Homeowner’s Series Event!

Homeowner HealthQuest Series

Keystone Neighbourhood Company Homeowners are invited to attend a series of social events (meant to say “thank you”) and allow them an opportunity to meet their neighbors at a relaxed and fun, private event.  All Keystone Neighbourhood Company Homeowners are welcome!  You must present your KNC Homeowner pass to attend.  If you have not received your pass, you can pick one up at the first event.  Each pass entitles you and a guest to attend each Homeowner HealthQuest Series Event for FREE.

August 8, 2010: Exploring Local Wines

Join us on a quest for wine wellness with an afternoon wine tasting featuring D’Vine Wine.  The wine sampling begins at 2:30 PM at Warren Station at Keystone.  Later, you can stay for a special chamber concert entitled “Hands” featuring Chas Wetherbee and Carpe Diem.  The concert begins at 4:00 PM at the Warren Station at Keystone and is FREE for all.  This special engagement concert features the Vivaldi Four Seasons and much more.

September 4, 2010: Tai Chi for Everyone

Join us on a quest for spiritual health with a morning of relaxation and meditation as we explore the meditative world of Tai Chi.

There are more events to be scheduled throughout the year and Homeowners please feel free to attend these events!

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