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Owner Services Mission: To provide unparalleled communication, clear details, and always up-to-date information for our team, owners and guests.  Why? Communication is the lifeblood of trust and trust is the lifeblood of partnership.


The SummitCove Owner Services team was created to provide unparalleled service to the homeowners that we partner with here in Keystone, Colorado. Each owner we partner with has different goals, needs and ideas and we work to create an environment where each owner feels confident of how their investment is being managed.


What does the Owner Services Team do? We communicate. Whether we are sending newsletters, writing emails, calling or meeting face to face, we are here to communicate. Throughout the year we send monthly newsletters that detail our current goals and processes as well as provide information on the market trends and resort status. And with a quick and responsive email system, live chat and a dedicated phone line for our homeowners, each owner is confident of asking any question and being responded to in a timely manner.


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    Communication from the Owner Services Team works much like the spokes of a wheel. Not only do we communicate frequently with our homeowners, but we are the hub of communication to every other SummitCove team as we manage each property to the specifications of that property. We have five other dedicated teams at SummitCove, each of which contributes to the success of our homeowners. Communication with each of these teams regarding the maintenance, housekeeping, guest service, sales and marketing of each property is essential for their success as well as our homeowners.


    SummitCove maintains an owner-centric mentality, giving owners flexibility on the use of their property and encouraging owner involvement on the upkeep and upgrading of their properties. We are, after all, a partnership on the investment of each property for mutual benefit of the owner, guest and SummitCove. Our owner services team ensures the partnership works for the best interest of both the homeowner and SummitCove.


    The Owner Services Team also works to increase the breadth of the partnerships with owners in Keystone, Colorado. Not only does this increase the benefit of increased marketing and property exposure, but it also creates an environment of efficiency and growth for each department, in turn giving each owner better services and success.


    Communication is the lifeblood of trust. And trust is the lifeblood of partnership. Our partnership with our homeowners is vital to the success of their investment and our services.

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