Make the Switch to SummitCove Property Management Today

You have been putting it off for awhile now. You aren’t really happy with your current property manager, but it’s just another thing on your to-do list. You will probably be surprised how easy it is to make the switch to SummitCove Property Management in Keystone! Typically, we can have your property up and running in our system and taking reservations within just a few short days. Once we have a signed contract, the marketing can start. We will take temporary photos of your property and start taking future reservations! Spring is a great time to make the switch, so you can be up and running for the summer season.


In the meantime, we will have our in-house housekeepers go in and perform a full deep clean of your property, bringing it up to our standard property appearance standards and getting it guest ready.  We will complete an inventory check of supplies and replace anything that might be missing, such as a spatula or fan. Our maintenance team then goes in a performs a complimentary quality assurance check, making sure everything is in working order inside the property. They check everything with an on / off switch, as well as things like tightening cabinets and hinges and ensuring that the bathroom fans are running smoothly and quietly.


After the property has been cleaned, we send in our professional, in-house photographer to take photos and create a video tour of the property.  Our guests can pick the property they want to stay at for their stay in Keystone, so we know that having high-quality photos, as well as a video tour will put your property in the best light possible. We write detailed descriptions of your home, explaining in depth what each room offers, including sleeping arrangements and amenities. Your property will be marketed across a host of outlets including Hotels. com, Air B n B, Homeaway, VRBO and more. We also have a very high return guest rate, so the chances are that once you earn a guest, they will be coming back to stay at your property again! We encourage guests to leave reviews, which are visible on our website. Our guests enjoy a local check-in office and exclusive guest discounts on things like their rental cars, airport transportation, ski rentals, dining and more. Our owners enjoy all these perks too, along with 7-day-a-week access to our  owner services support team. 


Once you sign up, all you have to do is to sit back and relax, knowing that you property is being well-cared for as revenue starts to roll in. You can check your owner’s portal for real-time reservations to see when the calendar is open for your last-minute weekend getaway or next year’s family ski trip. There is no limit on when or how much you can use your property. Work with our maintenance team to help you with that kitchen remodeling or tile job you’ve been dreaming up. It’s all possible and closer than you think!  Just give us a call today or fill out our quick contact form to see how easy change can be.  Call SummitCove at (970) 368-7023.



Hot Tub Services Now Available for Rental & Non-Rental Properties in Keystone with SummitCove

If you own a private home or townhome in the Keystone Resort area, chances are that you may have a private hot tub at your property.  Whether the property is your main residence, a second home or a vacation rental property, SummitCove Property Management is happy to now offer monthly hot tub service maintenance plans for all properties in the Keystone Resort area.




All of our maintenance technicians are CPO certified (certified pool operators) and are re-trained annually to refresh their practice and get up to date on the newest trends and procedures. One thing you’ll notice that really sets our services is apart is that we take extra care of the area surrounding your hot tub, not just the water. Many companies tend to focus on the hot tub and forget about the rest. We pride ourselves on being customer-service oriented and want to make sure our guests have the best experience. This means we will shovel snow and make a nice path for guest use, rake away leaves and make sure there is no trash or debris surrounding your hot tub, leaving the area clean and accessible for you or your guests. Your hot tub cover will be meticulously scrubbed, the filter will be rinsed thoroughly and any debris will be vacuumed out of the tub. The water levels will always be kept at the appropriate height and the water quality will be ideal for every guest. If we find that it is not suitable, we will drain and fill your tub as soon as possible, especially if you have another guest arriving. We also keep a detailed service log of every visit, giving you peace of mind and keeping you up to date on the servicing. Our team works 7 days a week and on every holiday, so there will be no gaps in your service or paying more for holiday or after hours time.  You’ll know what to expect each month and will enjoy our direct communication style.




