Marketing- The Secret to Your Success

With almost a 50% returning guest rate, our ultimate marketing goal is to earn a guest’s business the first time and then keep them for a lifetime. By providing exceptional guest services and having the cleanest and best maintained properties in Keystone, we strive to make our guests look forward to staying with us every time they visit Keystone. We know that if we can make their experience great, they will continue to book with us every time instead of shopping around for the lowest rates. We have also implemented a guest loyalty program, SummitCove Yeti Tracks, to reward our return guest for staying with us and motivate them to stay with us again.

Our website is highly optimized to show up organically in all of the Keystone related web searches. In a world where content is king, we work hard to have a great website, with all of the information a guest needs regarding a Keystone vacation with fresh, up to date content. We also use paid online advertising to extend our reach even further. Through our vast online reach, we encourage direct bookings on our website, straying away from third parties as much as possible, extending a bigger bottom line for our homeowners and a better value for our guests.

We are a high-tech company and strongly believe in both innovation and automation. We are constantly looking for ways to get better at what we do, whether it be a new software system, a more efficient process or just a new tool, we continue to test new ideas and think outside of the box to get results.

SummitCove Lodging is a small business and we take pride in our community. We work hard to create lasting relationships with other local businesses like us in our community to enhance our guests experiences even more with added value and offers. Our staff is actively involved in a number of local charities and volunteer events throughout the year, whether it’s supporting holiday food drives, cleaning up the highway, serving food at a community dinner, donating to local auctions, and more.

SummitCove is one of the main lodging sponsors of all of the great Keystone festivals and events. Our partnership with the Keystone Neighborhood Company allows us to be present at these events and to get in front of all the attending guests and hopefully they will call us on their next visit to Keystone. They are also a great resource for our wedding and group business.

We are more than just a lodging and property management company. We provide our guests with an experience, a lasting memory, a lifestyle – something that will last much longer than their stay. We use our social media outlets to build a community for our guests who share a common love of Keystone and the mountains and continue to build our brand. Recently recognized with ‘OUTSIDE’s Best Place to Work’ award, we know that happy employees equal a successful business. Every team member plays a crucial part in our overall success.

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