Group Lodging in a Private Home Rental

Planning a vacation for a large group can take quite a bit of time as well as knowledge of the area you’re going to. When planning a large group vacation, you’ll definitely want to consider where you want to stay, whether it be in a hotel, condo or a large, private home rental in Keystone. All of these offer benefits to a group, however the best option is typically for everyone to stay in one place. This makes group activities much easier and gives everyone in the group a headquarters or meeting place before/after activities throughout your vacation.

Rent this private home in Keystone Colorado

Rent this private home in Keystone Colorado

Often times with group lodging in a large home, you’ll get more room for your money. Large homes often provide bigger bedrooms and family/living areas than typical hotel rooms or condos. Most of the time you’re able to sleep more people for less money per person. Not only will you have more space for everyone, but you’ll have a great gathering place for meals, games and sharing stories of the day, and memories together. Enjoy the comforts of being at home with your group while you’re on vacation in Keystone. Typically, they have some wonderful amenities too, such as private hot tubs, plenty of parking, multiple living areas, garage space and more.

If you need a couple of homes right near each other, that’s no problem either. Call SummitCove today 877-250-7750 and talk to a representative that will help find the perfect home(s) for your group’s vacation in Keystone!

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