Own a Property? Our Vacation Rental Management Services

SummitCove is Keystone’s premier vacation rental management company. We would like to introduce a few things about our company. 

You can also download the SummitCove Homeowner Brochure for additional information.

SummitCove’s Reputation

SummitCove has been in business since 2001. We have worked hard to position our company as number 1 with a single goal of simply doing what we say we will do and following through to completion. It seems like a simple concept, but in today’s world, the follow through tends to be forgotten. We have built a solid reputation in our community as the premier vacation rental management company in Keystone. We are the only company that does comprehensive background checks on all of our employees prior to hiring to ensure that only trustworthy people are taking care of your home.

Personal Service

Communication and responsiveness is key to ensuring we have great relationships with our property owners. Our owner services department is available 365 days per year to answer questions and our system of tracking conversations to ensure no detail or email gets dropped is unmatched.

SummitCove Lodging Website

Through SummitCove’s comprehensive website, booking a vacation is extremely easy. Visitors can easily search, save favorite properties, share those properties with friends, view professional photos and videos of properties, and book online instantly. We spend thousands of hours each year making sure that SummitCove.com is in the top of all search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Go ahead….search for lodging in Keystone Resort, and you’ll find our website on the first page of the search results every single time! What does this all mean? Easy. Revenue for your property.


SummitCove started by having one of the first websites with real time online booking capability in the vacation rental industry. We love technology and the different methods we can connect with our guests. We manage all e-marketing aspects from social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. We also manage online reviews for all properties, listings on AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway and over 1000 different advertising channels to ensure that your property is found quickly and easily by guests.

Owner Website

As an owner, you can login to your own website and see the performance of your property instantly. Make reservations, check availability, request maintenance, and connect with our owner services team.

Rental Pricing

Rental pricing fluctuates depending on demand. We have years of experience and data that helps us optimize the nightly rental rates for your property to maximize revenue. Much like airlines change their pricing by the minute based on demand, our pricing system automatically adjusts pricing according to upticks during high occupancy time frames. Sure – it’s easy to sell deep discounts and be booked solid before ski season starts, but if you are patient and have the experience, you can rent less nights at a high price and end up with more revenue and far less wear and tear on a property.

Guest Services

Your tenants are our guests and our commitment to making sure they come back again is how everyone wins. Since we started, we have a repeat guest rate of over 49% with an industry average of less than 20%. From the first time a guest visits our website or makes a phone call, our #1 goal is to gain that guest as a repeat guest again in the future. We have over 18 touchpoints with guests before, during, and after their stay to ensure that they are comfortable, enjoying their stay, and to solidify a repeat visit in the near future. Guest services is available 24/7 during the ski season and during the peak times in the summer season. This is not just a person “on call” and groggy from waking up in the middle of the night, but an employee on the clock, working, and ready to help in a moments notice. Nobody else in Keystone offers this service.

Home Services

Our goal is to have the cleanest and best maintained properties in Colorado. We ensure that goal is met by spending hundreds of hours each year on training each housekeeper, inspector, maintenance technician, vacation planner, and guest services specialist on every aspect of your property and reporting the slightest issue if they find one. As a homeowner, you rely on your management company to be the eyes and ears on the ground for your property. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly and we are proud to say that we achieve our goal of having the cleanest and best maintained properties in Colorado every single day.

Annual Property Evaluations (QAC)

Annually, we go through every single property with a fine-tooth comb to check and update basic inventory and do a comprehensive maintenance check. When a guest stays in your property, they want it to be well stocked, and well maintained. They want place to call home that is comfortable and they don’t want to call us for something simple like a new spatula. When a guest stays at a property that is clean, well maintained, and has everything they need to cook and enjoy their stay, they turn into a repeat guest in the future…which means more business and revenue for you!

Maintenance Services

SummitCove has an in-house maintenance team that can handle anything. These are not contractors, but highly skilled trained employees of SummitCove who have undergone specific training not only in technical repair skills, but also customer service to make sure guests are comfortable and happy.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeepers are SummitCove’s rock stars! This is not a joke. We spend thousands of hours annually training our housekeepers to our cleanliness standards. Cleanliness standards? Yes – we are the only company in Keystone that has a complete training program for our housekeepers including classroom and in-property training before they are allowed to clean any of our properties. To keep our housekeepers accountable, we have in-house inspectors that check every single cleaning to make sure each property is perfect every time. If the inspector finds an issue, the housekeeper is notified and if they are notified multiple times they go back to training. Our housekeepers are our rock stars because we can do everything right for your guest, but if the property is not clean, nothing else matters.

Management Fees

SummitCove is compensated on commission, meaning that if we don’t perform for you, we don’t make any money. This literally comes down to a “pay for performance” business structure. We use this because it forces us to be accountable and perform and we cannot become complacent and just get a paycheck without working. Beware of companies that guarantee revenue on your property. This tends to shift the focus of the property manager from high quality services to a “get head in beds” focus, creating huge amounts of wear and tear on your property in exchange for company profit. Our focus is quality services for owners and guests, high rates, less wear and tear, and a long term business relationship.

Wear & Tear vs. Damage

Renting a property is a risk. However, with SummitCove you can minimize your risk greatly. Our guests are screened by age, and if a guest has caused intentional damage in the past, they are not welcome back. Keystone is a family friendly resort, and the rate of damage to properties is less than 0.1%. In fact, industry studies have shown that a property renting in a short term rental program will be in better shape after 1 year than a property rented to a long term tenant. Wear and tear will happen to a property. Carpets will get stained, walls will get dents from ski boots and luggage, and pots and pans will need to be replaced. Our housekeeping, maintenance, and owner services teams ill let you know if any wear and tear items will need to be replaced soon and make suggestions for replacement. Keeping your property in top shape will keep your revenue stream steady year over year.

Damage Guarantee

Accidents happen. Wine spills on carpets, kids spill juice, people drop dishes. We offer a damage protection program and we will pay for accidental damages to your property by a paying guest up to $500 per reservation. Wear and tear items are not included in this program. Over the years, we have replaced patio doors, flat screen TVs throw pillows, comforters, sofas, and much more all due to accidental damage by guests. We want you to feel safe renting your property and our commitment is to remove as much risk as possible for you.

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