Realtor Assistance in Keystone Resort CO

SummitCove Property Management can assist Realtors before, during and after the close! With decades of experience, our experts can help guide you and your clients through the process of finding the best rental property for their specific goals. All properties are different, unique and perform differently based on many factors. We don’t sell real estate, but instead, we partner with real estate professionals to aid in making their clients happy! We have been able to work with various real estate professions to create a full circle relationship. Many of these folks will sell again someday. The company you recommend to manage their property and their experience will determine that full-circle business. We can provide you and your clients with information about rental performance, projections, maintenance history, HOA information, and rental demand to help narrow down properties to consider. If you have a client that is from out of town looking at properties, we can even arrange for a comp stay in the property or one that is in the building or area your buyer is considering. Our experience shows that buyers feel more confident with a purchase being able to sleep in and experience the property or similar property in a building they are looking at. We have 320 properties in every location of Keystone and are able to work with you and your client to create a level of service that ensures future business and referrals. SummitCove has the ability to be your strategic partner, working with you and or your buyer or seller to reach their goals in the most effective and efficient manner.

Keystone Property Management Services by SummitCove

Our professional services teams can also help your clients before, during or after the purchase or sale of a property. Do you need professional carpet cleaning, inspection objection repairs, appliance replacement, deep cleans or a hot tub inspection done before closing and have limited time? All customers that join SummitCove get a free deep clean on the property and maintenance inspection. We can still offer this to folks that are not sure yet, along with the option of full disinfection of the property according to CDC guidelines surrounding CoVid-19. Our team works 365 days a year and can help you get to close without delay. Many that buy a property in a condo or townhome we manage, have even had us do the inspection, along with a detailed review of the maintenance records. This saves money and time while providing them the information needed to negotiate a deal and feel comfortable about their purchase.

After your clients close, you won’t be handing them off to your competitors. We will continue to work with you and when the time comes for them to upgrade or list their Keystone property, we can aid you with in-property marketing, online listing services, rental histories, property showings and more! We understand that some buyers only have so much time to see a property and SummitCove is here to help you get to closing. Call us today to see how else SummitCove can help you!

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