Security Check & Walk Through Services in Keystone Colorado

SummitCove Property Management offers our Keystone clients peace of mind when you are not here. Our Keystone maintenance professionals can offer a customized security check and walkthrough of your vacation home in Keystone. A lot of our clients just want someone to double-check everything is okay while they are away. We understand that and we are here to help you protect your property. Our team has a standard checklist of items we look for, including the security of all windows and doors, thermostats set to the proper settings and then we can completely customize our list based on your home and your needs. Perhaps you have an older boiler system or hot water tank that needs to be used, toilets that should be flushed, heat tape activation and more; we can easily customize our walk through the security check for you.

Keystone Maintenance Services

Would you prefer us to check on your Keystone home the same day each week, or only after snow or during a cold snap weather event? SummitCove Property Management maintenance team can help. We are here in Keystone Colorado 365 days a year to help and can do what you want. We staff 24 hours a day and can respond to help you. A lot of property owners in Keystone have cold temperature alarms, but what do you do when your cold temp alarm goes off at 3AM? Call SummitCove Property Management and our 24/7/365 staff can gain access, and put in temporary heat to prevent pipes from freezing, while we may not be able to fix the issue at 3AM, we can certainly stop any more damage from occurring.

If you prefer an on-demand service, we can do that too. Obviously we need to make sure we have access to your property, but if you can provide on-demand access we offer homeowners services for one-off needs like:

  • Furniture delivery receiving
  • Handyman Services
  • Appliance Installation
  • Remodeling projects
  • Landscaping Projects
  • Snow Removal
  • Package pick up and placement in your home

We can event assist full-time Keystone residents while you are on an extended leave or vacation. We know that even though you may live an hour or two away, you want someone locally in Keystone Colorado that can be there for you when you need help – we can do that! Call your Keystone Property Management Experts today at SummitCove Property Management!