Why update your vacation rental?

Guests expectations are changing. They are becoming more sophisticated, demanding and harder to please, and as owners you need to be constantly upgrading, improving and one step ahead of the competition to keep occupancy up and reviews positive.


Any realtor will tell you what upgrades will yield the best return on your investment when you sell a property, they will almost always tell you to focus your remodeling efforts on the kitchen and bathrooms.

Making improvements on a rental property can also help you with a great return on your investment. Every upgrade that you make will allow both you and your guests feel more comfortable and at home in your property.

Upgrades will capture the attention of prospective renters and give your home a wider appeal. Not only do guests appreciate upgrades, but it also helps them to see the care and attention that you have put into your property. Guests that connect emotionally to your property can become repeat visitors who may recommend your property to even more potential visitors.

The following are among the most common suggestions and requests from guests:

  1. Add flat screen tvs in every room. You can mount them on the wall to create more space for your guests. The cable box can also go onto a mounted glass shelf which gives the area a clean and orderly look.  Our maintenance team can help give your tv a very sleek look by hiding the wires inside of the walls.

  2. Consider replacing your bedding every two to three years. Replace your outdated or worn comforters, bed skirts, and decorative pillows with fresh, relaxing or brightly colored accents.

  3. Color is always an inexpensive way to update and brighten your property. Accent colors photograph well, and make your property stand out among the competition. Deep, rich colors also photograph well, and make the property appear more desirable on listings and in advertisements.

  4. Please resist the temptation to use second hand furniture. Consider spending on a quality sofa sleeper that will be comfortable to the guest, and hold up over time.  This will increase your sleeping capacity and will appeal to families with children, or large groups. If a mattress or mechanism needs replacing at any time, we work with a local company that has designed an “industrial strength” mattress that is very durable as well as comfortable.

  5. If you still have an armoire taking up a large amount of space in your bedroom, our maintenance team can cut it down and add a new top, which works wonderfully for opening up the room without losing the clothing storage space that the guests need.

  6. Common amenities that guests look for in a vacation rental include hair dryers, crock pots, blenders, pancake griddles, and ironing boards and irons, and auxiliary cords for the tv and stereo.

Even if you are not planning on a complete remodel, simply concentrating your efforts on a few key improvements can lead to cost effective ways to increase the number of rentals in your property.

The work of a professional can make all of the difference. Whether your home has 1 bedroom or sleeps 18, it can be tricky to create a cohesive look that is representative of your style. That is where an interior designer comes in. A home decorator will help distill your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the needs of your space.

Since SummitCove markets each of the properties that we manage on an individual basis, ultimately the guests chooses which decor and style that they would feel the most comfortable lodging in during their vacation.

Several companies in Summit County have been doing outstanding design work in Keystone for years with great results. We recommend you find a company with friendly staff who listens to all of your ideas to fully implement a design from idea to delivery and setup. An interior designer can help to make your vacation property appealing to more guests, and will give you the best rental potential.  Interior decorators are also expert marketers, and they are able to help with staging and presentation for photos and video tours.

Set up a personal consultation today with one of our Summit County interior design partners and find out what you can do to bring the highest possible revenue from your Keystone property.

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