VIP Visitors at the Springs Condos Last Week in Keystone

Guests of The Springs in River Run Village had some ‘VIP’ visitors to the grounds last week! These moose were seen grazing in the front of the building and around the aspen trees.  Although they are fun to see, we’d like to remind everyone that these are wild and unpredictable animals- keep a safe distance and never try to feed wildlife! Moose can be seen in Keystone throughout the year and have been seen numerous times this winter.  Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife on your next visit to Colorado!

Wildlife sightings moose in Keystone's River Run Village at The Springs

Fall is Your Best Chance to See Moose in Keystone

If you are dreaming of seeing a moose during your mountain vacation, you should book a trip to Keystone over the upcoming few weeks.  Fall is one of our favorite seasons in the mountains and not just for the incredible leaf peeping and amazing weather.  It is also one of the best times to see moose in the mountains.  Fall is the prime mating season for moose and it is when they are most active, mainly in the months of September and October. Moose are most comfortable in cold, damp environments and you can often see them hanging out in marshes or ponds.  These moose were spotted today in West Keystone, near the marshy areas close to the Snake River.  We have also seen them at other times in River Run Village, near the Gateway Lodge and out and about Snake River Townhomes. 

Moose having a drink in West Keystone


If you are lucky enough to spot a moose during your visit to Keystone, please remind that these are wild animals and keep your distance.  Moose are very large animals and can often be unpredictable and aggressive and could charge at any time.  Enjoy the view, but from a distance.  Good luck with your moose ‘hunting’ this fall!

Moose Sighting in Keystone

Fall is a great time of year to see wildlife in Keystone!  In addition to the beautiful changing golds and orange hues on the trees, this is often the time when you’ll see moose, foxes, and sometimes even bears out and about in the area.  We want to remind you to watch them in awe, ye, even stop for photos, but always keep a safe distance!  These are wild animals and can be dangerous.


Here is a moose family that was spotted yesterday in West Keystone, in a marshy area off of West Keystone Road.




Book a fall stay in Keystone at 30% off lodging rates when you use the code ‘FALL’ and head out to the trails and hope that you’ll see some wildlife! We have vacation rentals in West Keystone that aren’t far from the area that this moose family was spotted.  Check out The Pines, Lodgepole and Homestead condos in West Keystone.  Fall is a great time to be in the mountains!