Garages and Parking Lot Cleaning, Maintenance and Painting Services

SummitCove Property Management offers superior garage and parking lot cleaning and maintenance. We have developed a thorough and specialized process for garage and parking lot cleaning that uses industrial machinery, we properly dispose of waste & debris, and take care of the walls and pillars in addition to the floors. Our professional crew starts by assessing the property, then develops the plans, from everything to drainage, airflow, temporary traffic floor and the mapping of the whole job. Once the floors or surface areas are clean, we then finish the job with paint and addressing walls and pillars as well. We service local Keystone Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), property managers and even private residences of Keystone homeowners.


SummitCove Professional Garage / Parking Lot Cleaning & Maintenance Process

Before We Clean

  1. Walk the property and measure the size and condition of your garage.  
  2. Understand water flow and drain systems.
  3. Devise a safe airflow plan.
  4. Develop a cleaning plan, including where we will start, finish, and work from each day.
  5. Formulate a temporary traffic map to protect all visitors and where / how we block traffic for which time periods.
  6. Prepare a detailed estimate of work.
  7. Schedule the garage cleaning and notify building managers for resident notifications.

During the Clean

  1. Block off the work zone.
  2. Protect drains from any accidental run off or sediment run off.
  3. Apply water to reduce any dust.
  4. Remove caked-on dirt and sand layer with industrial grade equipment. Cut in the garage with an industrial pressure washer with over 4,000 PSI.
  5. Dispose of the sediment and rocks and sand in the garbage, not down your drains.
  6. Apply appropriate detergents and scrub / agitate the concrete floor to help remove any stains.
  7. Extract dirty water for the floor.
  8. Treat any stains that are still visible on the concrete.
  9. Power wash and surface wash the floor, rinse your garage floor and allow to dry, using additional air movers that help to speed up the process to minimize impact to residents of the building.
  10. Share the finished work


Find out more or receive a free estimate of work by calling our services team at (970)432-8738.  We also provide a number of other housekeeping and maintenance services that may be of interest to you!

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