Neighborhoods of Keystone

Keystone is comprised of several distinct neighborhoods and characterized throughout them by differing types of properties and amenities. Each area is unique and has it’s own merits and is desirable in it’s own right

East Keystone

One of the most alluring locations is the East Keystone area. There are several subdivisions with some of the newest townhomes, houses and condos in the Keystone Area. The area is comprised of several subdivisions of townhomes built within the last 20 years. There is the classically elegant Ski Tip Ranch, with large floorplans and private garages regardless of whether the townhome has 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. Common area hot tubs and easy access to the Ski Tip Lodge are other features. Trappers Crossing provides the most affordable East Keystone location, but boasts generous floorplans and a very quiet location. The brand new in 2014-15 Alders Townhomes are sure to amaze with their ultra modern and comfortable layouts with a classic mountain feel. Last but not least, the flagship of East Keystone is the acclaimed Settlers Creek Townhomes and Estates. Complete with all modern equipment and plenty of storage, these properties are further enhanced by the Minnie’s Cabin, Pool and Hot Tub area which draws renters all by itself!

River Run Village

The River Run Village is one of the most sought after locations in Summit County, let alone Keystone Resort. River Run Village plays host to 14 different Condo Buildings, a score of Townhomes, and over a dozen private homes. When someone searches for rental properties in Keystone, River Run tends to be synonymous with a search for lodging. The ski in/out properties within Lone Eagle and the Timbers are the upper end of Keystone. Sporting outstanding amenities and an unbeatable location they rival even the best properties at resorts such as Breckenridge and Vail. The Springs at River Run is without a doubt the Most unique building in Keystone and a favorite of families. Red Hawk Lodge and Red Hawk Townhomes offer quieter versions of the primary locations of river run. Expedition Station, Buffalo, Silver Mill, Dakota, Black Bear, and Jack Pine Lodges provide the bulk of the buildings within River Run and form the Nexus of the Village. Each building has unique amenities and caters to many different personal preferences. River Bank and Mill Creek tend to cater to vastly different customers but sit directly next to one another. Regardless of your property desire, you will be able to find it in River Run Village!

Mountain House

The Mountain House base area is the older of the two main base areas in Keystone, and while not as busy as the River Run base, it provides a much more easily accessible way to get up the hill, as the Peru lift tends to be far less crowded. The Discovery Learning Area is a model of excellence for learn to ski programs, and there are several walking distance lodges to this base area. If you want to be close to the slopes without the hustle and bustle, the Mountain House base area is the go to base.

North Keystone

This is the area referred to as basically everything which is situated north of Highway 6. Many of these buildings tend to be a bit older in age although many are also updated internally, making for a great quality option with a lower price and much more space. Many of the buildings and developments in the North Keystone area are serviced by the Keystone shuttle as well making for easy transportation to and from the mountain. The views from properties in the North Keystone area also tend to be among the best in Keystone. Overlooking either Keystone Resort or Lakeside Village, many have a view of the 10-mile range or the Continental Divide.

West Keystone

This area of Keystone is typically the most budget friendly area, not by virtue of the quality of the properties, or distance to the mountain or even the age of the buildings, but rather because of a combination of the 3 aforementioned items. West Keystone is the oldest area as far as the buildings are concerned. However, as is with any older property, as long as it is updated, it will perform well regardless. Many properties, while suffering from being some distance from the slopes are benefitted by having impressively large layouts and access to fantastic amenities or views. Another plus of West Keystone is the quietness of the location, far from the bustle of the base areas, this area provides close proximity to everything with the feeling of really being away from the busy areas.

Keystone Ranch

The Keystone Ranch can lay claim to some of the most desirable houses in Keystone or Summit County for that matter. Tucked away behind Summit Cove, and situated between Keystone’s 2 acclaimed, award winning golf courses, the Keystone Ranch feels like it is hundreds of miles away from civilization with all the comforts of home. If you love the peace and quiet, come see the ranch in the summer or the winter, you will almost certainly love it!

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