We offer both vacation rental or non-vacation rental property plans, with varying levels of servicing. If you own a non-rental property, the plan offers once a week service that includes balancing chemical levels, adding water, snow removal, cleaning, vacuuming and rinsing the filters as needed.  If a drain and fill is required, there is an additional charge.  For short-term vacation rental properties, we have a basic or premium package to choose from. Both plans include service after every check-out or every 4 days during longer reservations and a minimum of once a week if the property has been vacant.  These plans also include balancing the chemical levels, adding water, snow removal, cleaning, vacuuming and rinsing the filters as needed.  The basic plan offers a maximum of 6 services a month, with a charge for each additional service after the initial 6. Drain and fills are also billed as necessary per occurrence.  The premium option follows the same program, but also includes any drain and fills in the monthly service fee without additional charges.


SummitCove Vacation Lodging and Property Management in Keystone is now accepting new properties for hot tub service maintenance plans as well as our short-term vacation rental program.  View our current hot tub service plans at Keystone Resort here.  Want to sign up? Call us at (970)368-7023 to speak with one of our homeowner services representatives!


What You Gain As a Homeowner When You Hire a Vacation Rental Management Company

In today’s “sharing economy”, the barriers to buying a vacation rental and self-managing are much easier than ever before.  The biggest headaches that used to be barriers such as advertising, payments and lockouts are now easily solved by keyless locks and third-party booking websites.


However, it all takes time to manage date inquiries and the booking calendar, lock codes, and to make sure that your advertising as is effective as possible.  A recent study stated that it take vacation property owners an estimated 400 hours per year to manage their vacation rental to its maximum potential including maintenance, inquiries and being available 24/7.  There are also other things that these kinds of websites and technology still won’t be able to assist you with.


What happens when your upstairs neighbor’s dishwasher leaks into your condo while a guest is staying? What do you do when the smoke alarm on the vaulted ceiling is chirping at 2am? What happens when the main boiler of the building goes down and your guest has no hot water?


You could hire expensive plumbers and other people locally, but will they answer the phone in the middle of the night?  If they do, what kind of charges will you incur? Where do you draw the line?


A professional LOCAL property manager can put all these questions behind you and allow you to rest easily without midnight calls or refund demands from guests.  A local property manager such as SummitCove Property Management is equipped to handle emergencies at all hours of the night year-round and without surprise pricing either.  It’s not just maintenance issues that a professional management company can help you with!

Immediate Response

SummitCove Lodging has the ability to respond immediately to maintenance calls 24/7, but we also respond to guest booking inquiries typically within minutes. When guests are searching online and they aren’t getting immediate responses, you chances of capturing that booking go down dramatically. After 3 minutes pass without the guest receiving a response, the chances of you getting that booking are down to 60%. After 5 minutes of not reaching you, it’s less than a 30% chance. With the new sharing economy, impatient customers demand responses extremely fast and if they don’t hear back in a timely manner, they will keep searching and move on to the next property, to someone who does respond.  The result when you work with SummitCove Property Management?  Higher revenues! We understand that time costs serious money if you aren’t paying attention and we have a team of vacation planners who respond to guests for you!  We also have 24/7 guest services and a local Front Desk for your guests. We have found that exceptional service brings guests back year after year, and often to the same property!


Save Your Time for Fun

A typical homeowner spends 400 hours per year managing their vacation rental.  Maintenance, upgrades, inquiries… all adds up.  What else can you do with 400 hours per year?  Is YOUR time worth money?  SummitCove has a maintenance staff with over 50 years of combined experience that can help with purchasing new furniture, remodels, basic maintenance and all those things “you meant to do on your trip, but ran out of time”.  When you are busy getting your kids out the door to school, how do you get to that inquiry within 5 minutes so you don’t lose your chance to gain a booking for your property?  We can help.


Trusted, Trained and Certified

Why trust your vacation property that cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to somebody unknown?  SummitCove Lodging runs a background check on every employee before they are hired.  Our maintenance technicians are sent to classes so they are certified to treat your hot tub or pool.  Our housekeepers are highly trained and internally certified before they are allowed to clean your property.  Our Housemen are IICRC certified so they are not guessing when they try to remove a stain and will not ruin your carpet.  Making sure you have the best, most trusted people in your property is a no-brainer.


