Ready for some NHL Madness!

The Best Place to Watch Hockey in Keystone

Are you one of those people that needs to feed your addiction to Hockey daily and loves to be around other people who watch the “Coolest Game on Earth”?

When you find yourself in Keystone, be sure to head over to the Haywood Cafe in the Gateway Lodge right next to the Summit Cove Office.

They have the NHL Center Ice Package and get up to 40 out of market games per week! They have tons of flat screen TVs, so if your game isn’t on, the friendly staff is always happy to put it on. Also, thanks to thier individual portable speakers, you get to experience all the exciting commentary and sounds of the games, a feature not many sports bars and restaurants offer!

The Haywood is the only place in Keystone with The Center Ice Package and as a result the only place you are going to be able to watch Crosby and the Penguins, Ovechkin and the Capitals, or Kessel and the Maple Leafs on any given night! With a great selection of food and tons of drinks availiable, make the Haywood your destination for Hockey and celebratory drinks or self-pity beverages.

23110 US Hwy 6 Unit 6 Keystone, Colorado 80435
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