Chalk Art, Top Hogs, Model Boat Regatta and Tie-Dying T-shirts Tomorrow in Keystone!

Tomorrow in Keystone’s River Run Village will feature a free day of fun and entertainment with the ‘Chalk Art and Chocolate’ Family Festival.  A live family entertainer recently seen on America’s Got Talent, ‘Top Hogs’ will be performing from 11 – 11:45 am.  Watch trained pigs perform all sorts of amazing tricks from sports endeavors to impressions.  This will be fun for the whole family and you won’t believe what they have taught these animals to do – so impressive!

There will also be two professional chalk artists on hand, Naomi Haverland and Chris Carlson, drawing 3-D art with chalk in the village during the event.  Keep an eye on these throughout the as they use chalk to create some amazing but temporary art!  These are some incredible pieces!

Chalk art from Naomi Haverland
One of Naomi Haverland’s amazing chalk art pieces featured from her portfolio at

Later in the afternoon, take your family over to Lakeside Village.  There will be a model boat regatta happening on Keystone Lake from 10 am – 4pm.  Over 30 scale ship models will be on hand to see with on-water demonstrations and the chance to navigate the ships and ask questions with the ship modelers. Then head to the Keystone Adventure Center to tie-dye t-shirts!  You and your kids can tie-dye a Keystone logoed t-shirt to bring home as a souvenir!  You bring the creativity and they’ll supply the rest! Cost is $15 for kids and $20 for adults, this event runs from 2 – 4 pm at Lakeside Village.

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5 Helpful Tips for a Successful Family Hike in Keystone and Beyond

Hiking at Keystone Resort

1. Think like a kid. Kids love adventures! When you are choosing a trail, think like a kid. Pick out one that has multiple features along the way- not just the grand finale at the end.  Trails that follow a stream or pond, come across a meadow or have spectacular view are good choices.  Many hiking trails in Keystone and Summit County feature old cabins or mining town remains- perfect to pair with a fun story about ‘history’ and the wild west!

2. Wander-ing is Fun! Kids are bound to take the path ‘less traveled’ by exploring as they go. Remember they might not always be pushing for ‘the end’ the same way adults do. Plan for distractions and diversions along the way and don’t be disappointed if you don’t always reach the end of the trail!  The fun is in the journey, not always just the destination!

3. Assign a Guide. Your kids will love being the hike leader! Make a quick copy of the map of the trail and let them hang on to it and draw on if they want.  Have them point out places they want to go and lead the way!  Be on the lookout for animals and artifacts such as interesting stones, fossils, and wildflowers!  Bring an inexpensive pair of binoculars and other fun toys like bug nets, whistles and a compass to enhance their fun.  Follow their lead and have fun along the way!

4. Capture the Moment! Kids love being the center of attention- photograph them along the way with things they’ve found or next to that awesome lake- you’ll love the memories and they’ll love posing for the camera!

5. Always Be Prepared. You never know what will happen in the woods!  Always make sure everyone has appropriate shoes, clothing, rain jackets, sunscreen, hats, food and water.  Bring lots of snacks like nuts, string cheese, dried fruits, gummy candies, and M&M’s and let kids eat them as they please. It’s always a good idea to carry a basic first aid kit with neosporin, band-aids, etc. in case of emergencies.  Don’t forget to bring a map or a GPS unit so you don’t get lost and a cell phone if you have one.

You will find that your family will love the beautiful scenery and the abundance of hiking trails here at Keystone Resort.  Come prepared and everyone will have a great time enjoying the great outdoors!  There are still 3 weeks left before school starts- meaning there is still time for a quick family getaway!!