If you are thinking of self-managing, think again about the hidden costs and consider how much your time is worth as well.  SummitCove Lodging in Keystone Colorado is the largest independant company in the area.  We are local and always have been.  Think again before you hire a national brand that claims to be local to manage your property.  Just because they are national does not mean they know exactly where the water shutoff is for your vacation rental! Call us now or signup online for a free consultation with us regarding your vacation rental home at Keystone Resort.


5 Reasons Why You Should Join SummitCove Property Management Before Labor Day

1) We all know that our summers are busy, but the prime vacation rental season in Keystone is throughout the ski season.  Depending on your current property manager, you may need up to 90 days to finish out your contract with another company.  If you signup with SummitCove by Labor Day, this gives us plenty of time to start marketing your property for prime winter season dates, such as Christmas Break and Martin Luther King Weekend.


2) You’ll start earning a larger percentage of your own revenue since we offer one of the lowest management rates in Keystone. More money in your pocket is our bottom line.


3) Free Brat & Beer… Say what!? We’ll give you a free entry to the Das Bier Burner 5K! That’s right, we’ve offered 1 free race registration to each and every one of our homeowners for the 2017 Das Bier Burner 5K in Keystone! Get your condo or home up and ‘running’ on the SummitCove Property Management Program anytime before the event on Saturday, September 2 and you’ll get your chance to earn your brat and beers at one of the most fun 5K’s in the high country!

4) You can stop worrying! We pride ourselves on being one of the most personalized and reliable property managers in Keystone. We are here in Keystone 24 hours a day to take care of your second home. You can rest easy knowing that we are here to solve guest issues, provide complete maintenance and keep your place clean, secure and well maintained throughout the year, even when you aren’t here.


5) You can start using your property when you want and as much as you want! Shouldn’t you be able to use your property when you want to use it?  We allow our owners full access to our reservations through an online, real-time owner portal where you can see exactly when you property is available.  Make a booking whenever it’s open, whether it’s a year in advance or a same-day arrival.  We want you to enjoy your own property!


What are you waiting for? Give one of our homeowner services representatives a call today at (970) 368-5888 to see how easy it is to switch.  We can offer you a sneak preview at the year in advance, how much you can expect to bring in, how we match up with your goals and more.  Call us now for a no-obligation chat and make the switch to SummitCove today!


5 Reasons to Switch to SummitCove Property Management in Keystone Today

SummitCove Property Management offers personal, custom property management services for your property in Keystone.  Here are 5 reasons to make the switch today!

1. We’re Here for You… 24 Hours a Day
Don’t you hate getting sent to voice mail when you really need to talk to someone?  Or having your guests going on a scavenger hunt in the dark at 10pm looking for a lock box to pick up their keys?  We always have a manager on duty available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and during the ski season, our office is staffed 24 hours a day to help you and your guests at anytime- day or night. That really is service with a smile.

2. In-House Maintenance Team
We keep our maintenance costs affordable to you by taking our Maintenance Team in-house.  Our team has years of experience under their belt and can tackle anything from a leaky faucet to tiling and cabinetry.  If we can’t do it, we will call one of our trusted partners to ensure the job gets done and at reasonable rates.

3. Low Fees and No Nickel-and-Diming
We offer low management fees, don’t charge annual marketing fees and we won’t sweat the small stuff.  We’ll take care of remote batteries, light bulb replacements, relighting pilot lights and more at no cost to you!  If we do need to do a major repair, we will seek your approval before moving forward with the job. 

4. Great Housekeeping 
At SummitCove we believe that housekeeping is one of the most important things we do! We have an in-house, on-site housekeeping staff and we pride ourselves in having high cleaning standards and clean properties. Our housekeepers are trained on every property and each property is thoroughly inspected before each guest arrives. We also create individual manuals for each of our properties so we are able to meet our owner’s every need.
5. Damage Control
We are a rental company and know that accidental damage is not 100% preventable. With our damage program, we have you covered. If there is ever damage from a guest, it will repaired or replaced by SummitCove at no cost to you. As an owner you can rest easy knowing your property is being taken care of. 

How Do I Sell My Vacation Rental Property While It Is Being Rented?

