is not made at the cost of providing excellent service.  That is the one mistake so many of our competitors make in Summit County, closing at 5pm is easy and affordable, but when our guests drive across the country for 12 hours, being open is the easiest thing we can do, and it is the right thing to do.


Remaining focused on providing better customer services to our guests, owners, and team members first is how we make decisions on what we do and how we do it.   Weekly our teams sit together to talk about what their team is working on to make their experience better.  We focus on what is important first, then figure out how our teams can work better together to improve that service.


This system does not work if one person tries to work alone.  This system only works when our teams work together.  For example, our sales team gets a call and one of our guests wants to be able to check in early, they will be driving overnight and hoping to get in early, we want them to get in early but we have a guest that is checking out the same day so we have to work together.  Luckily at 6am the departing guest is headed home early, they swing by the front desk and let us know everything was great but they need to beat Denver traffic to make it home on time.  Our guest services team communicates directly with housekeeping letting them know they can get an early start on this property and we can start cleaning before our normal check out time, our housekeeping team reports any damages or maintenance issues before our cleaning is completed, our maintenance team is able to make the repairs early, and our guests are able to check in early to a property that is very clean and in good working order!  This is the behind the scenes teamwork that can make magic happen every day.


We train our team to never say no without offering alternatives. We want to think about how can we offer more services that our guests want?  Learning that as a team in the hospitality industry, it is our job to learn how to say yes, or find ways to make people happy.  We have a large, highly skilled, very caring team of proud individuals, we just need to make sure they have the tools to do the right thing for our customers.

I could not be more proud of the team we have and the services we are able to offer our clients. I look forward to the opportunity to earn  your business every day.


I look forward to serving you.


Tyson Horner

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