Buying a Vacation Property FAQ

Q: I am looking to buy an investment property in Keystone. Where should I buy?
A: This truly depends on your goals for your property. We rent properties near the slopes as well as further west near the golf courses. Our experience indicates that quality condos closer to the ski lifts generally have more rental potential than those further away. But regardless of location, the biggest factor in being able to rent your property is ensuring that it is updated with quality furnishings and decor. The more nicely updated your property is, with high quality furnishings and desired amenities, the better we will be able to attain your rental goals. Checkout some of our Top Rental Properties here. We are happy to schedule an appointment to speak with you in person or by phone to provide the best information. We can help assist you by providing things like property rental projections, HOA costs, top buildings, and finding properties that meet your wants as a homeowner. Please give us a call any day of the week and we will be happy to provide as much information as we can.

Q: Where do you manage properties?

A: We are exclusively at Keystone Resort and manage properties at almost every complex and in every neighborhood in Keystone.  Since we are exclusive to Keystone, we are experts in the area and have years of experience from managing properties here for over 20+ years.

Q: Tell me about taxes.  How does that all work?

A: SummitCove will collect and pay all state and local sales and lodging taxes for you as part of our management.  There is no need for you to obtain a sales tax license.  With regards to income taxes, SummitCove will send out monthly statements and also send a year-end IRS Form 1099-MISC so that the income can be reported to the IRS.

Q:  How far in advance to I need to reserve my own property as an owner?

A:  As long as the dates are open, you have the ability to put a reservation in our system as little as 24 hours before your arrival.  If it is under 24 hours, we just request that you call us so we can be sure your property is clean and inspected prior to your occupancy. You can also reserve your property for yourself years in advance.  If you know you want to spend every Christmas in your property, you are welcome to create your standing reservation. We don't limit your reservations.

Q:  Can I market my own property?

 A:  Yes! We consider this a partnership and welcome our owners to help with marketing, particularly word of mouth advertising.  We will take care of other advertising channels such as HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB and hundreds of others.  The best way for you to market is to share, share, share! Tell your friends, extended family, neighbors, and teachers about Keystone and your property.  Extend a small Friends and Family discount.  Follow us on social media and share our posts and tag us in your own posts about Keystone. Also, share your listing page on your own social media.  

Q:  How can I make sure my property performs as best it can?

A:  Keep your property updated and in great condition.  Buy new furnishings, keep the clutter down to a minimum on shelves and bookshelves.  Remodel areas that are not amazing and continuously improve your property and replace items that need replacing. Make sure you have a king bed in the master and tv's in the bedrooms.  Give it a fresh coat of paint. Invest in a few luxury items like a bigger tv, lamps with built in charging stations and stock your kitchen above and beyond. People want to stay in places nicer than home and if you give a guest that experience, they will come back again and again.

Q:  Can I clean my own property after I use it?

A.  No.  We have cleaning standards in place and unfortunately cannot rely on every owner to meet those standards.  However, you will find our cleaning prices competitive and worth being able to leave and not have to clean up at all.

Q: What is your management fee?

A. You will find we are on the lower end of fees of the management options available in Keystone, ranging from 25 - 35%.  We have a few different program options to choose from based on what you are looking for.  Contact us to get further details!

Q:  What other costs are there to having my property managed?

A:  The costs are pretty minimal.  SummitCove will perform annual deep cleanings, dry cleaning of comforters, washing of blankets, preventative maintenance checks, restocking of kitchen utensils, dishes, etc, and annual lock service if you have an electronic lock on your property.  It sounds like a huge amount, but this is all in an effort to keep your property in what we call 'First Class Rentable Condition', meaning a property that looks great, has modern updates and everything is exceptionally clean and in good working condition.  There is a small, per-bedroom setup fee when you come on to our program to cover the costs associated with startup such as professional photos and more. The annual cost will typically run 2-3% of the rental income, but is billed by parts and labor only and is not a percentage of your rental income.  If you live locally and keep your property in updated condition and fix things when you visit yourself, annual costs will be less.

Q: What do I need to know about Short Term Rental Permits?

A: Keystone does require (STR) permits and we will take care of renewing them for you annually once you are on our rental program.

Q: How are you different?

A: Our main goal is to have the cleanest and best maintained properties in Colorado, while providing excellent service to all those we work with. Our homeowner contract is simple and transparent. We are a LOCAL company that has operated for over 20 years, exclusively at Keystone Resort. Read more about why you should choose to work withSummitCove Property Management here.

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