One of the main questions we are asked by homeowners who are looking to sell their property up here in Keystone is how to do so while continuing to rent it out to short term renters? Selling a property is of course a process, but actually, renting the property during the process can be more than beneficial.

When you are selling your property, it is very important to maintain the property in good working order and condition.  This will help to minimize what needs to be done to it prior to closing, as well as to position it in the best light possible for potential buyers. This is one of the major concerns owners have with renting, believing that when the property is being rented, it is going to experience harsh wear and tear and things will be breaking all the time from renters. Part of this is true. Yes, you will have some wear and tear on the property due to renters, however the role of the property management company like is to keep every bit of the property in good working order. Sometimes renters or housekeepers will report something not working or broken and then that item will immediately be fixed thanks to the speedy services of the property managers.  We are here to care for your property and have multiple eyes in the property on a regular basis that will notice when things need attention.

Another qualm with renting is that the property will be dirty all the time and we will have difficulty getting potential buyers into the property if it is rented. This mostly a non-issue. Because short term property rentals are cleaned between every reservation, your property will be cleaned more often than your own home in most cases!  Also in the case of short term property management there are many open times between reservations allowing real estate agents to access the property. Often if there is a situation where someone wants to view your property yet there is a guest occupying it, we can help the realtors by contacting the guest to arrange for the realtors and the potential buyer to come through and check it out.
A huge benefit of renting your property while you are trying to sell is income. If your property does nothing but sit vacant while it is on the market, it most certainly is a cashflow loss. If you take advantage of short term vacation rentals, you can plan to have money coming in to continue to help pay the bills on the property while you are trying to sell it and possibly even make a profit during this time. At least make it cashflow neutral!
Lastly, a benefit of renting your property while you are trying to sell it is that we can communicate with folks who are interested in buying a property and perhaps entice them into staying in your property simply for the reason that it is for sale. Consider rentals like this as “test drives.” If they enjoy your property, then they might consider purchasing it.  We have many guests inquire to us about purchasing properties in the area and which ones might be for sale and also work closely with realtors in the area that have buyers that are looking for properties.

There are many benefits of doing short-term vacation rentals your property while you try to sell. If you would like more information why not just give us a call?  We can help you through the whole process or even just offer advice if you need some questions answered.

Don’t Miss the 15th Annual Dos Locos and Keystone Science School Benefit Event This Friday

The 15th annual Dos Locos and Keystone Science School Benefit Event is taking place this Friday, August 17, and the night includes the chance to bid on unique, valuable items at the silent auction, along with participating in a fun scavenger hunt.  Dinner will include a gourmet Mexican buffet and live music with The Pine Beatles, a community based band out of Breckenridge. Throughout the night there will be loads of fantastic prizes and giveaways, including a grand prize for a week long trip to Mexico. Cost for the event is $20 for adults, $15 for kids ages 4-12, and kids under 3 are FREE.  The event kicks off Friday evening at 5:30 pm and ends at 8:30.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.  Dos Locos is located in the Mountain View Plaza, just a quarter of a mile down the road from SummitCove Property Management in Keystone.

New Lowe’s Summit County Store in Silverthorne Slated to Open on August 10th, Grand Opening Celebration is Scheduled for August 16

After a long community debate, regarding impact on the community and local businesses, Lowe’s finally began construction earlier this year and is scheduled to soon be open in its new Silverthorne, Colorado location. Lowe’s began stocking their store during the week of July 9th, and the store is scheduled to open to the public on August 10.  A grand opening celebration is being planned for August 16.  It sounds like there will be some community involvement events, kids projects and giveaways happening during the grand opening, but details have not yet been announced. Those interested can check later this week for a complete list of scheduled events.

Lowe’s Home Improvement is excited to announce the grand opening of their new Silverthorne location set for August 16th. The store will bring roughly one hundred additional jobs to the Silverthorne community and is expected to cater its product line to meet the unique climate of Colorado.  This will be one of the smallest Lowe’s in the country, but it is expected to be state of the art and offer many conveniences to local residents and homeowners, including easy access to the highway, supplies catered to the mountain climate, and ease of ordering.

