Do You Need 4-Wheel Drive in Keystone?

Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Do you need 4 wheel drive to get to Keystone Ski Resort?

A question we are often asked is “will I need to rent a four-wheel drive vehicle in order to get to keystone?”. The answer is a resounding “not at all”. Keystone is renowned as being the most easily accessible ski resort to get to from Denver and earned this reputation for several reasons.


The first is convenience. The majority of the short drive from Denver to Keystone is along the major I-70. This route is a very scenic drive that brings you into the Colorado Rockies, meanwhile passing through some of the old Colorado mining towns from the start of the gold rush. The drive ends shortly after passing through the continental divide via the Eisenhower Tunnel, the longest mountain tunnel in the US and the highest point of the Interstate Highway system. Once you are through the tunnel, the Dillon/Silverthorne exit is a short 10 minutes away.  Sometimes the road can get slick or snowy and we do recommend checking the ‘CO-Trip’ App if conditions are bad, as it will tell you estimated travel times and any current road closures.


Once you take the Dillon/Silverthorne exit, Keystone is a mere 10 minutes away on Highway 6, a four lane highway that is incredibly well maintained. Any night there is snow fall or accumulation on the roads, Summit County begins operating snow plows that run the entire night, or for as long as is needed depending on the snow. Keystone maintains and clears its own roads, parking lots, and even sidewalks daily. Summit Cove Lodging offers rentals at Lone Eagle and The Timbers, both of which are located along a heated road if conditions are still a concern for you. Also, much of River Run has underground heated garages, making parking a breeze and it’s nice to not have to scrape off ice in the morning!


If you are worried about driving in the mountains, another option to consider is booking an airport shuttle.  These shuttles do the driving for you and will drive you to our check-in office and then right to your vacation rental doorstep.  We recommend staying in River Run or somewhere on the Keystone Resort Free Shuttle route if you are going to be without a car.  All SummitCove Lodging guests receive discounted airport shuttles through Summit Express and Fresh Tracks.



Chateaux DuMont Upgraded!

Chatueax DuMont 2723 Gets a Facelift!

There are very few things in life that can rival the joy of stepping into a delightful hot tub, after a long day on the slopes! Well now, at Chateaux DuMont # 2723, you can experience that amazing feeling without ever having to leave the warmth of your condo. Positioned in its own room, surrounded by immaculate glass, the private hot tub has an amazing view overlooking  Mountain House area and comes equipped with a complete mini-bar.  No matter what your reason for stay, this amazing hot tub, helps create an experience that is uniquely Keystone!!!

The owners just spent a majority of the Fall Seasons renovating the hot tub room and installing a mini-bar, make Chateaux DuMont your next vacation spot! This really is a perfect condo for traveling couples, both rooms have a King Bed!

Keystone Ski Lodging at Lone Eagle 3001

My Favorite Vacation Ski Rental in Keystone

If you are a ski-in ski-out fan you are in luck! Lone Eagle 3001 is one of my favorite ski-in ski-out locations in Keystone. Everything about this property screams luxury! From the custom granite counter tops to the stainless steel appliances, there really was no expense spared for the design of Lone Eagle 3001. This is a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath that actually sleeps up to 9. One of my favorite aspects of this property is that it is right next to the Snake River. At night if you crack your windows just a little (especially in the Summer) and you can hear the river winding through the village. During the winter, getting to the lifts is a cinch! Ski lockers are provided in the lobby area which are very close to the slope access door.

LE 3001

Once you walk out the door, drop your skis on the snow, click in, and ski 50 yards to either the high speed quad or the River Run Gondola. If you are here to relax, the pool and hot tub set up is wonderful. The hot tub is right next to the slopes so you can watch everyone freeze to death while you are roasty toasty in a hot tub with a beer (no glass please). I have skied past those hot tubs hundreds of times and still get jealous on a cold, blustery day. After a long day of skiing and hot tubing, I really don’t blame you for walking right past the work out facility. However, if you are into that sort of thing on a vacation, feel free to enjoy the fully equipped work out room. Once you get back to your room, chill out on the couch, try not to fall asleep, and enjoy the HDTV in the living room. It sounds like your exciting vacation day is over, but it’s not. You haven’t even eaten anything yet. In the River Run Village, which is just a short walk away, there is everything from a quick burger at New Moon Cafe to fine Dining at either Wolf Rock Brewery or the Alpen Glow Stube. Everything is at your finger tips when you stay at Lone Eagle 3001. I highly recommend that you stay here whenever you come to Keystone.

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