The Property Owner Experience

Our teams at SummitCove have one goal when you decide to have us manage your property:  We want to manage your property for as long as you own it.   Easy to say, but very few in the vacation rental industry can deliver on this goal consistently.


Let’s take this a step further – When you start with SummitCove, you initially sign a 1 year contract, but you can decide to leave anytime for any reason, with no cost.  No catch here.  We set our business up this way back in 2001 since too many companies use binding contracts to lock in their customers instead of just providing great service.  Do you own a cell phone?  Chances are you are in a binding long term contract that you cannot cancel without a heavy financial penalty.  At SummitCove, we want to manage your property for as long as you own it by providing amazing revenue, great service to you, our property owner, and to force ourselves to be on our toes at all times, we do not lock you into a long term contract.  We literally are forced to earn your business every single month, or we lose our business.


SummitCove has a dedicated Owner Services team that manages all day-to-day questions, issues, improvements, and communication regarding a property.


Need a new flat screen ordered and installed?
Need new furniture but live 5 states away?
Need your propery painted?
Need to have a carpet installer let into your property to measure?


Our team can do any of these, quickly, easily, and professionally and you can have same day (sometimes same-hour) answers.  SummitCove uses cutting edge communication technology so that questions or issues do not get dropped and continue to give us reminders if needed.


If you are looking for a complete management solution for your property where you can be as involved or uninvolved with your property as you wish, you found the right place.  We are eager to earn your business and create a long term partnership with you.

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