For our Keystone Resort Property Owners, the opening of a big hardware store in Summit County is exciting.  Up until now major appliances, hardware, and many other items had to be ordered out of Denver and shipped or delivered to Keystone.  The opening of Lowe’s this Friday will mean that homeowners will have local access to everything they need for major repairs, upgrades and remodels.  The opening of Lowe’s also means that the Summit Cove maintenance team will have access to whatever they need every day of the week – we will have to do less online ordering and we will be able to streamline our maintenance turnaround times even more!  For our homeowners, now everything is right there for them in Summit County!

Frequently Asked Questions about Reserving a Vacation Rental Property from SummitCove Lodging in Keystone Colorado

Q: Why should we choose Keystone CO as our Winter Vacation Destination?

A. We thought you’d never ask! Keystone is one of the most family friendly resorts around, offering kids specific activities like Keystone Kidtopia- a festival just for kids that include special games, glow-light ice-skating, a giant life size snow fort at the top of the mountain to play in, arts and crafts, adventure zones on the mountain to explore and so on. Keystone has its own snow-tubing hill, TWO outdoor ice skating rinks, sleigh rides, outdoor fire-pits, amazing dining options, shopping, cross-country skiing, outdoor heated swimming pools, sledding and more! Not to brag, but we think Keystone has some of the best views around, including incredible angles on Lake Dillon and surrounding mountains like Breckenridge! The activities are endless and there is certainly something for everyone at Keystone Resort! There are also some amazing events throughout the winter like the River Run Rocks! FREE concerts series, culinary festivals, a winter bluegrass festival, Mardi Gras celebrations, Holiday festivities and more!

Keystone as a mountain offers a great bang for your buck, as it is one of the only resorts in Colorado that has night skiing!  This means on select days, you can ski from open to close- up to 12 hours…If you can make it that long, your ticket is good all day and night!  So it’s nice to be able to take a break in the afternoon for a hearty bowl of chili or a beer on an outdoor patio and then head back  out, warm and refreshed. Keystone has three separate peaks, each offering different terrain and multiple gondolas. It also boasts some of the most diverse terrain, ranging from beginner to double black and expert only terrain. It includes multiple learning areas for kids and beginners, with mini chairlifts and ‘magic carpets’,  plenty of groomed ‘corduroy’, powder runs, tree skiing, hiking zones, and even KAT TOURS- spend the day on a tour or take 1 ride on the KAT for just $5.  This is a great way to experience some of the deepest powder and find some areas that have been completely untouched!  Area-51 is Keystone’s terrain park and it is one of the best in the country.   It is also one of the closest resorts to the Denver Airport- just a quick 90 minute drive and you’re here!  Arapahoe Basin is also just 7 miles up the road if you are looking to explore other mountains and offers some great, different terrain without having to travel far.

Keystone Resort has a FREE shuttle system that will take you just about anywhere you’d like around town.  It also is one of the only resorts that still offers CLOSE parking at no charge!

Q: Why should I rent from SummitCove Property Management rather than directly from the Owner of the Condo?

A. All of the condos and homes that SummitCove rents are individually owned by families. Owners are able to choose who manages their property, and they have picked us.. to take reservations, be the guest contact, provide maintenance and security while they are away. We serve as a point of contact, a ‘home base’ to help you with everything you need all the way from the planning stage to the check-out day.  You can trust us with your credit card information and that you will always have someone to call if you need to.  We offer 24-7 emergency and maintenance service, along with excellent customer service and experience. So if your heat goes out at 3am, you get locked out of your property, or just need a recommendation on where to eat- we are here for you, in Keystone, at any time day or night. No worrying about sending money to an unknown stranger, waiting around for a call back or wondering what would happen in the event of an emergency. We are also able to use our size to our advantage- we have some great guest perks such as our Key to Keystone Coupon Book offering discounts on restaurants and activities & free bike rentals in the Summer and discounted lift tickets and equipment rentals in the winter.

Q: Is SummitCove connected to Keystone Resort or Vail Resorts? What are the benefits of renting from SummitCove vs. the Resort or other Property Management Companies?

