Planning a Group Trip to Keystone

Planning a winter ski vacation or summer group adventure to Keystone can sometimes mean planning for a large group of people.  Whether you plan to be traveling with friends, neighbors or extended family, it can make for the vacation of a lifetime, but it also requires some extra planning and work.   There are many great things about traveling with a large group, and one of the most important is that it can help you to save money!  Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin planning your vacation to Keystone Resort.

1.   Pick Group Leaders
Choosing a main point of contact person for your group is important!  This allows you to stay organized, keeping all of your research and information in one place, avoids duplicate inquiries and just saves time overall.  Next, create a list of components that need to be handled- for example,  lift ticket prices, lodging research, activities, transportation and airline pricing, and then appoint one person to be responsible for each of those categories.

2.   Set Your Budgets, Flexibility, Must-Haves, and Would Be Nice List
Are your dates flexible by a day or two or are they set in stone?  Does your group HAVE to have a private hot tub in the property?  What is the maximum amount people are willing to spend? Do you want to all be together in a private home or is it ok to split up into multiple condos in the same building? Come up with a list of questions and answers and set some guidelines regarding everyone’s budgets and flexibility.  This will help the group leader immensely when they are presented with alternative options while researching.  Being flexible can often save money, but it can be hard if the group hasn’t set any standards up front.

3.  Ask for a Group Discount
Once you have all of the details worked out,  go ahead and hone in what you what and try to get the best deal. While it is not always possible and may depend on how big your group is, it is certainly worth it for you to ask for a group discount.  At SummitCove Lodging in Keystone, we offer various specials and discounts, especially for large groups.  We even have some programs that offer the group organizer cash back based on the number of reservations!  Be sure to tell your Vacation Planner exactly what you are looking for, and make sure that you understand all of the options available to accommodate your group.  Discounts can also be applied in other areas of your travel other than lodging.  Contact the resort’s ticket office for information about group lift tickets.  A group of people can give the resort an opportunity to sell meals, drinks, lessons, and gear, so it is almost always to their advantage (and yours) to accommodate group pricing.

4.  Get Booked!
Think about giving the group contact person the OK to book ahead of time if they find a great deal or the perfect property.  The process can be slow if you are going back and forth between multiple people and while you are wasting time conferring, someone else might book your perfect property! If you are nervous about giving anyone the final say without agreeing to it first,  it may be helpful to set a final ‘research’ deadline for everyone and then hold a meeting to discuss the various options and make the final decisions together.  Don’t wait too long though, great properties book fast!

Once all of the planning is done, relax and look forward to the amazing trip and memories that await.  Imagine a day of fresh champagne powder followed by a relaxing soak in the hot tub under the mountain stars with your closest friends or family!   If you have any questions or would like help planning your next group vacation in Keystone, contact a SummitCove Group Vacation Coordinator today!

Five Services You May Not Have Known SummitCove Offered is a full service Vacation Rental and Property Management Company.  We offer 24/7 services to both our homeowners and guests and try to be as helpful and available as possible to you during all the stages of your vacation to ensure you are able to fully enjoy yourself and make the most of your time in Keystone.  Although we can’t say yes to everything, we always try our best!   It never hurts to call us if you have a question, comment, or any kind of issue or concern about your property.  If you are lucky, you might receive a visit from the SummitCove Yeti!

1. Midweek Cleans

Although we don’t offer a daily housekeeping service during your stay, you do have the option to set up a mid-week clean.  Schedule one with your Vacation Planner at anytime for a minimal fee, and we will have a housekeeping come over when it’s convenient for you- they will wipe down the counters, along with swap out the towels and remake the beds with new sheets.    This is a great option for people who are staying a longer stay and would like to freshen things up mid-stay.

2. 24/7 Emergency Line and Customer Assistance

Although our office hours change slightly from summer to winter, SummitCove ALWAYS has a live person available on our emergency line 24 hours a day.  Summer office hours are typically 7am – 3am, with winter hours running 24 hours a day from 7am – 7am, five days a week.  If you ever need help with anything, whether it be a burnt out light bulb, insufficient supplies, you are locked out or your toilet is overflowing- don’t hesitate to call us, anytime!  We want you have the best vacation possible and we are willing to go the extra mile for our guests whenever we can- just give us a call!

3. Free Summer Bike Rentals & Discounted Ski Rentals

SummitCove’s awesome bike and ski shop partner, Mountain View Sports, hooks our guests up in both the summer and winter months!  We offer a free 2-hour bike rental voucher to every summer reservation who books with, whether you’re here for a day or a week- the free rental is yours!  Mountain View Sports has a fleet of bikes set aside especially for our guests and they are available on a first come first serve basis.  In the winter season, Mountain View Sports offers our guests a 25% discount on all equipment- skis, boards, and even helmets, along with a discount on retail items in case you forgot your hat or want a new pair of goggles!

4. Group Discounts

Whether you are visiting with a group of families, hosting or attending a wedding, planning a family reunion or a class ski trip- we’re sure to get you a great deal when you book in numbers!  Call one of our vacation planners today to hear specific details about our various group programs.  We can often create custom discount codes for your group and landing pages with the discount code built in for ease of booking online for your whole group.  Include photos, itineraries, condo preferences and activities for a custom page that will keep everyone connected.  Some of our programs even include a cash back gift and future credit for the organizer and can sometimes offer discounts up to 35% off!

5. Sunday Night Stay Deals

Looking to avoid the I-70 traffic jam on Sunday morning? Stay that extra night and have smooth sailing all the way home!  Or ski all day, soak in the hot tub, and then leave when you please on Sunday Evening!  Depending on the date, season, and overall availability we are sometimes able to offer a deep Sunday Night Discount when you decide to add Sunday Night the day before departure.  Give one of our Guest Services Agents a call and ask about Sunday Night Deals!