A Perfect Summer Day at Keystone Resort

Keystone is known for its snowy ski slopes but it’s also gaining recognition for its fun in the sun summer activities!  A perfect summer’s day is waiting for you at Keystone Resort, so take advantage of the last few weeks of summer with a trip to the mountains.  Picture yourself waking up in the morning and starting your day along the beautiful winding  paved bike path at Keystone.  Rent your bikes from Mountain View Sports and ride from the River Run village to Lakeside Village for a mellow morning wake up with some incredible scenery.  Then, grab the family and stop by the New Moon Cafe in River Run village to grab a hot cup of coffee and one of their delicious breakfast burritos.  


After breakfast, stroll over to the gondola with some packed lunches and load the family up to take a scenic ride up to the mountain to Dercum Mountain.  Stop at the top and take a memorable photo with your loved ones and stop at a bench to eat your packed lunch while taking in the 360 degree views! After lunch, start on your hike, we recommend the 3.5 mile Schoolmarm Hiking Trail.  This family-friendly hike offers beautiful mountain vistas, a flat grassy path to walk on and plenty of bird-watching opportunities.  End your hike all the way back down in River Run Village, get cleaned up and take the whole family out to dinner at Zuma Roadhouse.  Zuma Roadhouse is known for it’s mountain-chic decor, their delicious high quality meats and well-composed dishes. My favorite is their Zuma Jam burger with the lemon-parm kale on the side.  Get world-class fare without ever having to leave the village!  


From there, go back to your SummitCove condo, put your swim-suits on and watch the sunset from the hot tub.  There is nothing more relaxing than staring up and watching the stars emerge from the pink clouds over the mountains. Once you have had your fun in the hot tub or pool, take the family back inside for some board games and relaxation before bed!  Stand out on the balcony and gaze at the stars before laying down to get rest for your next action-packed day.   


It’s not too late for that last summer family vacation in the mountains. SummitCove Lodging is currently offering 25% off summer lodging at select vacation rentals throughout the Keystone Resort area.  Our rental properties will feel like a home away from home, with much more space than a hotel room. You’ll love having a full kitchen, fully stocked with everything you need for a great meal or preparing snacks.  Enjoy the spacious living areas and amenities like garage parking, hot tubs, a balcony and heated pool.  Choose the condo that you love based on photos, videos, reviews, amenities and more.  We have 24 / 7 guest services available to you during your stay.  As a bonus, every summer guest receives a coupon for a free 2-hour bike rental from Mountain View Sports! Don’t let summer slip away – book a summer vacation before the snow starts to fall.  

Hiking in Keystone

Keystone, Colorado is a hikers paradise, with hiking trails that everyone will enjoy. No need to be a seasoned hiker though, there are plenty of trails for recreational hiking with the whole family. In Keystone, you can enjoy either short hikes, day hikes, longer weekend backpacking trips, or even multi-day hikes. Hiking is an easier and one of the most fun things to do as a family while you’re in Keystone.

One thing to do before your vacation trip to Keystone is to check out the different hikes and plan your hikes out ahead of time. You’ll definitely want to read up on Colorado’s weather and hiking, so you’re prepared for anything on your hike. Read up on some of the best hiking trails in Keystone and take a look through reviews, trail maps and photos posted by other hikers. Tripleblaze has a great list of some of Colorado’s best hikes.

A must see, and one of the most enjoyable hikes around Keystone, are the trails near the ghost town of Montezuma. Radical Hill is about a 6 mile long trail with an elevation gain of 1,500 ft. The views on this hike are absolutely stunning. You’ll want to make sure and take a peek into the old mining cabin near the top of the trail as well. Definitely make sure to bring more water than you think. Remember that at altitude, you need more water than usual, as well as plenty of sunscreen. You’ll also want to keep in mind that this area of Colorado is also known for afternoon thunderstorms in the summer months, so earlier in the day is typically the best time to go hiking. Make sure to pack a light rain jacket, hat and portable blanket, along with a small first aid kit.

No matter what hike or hikes you decide to take with your family, you will definitely enjoy the amazing and stunning views Keystone has to offer all along the hikes. So plan a few hikes for the family on your next vacation to Keystone, and enjoy your time together creating memories that you’ll cherish forever.