A. Summitcove Property Management is one of many property management firms that operate in or near Keystone Resort.  Although we are not directly affiliated with Keystone or Vail Resorts Inc. that operate the ski mountain, we do work closely together on an everyday basis to make sure our mutual guests are happy and come back to Keystone year after year.

SummitCove stands apart in many ways.  One of the biggest differences is that we allow you to pick the EXACT property you will be staying at, vs. just a general ‘2-bedroom in River Run’ as an example of what information the Resort would provide.  We have photos, video tours, reviews, amenities lists, distance to the slopes, bedding configurations information and more for each and every property we manage.  You will be happy to know that your kids will be getting the bunk beds they’ve been looking forward to, the property has that cool mountain decor or stainless steel appliances, or even just that you and your friends will both staying in Buffalo Lodge- whatever it is you are looking for,  we allow you to pick from our properties and find the one that suits you best.  Our properties are as individual as you and we want you to enjoy your vacation and we believe it all starts with where you stay! Many of our properties also have additional amenities that aren’t always found in the ‘stock’ properties of the Resort.

SummitCove provides personalized customer service and being a small company, we are able to go the extra mile for our guests.  We are a small company where it’s possible to walk in and maybe meet the owner- we have just under 300 properties and about 25 employees. We still have 24-7 customer service, a local check-in office and customer perks, just like the Resort, but we hope you will find your experiences with us are much more personal and memorable, connecting a face with a name.  We offer our guests great perks like 25% off equipment rentals, discounted lift tickets, and various coupons for discounts at restaurants, activities, massages, and more!

Our check-in office is located RIGHT IN KEYSTONE, meaning you don’t have to drive to Dillon or get your keys from a lockbox. In the winter months we typically have someone staffed at our front desk 24 hours a day!  Nothing’s worse than traveling 10 hours only to get your keys in the dark out of an outdoor lockbox and have no idea where you are going! Our front desk agents will be awaiting your arrival, greeting you with a smile, ready to draw out directions on a map, show you where the grocery store is and even offer advice on the best place to go for breakfast, ski rentals, and what activities to do; not to mention offer you an exclusive coupon book to help you save big while you are here!

Q: What are the properties like and what supplies will be provided?

A. Our properties come fully furnished with everything you need to feel like you’re right at home. We have all different sizes of properties from a small studio with kitchenette to a 5-bedroom private home that sleeps 16!  They are all individually owned and every property is different, with their own decor and amenities, based on the owner’s personality.  Although Keystone itself is no more than 4 miles long, there are many different areas, villages, and buildings like River Run, Mountain House, Settlers Creek, Trappers Crossing, Snake River, Ski Tip and the Pines just to name a few. Most properties have dining rooms and full kitchens that stock everything you’d need to make a nice family dinner- stove, oven, refrigerator,  dishwasher, coffee pot, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and even salt and pepper! In the other rooms you will find most units have multiple flat screen TV’s, a DVD player, hair dryers, fans, closets and even humidifiers to combat the drier air.  We always start you out with basic supplies like shampoo, conditioner, Kleenex, paper towels, dishwasher detergent, dish and hand soaps, coffee, toilet paper, sponges, towels, trash bags, etc.  All properties are different, but we do set some requirements in order for every guest to be comfortable.  Some properties feature heated garages, ski lockers, fireplaces, private hot tubs, surround sound, washer and dryer,  jetted baths, leather couches, stainless steel appliances and so on.  Check out the Property Information page on our website for each specific property to find out these sort of details! Many of the buildings have common spaces that feature pools, hot tubs, couches and televisions, pool tables, outdoor grills, steam rooms and more.

Q: How do I rent a unit?  Is there a deposit and what are the payment terms?

A. You can rent any of our properties by booking directly on this website using a credit card or you can call us at 1-877-850-7750 if you would like to speak with us and book by phone- we have experienced Vacation Planners who can help you find the exact property you are looking for based on your individual preferences such as location, cost, the size of your group and specific amenities you might be looking for such as a fireplace or hot tub! Sometimes it is nice to have help sorting through the different options.  We will ask questions such as “What is most important to you during your stay? Do you want to be able to walk to the slopes or do you not mind taking a shuttle?  Do your kids prefer bunk beds or twin beds? Do you need a washer and dryer in your property? How about a view?” etc.

