Keystone Resort – Chocolate-Ville Village at Keystone Lodge

One really fun thing to check out while in Keystone over the holidays is the Chocolate-Ville Village display over at the Keystone Lodge.  This is a tradition that’s done every year, it’s really amazing and fun to go see.  It is a complete mountain side village scene made entirely of chocolate and sugar; over 5,000 lbs!  Some of the features include 2 working chocolate trains, a running chocolate waterfall, 2 chocolate gondolas, chocolate mountains, chocolate rocking horses… sooooo much chocolate!  It even includes a white Chocolate Christmas tree, made from over 700 lbs of Belgian White Chocolate!  So be sure to check out this sweet treat when you are here.  Now if only you were allowed to take a bite…!




Photos from a visit on December 23rd 2010

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