Colorado Sleigh Ride Dinners with Two Below Zero

This experience is a must when vacationing in Keystone!  Two Below Zero is located in Frisco, so that is only about a 20 minute drive from Keystone.  It is a short drive and worth it! We also had a coupon from our lodging company SummitCove, so that helped with the cost.

Dinner sleigh rides in Summit County CO at Two Below Zero

We met in a little cabin at the Frisco Nordic Center and then we loaded on to our sleigh pulled by big beautiful horses.  The sleigh driver was a funny guy and provided some fun entertainment and stories. The sleigh ride was a beautiful trail through the woods and we saw several shooting stars up in the night sky!  I have never seen that many shooting stars in one place in my life! We were dressed warm but they also gave us big blankets to put over our laps, so we were plenty warm! 


Once we arrived to the cookhouse it was warm and cozy inside.  We started with some wine and then the entertainment began. Nashville born country western singer David Peel delighted us with John Denver, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson songs!  He is interactive with the guests and gets the kids on stage with him. He was a hoot and made the night memorable! The food is chuck wagon style; meat, potatoes and veggies, simple but delicious! For dessert they have yummy pie and even peppermint schnapps in hot cocoa (or without the schnapps for the kids!). They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free meals upon request.


After our bellies were full, our heads had a little buzz of wine and we had big smiles on our faces from the country western singer, we loaded back onto our sleigh and off the horses went pulling us through the forest.  Again, we saw shooting stars and there was music in the air because we sang songs with everyone in the sleigh on the way back. It was an amazing family experience and we made some new friends on this adventure too.  We will definitely be doing this again! Thanks Two Below!



A Night Under the Stars- Winter Dinner Sleigh Ride with 2 Below Zero

The SummitCove team recently had the pleasure of experiencing a dinner sleigh ride with 2 Below Zero.  We all gathered at the Frisco Nordic Center, bundled up on a chilly December night. We were all really looking forward to the dinner sleigh ride with 2 Below Zero! Check-in was easy and soon we were split up in a few different sleighs mixed in with other guests from all over the country. Our driver was friendly and the horses (mules) were big! The driver was not only cracking jokes at us the whole time, but also giving us a really good historical insight on the area. Everyone had a thick blanket to keep them warm. We enjoyed talking to the others in the group on the one mile sleigh ride to the campsite where dinner would be served in a large white canvas tent (which was heated of course!). We arrived at the tent about a half an hour later and climbed off the sleigh to go inside and warm up. As we walked into the dinner hall, we were greeted by a very friendly man on the guitar center stage. Musician David Peel played a few songs upon arrival while the wait staff (who are the wagon drivers) served hot cocoa. Adults got the pleasure of a spike of peppermint schnapps in theirs!

After everyone was settled and warming up with their cocoa, the wait staff took wine and beer orders (cash only). The first course and my favorite part of the meal was warm bread and a delicious spicy chicken soup. The main course consisted of steak, chicken, and veggies with a large baked potato, standard cookout meal, but very delicious. Dessert was a warm slice of apple pie.

Once dinner was served, the highlight of the night was the entertainment. Mr. Peel is a musician from Memphis and had some good stories to tell. He engaged the whole crowd and got everyone singing to a John Denver melody and Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. We learned that it was a family’s second time to the dinner sleigh ride and another couple’s anniversary. There was also a young birthday boy in the crowd, who got to go on stage and ride the ‘pony’. David had the whole audience engaged, singing and laughing.

Once our bellies were full and our faces hurt from laughing so much, it was time to jump back on the sleigh and head back.  The ride back was beautiful under the clear skies and we had a little time for stargazing. The dinner sleigh ride with 2 Below Zero is a splurge but well worth the money on you Keystone ski vacation. It is a memory that will last a lifetime.