SilverMill 8182 New Property Upgrades

We are very excited to show and share with you some of the great new upgrades to Silver Mill 8182 2 Bedroom!

We encourage you to upgrade your home whenever possible as it increases demand for the property, and there is a more visual appeal to renters when viewing it on the website! We have been telling our owners this for a long time, however, when you see the end result you need to stop and celebrate!  What an awesome remodel and upgrade SilverMill 8182 just had!

What are some of the reasons to upgrade your property?  Vacation planners are more likely to choose a property that has been upgraded versus the same furnishings and decor from 15 years ago. Once they check-in for their reservation and get to their vacation home, they want to be wow-ed! They notice when a property is different than others they’ve stayed in, in the same building or area. And they are much more likely to book the same unit again!  

When our guests call us and are ready to make a reservation with our Vacation Planners, and they are narrowing down choices for their vacation, they are looking at the same photos as the guest! If a unit is upgraded and unique, guests will usually choose it over a property that has not had upgrades and does not stand out. We encourage all Owners to upgrade their homes when needed and earn more revenue due to more bookings!

Here are some comments from our vacation planners after seeing this upgrade!!

This is a lovely, cozy/modern property in SilverMill.  It has been upgraded with sleek hardwood and granite, giving it clean lines, yet offers a “luxury mountain” feel.

The TV is not above the fireplace, so you won’t strain your neck to watch a movie.  I like this because there is no other property like this one.  I recommend this above some of the other properties that still have original carpet and furniture from when the building was built!

This property looks brand new!  For a 15 year old building I would reserve this property for my family, just by how good it looks I feel like it is all new and working!

New, updated appliances and modern furnishings.  Feels so clean and new.

If our vacation planners feel this way, imagine how good our guests and potential renters will feel about reserving this property.  Our guests are willing to spend more money, stay longer, and pick your property over the one down the hall or on another listing site because WOW, who would not want to stay here!?  

This homeowner has upgraded the carpet to hardwood floors, painted, and changed the decor above the fireplace and at the kitchen bar. Please take a look at our before and after pictures on this great 2BR/2BA condo in the Silver Mill building in popular River Run!

Silvermill before upgrades

Living Room before flooring and new decor!


SilverMill Condo with new upgraded hardwoods and more!

After New Flooring and Decor Above Fireplace

Before New Decor on bar and flooring

Before New Decor on bar and flooring









After new flooring and decor

After new flooring and decor

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