Professional Maintenance

Do it Right the First Time

One of the most important aspects of property management is keeping all properties in ideal working order, and when things do need to be repaired they are repaired in a timely and effective manner. Many management companies contract out labor like this to expensive contractors or have maintenance techs who are inexperienced and do not do quality work. Our in house maintenance staff collectively has nearly 50 years of experience in Keystone Resort alone and know that if a job is to be done, it is to be done right the first time.


We handle everything from drywall and paint to appliance repairs as well as some plumbing and electrical work.


Our techs always make sure that photos are taken so that we have before and after information to share with owners.  Our maintenance techs pride themselves on leaving properties better than they found them and ensuring that owners are satisfied with the work completed. They contact our homeowner reps when they encounter issues so that your rep can go over possible solutions with you. Sometimes repair makes sense, other times replacement makes more sense.


Maintenance techs also perform a segment of our  annual Quality Assurance Check to ensure that everything in your property is in excellent working condition prior to the next season. They check the operation of the appliances, the condition of bathrooms and bedrooms, and repair and replace items as necessary. These highly detailed checks help to ensure that all properties are in rental ready condition at the beginning of every ski season.


Most importantly, our team is as friendly as can be and very approachable when you do run into them. They will happily answer any any questions you might have, and can arrange to have work orders entered or set up appointments to meet with you to work on any maintenance issues. Whether you are hanging a TV or replacing a hot water heater, our maintenance techs are able to handle just about anything!

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