When you book your stay, 1/2 of your rent is required as a down payment, and the final payment will be due 60 days out from your reservation.  A small damage fee is included in the price to cover minimal incidentals in case of an accident, but it will not be refunded.  Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • More than 180 Days prior to Arrival Date – 90% of the total rental amount will be refunded.
  • 179- 60 Days prior to Arrival Date – 75% of the total rental amount will be refunded.
  • 59 – 30 Days prior to Arrival Date – 50% of the total rental amount will be refunded.
  • 29 – 14 Days prior to Arrival Date – 25% of the total rental amount will be refunded.
  • Less than 14 days prior to Arrival Date – No Refund.

We do offer travel insurance for an extra 6.95% of your reservation cost that covers some travel circumstances such as weather, traffic delays, illness and more from Travel Guard. It will protect your entire partys’ vacation investment if you are forced to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip due to weather, illness, injury, or any other covered reason.  This policy also includes very important baggage and medical protection.  This can be a great thing to have, especially in Colorado- because sometimes airports close and roads shut down and people may get sick in the winter!

Q: Should I rent a car?  Is there a shuttle?

A. Keystone and Summit County both have FREE Shuttle Systems making it easy to get around once you are up in the mountains.  We also have many properties that are within walking distance, so you can easily get by without a car.  So if you are coming to Keystone from the airport, you may choose to rent a car or take a shuttle.  There are quite a few airport shuttle companies out there and prices vary depending on the size of your group, but typically range from $50-$70 a person. There are also shuttles available to other ski resorts- you can get to Arapahoe Basin, Copper, and Breckenridge for free on the county-wide shuttle, The Summit Stage, but to go to Vail or Beaver Creek you would have to pay for a shuttle. If you do choose to rent a car you will most likely want to get one that has a ski rack and 4-wheel drive.  Many times the roads are clear, but it is nice to have 4-whell drive if it starts to snow.  Parking is free for all of our guests and there is a big skier parking lot that is just a 10-minute walk to the gondola, some other resorts charge up to $25 a day for parking.

Q: I’ve made my reservation; now how do I check in and get my keys?

A. SummitCove has a full-service check-in desk conveniently located  in the middle of Keystone Resort.  We are located at 23110 US Highway 6 in the Gateway Plaza, which is right in between the Haywood Cafe and Cornerstone Real Estate.  Our office is no more than 5 minutes to your Condo or Home.  We typically have someone staffed at this office until at least 3am, and 24-7 during the busier ski season months.  We ALWAYS have someone available by phone 24 hours a day.  Check-in time is 4pm. In the rare event that no one is at our check-in office when you arrive, you will get your keys from the lockbox inside our lobby.  We ask that you print your confirmation that we emailed to you at the time you made your reservation or have it available on your smartphone, as it contains the lockbox code, directions and other important information about our services and the specific property that you are staying at.

If you have any more questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to call or contact us! We know that some people are new to the vacation rental home process, but we assure you once you try it you will never stay at a hotel again!  You’ll love all of the extra space to spread out and enjoy your vacation, not to mention all the additional amenities available and the money you’ll save by cooking dinner instead of having to go out every night! Book your Keystone Vacation today!

Changes in Keystone Resort Management!

Vail Resorts is Switching Around Management

Vail Resorts is known for shuffling around top executives to get the best people in the right places and Keystone is no exception. Keystone General Manager Doug Lovell will be moving to the top spot in Beaver Creek and John Buhler will be taking over as Vice President and General Manager of Keystone. Buhler comes from Breckenridge , where he was the Director of Skier Services. While there he was responsible for multiple departments including the ski and ride program, product sales, ski school, ticketing, guest services and child care! Buhler has over 20 years of experience in mountain resorts, specifically in the ski experience; he also serves on the Board of Directors of the Professional Ski Instructors of America! All in all, John Buhler will be a welcome addition to the Keystone Executive Team.  We hope this will help promote Keystone Resort and keep the management team fresh and bring some new direction to what we are looking for in Keystone.