Tips for Planning a Group Trip to Keystone Resort

Planning a group trip to Keystone?


Traveling with a large group can mean big discounts…especially when it comes to Keystone Colorado Skiing.

Planning a winter ski vacation to Keystone occasionally involves planning for a large group of people.  Traveling with friends, neighbors and family can make for the vacation of a lifetime, but it also requires some extra planning.   There are many positives to traveling with a large group, and one of the most important is that it can help you to save money!  Here are a few points to keep things simple as you begin planning your travels to Keystone Resort:

Appoint a Group Leader

Choosing a contact person for your group is important for concentrating all of your research and information, and avoiding duplicate inquiries. Create a list of questions that you need answers to. For example,  lift ticket prices, lodging research and airline pricing, and then make just one person responsible for each of those categories.  If it is possible for your group to agree to a budget right away, consider having your point person finalize the sale once they find what you are looking for.  It will reduce the amount of follow up, and help you to avoid missing out on the perfect property or the best flight times.  It may also be helpful to schedule a meeting to discuss the options and finalize your decisions as a group.


Keys to Planning

It is helpful to decide ahead of time if there are specific needs that your group can’t budge on, and what areas you may have more flexibility with.  Planning in advance can be very helpful in terms of getting what you want as a group.  When you begin planning, the key is knowing your ideal dates of travel and whether you have any alternative dates.  If you have the ability to change your dates by a day or two, it can open up new possibilities for lodging or savings.  Discounts may be available for lodging or other services like dining, airline, or even lift tickets if you choose less busy dates or less popular times.  At SummitCove, we are happy to help you look at options that you may not have even considered in order to get you the lodging property that best meets your needs!


Group Pricing

While it is not always possible, it is well worth it for you to ask for a group discount.  At SummitCove, we offer various specials and discounts for groups, and we can match you to the best program available.  Some groups are more comfortable with one large property from our private home collection, while others prefer the opportunity to split into multiple condos in the same building or neighborhood.  Tell your property manager what you are looking for, and make sure that you understand all of the options available to accommodate your group.  Discounts can also be applied in other areas of your travel.  Contact the resort’s ticket office for information about group lift tickets.  A group of people can give the resort an opportunity to sell meals, drinks, lessons, and gear, so it is almost always to their advantage (and yours) to accommodate group pricing.


Once all of your planning is done, relax and look forward to the champagne snow and soaking in a hot tub under the mountain stars!   Contact a SummitCove Group Vacation Coordinator today to learn more about group lodging in Keystone!

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