Hiking in Keystone

Keystone, Colorado is a hikers paradise, with hiking trails that everyone will enjoy. No need to be a seasoned hiker though, there are plenty of trails for recreational hiking with the whole family. In Keystone, you can enjoy either short hikes, day hikes, longer weekend backpacking trips, or even multi-day hikes. Hiking is an easier and one of the most fun things to do as a family while you’re in Keystone.

One thing to do before your vacation trip to Keystone is to check out the different hikes and plan your hikes out ahead of time. You’ll definitely want to read up on Colorado’s weather and hiking, so you’re prepared for anything on your hike. Read up on some of the best hiking trails in Keystone and take a look through reviews, trail maps and photos posted by other hikers. Tripleblaze has a great list of some of Colorado’s best hikes.

A must see, and one of the most enjoyable hikes around Keystone, are the trails near the ghost town of Montezuma. Radical Hill is about a 6 mile long trail with an elevation gain of 1,500 ft. The views on this hike are absolutely stunning. You’ll want to make sure and take a peek into the old mining cabin near the top of the trail as well. Definitely make sure to bring more water than you think. Remember that at altitude, you need more water than usual, as well as plenty of sunscreen. You’ll also want to keep in mind that this area of Colorado is also known for afternoon thunderstorms in the summer months, so earlier in the day is typically the best time to go hiking. Make sure to pack a light rain jacket, hat and portable blanket, along with a small first aid kit.

No matter what hike or hikes you decide to take with your family, you will definitely enjoy the amazing and stunning views Keystone has to offer all along the hikes. So plan a few hikes for the family on your next vacation to Keystone, and enjoy your time together creating memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Weddings in Keystone

Create a memorable wedding day in Keystone, Colorado, not only for you and your fiancé, but for your entire family, friends and visitors. There’s nothing like the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop to your special day, the Colorado blue skies, and wildflowers galore. Keystone offers a magical place for your wedding day that will create memories for years to come. Whether you choose to have your wedding in the winter or in the summer, Keystone will provide you with a magical wedding day. Keystone offers everyone plenty to do while they’re in town for your special day… adventure, relaxation, hiking, view, everything to make this time unforgettable for all of you.

Keystone Resort has multiple sites for wedding ceremonies and receptions to accommodate your wedding, no matter the size, whether just a few close friends and family, to three hundred. With plenty of restaurants and caterers, Keystone Resort will make your wedding day one you’ll never forget and will cherish the memories for years to come.

SummitCove can provide lodging for you and all your guests. SummitCove can group your party all in the same area so you are close together, making it a little easier to coordinate your events. Another perk when using SummitCove as your lodging provider: Take part in SummitCove’s Wedding Gifts Program and get money back from all of your reservations for your group.

For more information on this terrific program, call SummitCove today and let us help plan your special wedding day in Keystone, Colorado.

Miniature Golf in River Run Village Keystone

The whole family will enjoy taking in a little mini golf at Keystone’s Par 43 miniature golf course in River Run Village. Miniature golf is perfect for putters of all ages. With a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll never forget this round of miniature golf. Putters, golf balls, and score cards are available at the Mountain Concierge, located in the Buffalo Courtyard Lodge in River Run Village.

Keystone’s miniature golf is open from late May to early October (weather dependent).

Call 800-354-4FUN(4386) for more information on costs and times.

River Run Village New Events Center

River Run Village Pavilions at Keystone

The Pavilions at Keystone is a new development project in River Run Village which will focus on family-friendly entertainment. Encompassing everything from concerts and theatre performances to films and more, the Pavilions at Keystone will be a great way to enjoy Keystone after skiing. The pavilions at Keystone are also available for private functions (such as weddings, corporate events, or family reunions). The PAK (Pavilions at Keystone) will be a year-round structure and provide Keystone with the opportunity to offer year-round opportunities for the arts and culture. The greater Keystone area has a few other theatres and venues, but not in the heart of River Run Village. The PAK project has been in development for many years and the Keystone Neighbourhood Company has finally found a way to make it work.

The Keystone Neighbourhood Company has been hoping to build a large, permanent venue for art performances available all year, but the price of a new building was out of their reach. Currently, the KNC (Keystone Neighbourhood Company) operates a large tent. However, the tent is only available in the summer, as it cannot combat the cold winter. The compromise is to build a semi-permanent ‘sprung structure’ that is operable year-round and deflects the cold. The new technology is quite amazing. The new year-round tent will feature environmentally friendly PVC walls surrounding a thick layer of insulation. This allows the structure to be thick enough to keep out the cold and light enough to be taken down and reconstructed if need be. The facility will also feature in-floor radiant heating, a ‘state-of-the-art’ bar and removable stages; making it a truly multi-purpose facility for any need. The KNC is expecting this structure to work for approximately fourteen years, while they wait to raise funds for a permanent building.

The PAK will be adjacent to the Quaking Aspen Amphitheatre. The Quaking Aspen Amphitheatre is a permanent outdoor facility which mainly hosts children’s theatre, but also holds weddings and sometimes concerts. However, the Quaking Aspen Amphitheatre has limited electrical and lighting capabilities and this is why the Pavilions will be welcomed by the locals and vacationers alike. The year-round facility will help increase the activity in the River Run Village area and also in Keystone. There is some other nearby theatres, in Breckenridge and in Dillon, but for those wanting to stay exclusively in Keystone the Pavilions in Keystone is the way to go!

The Pavilions at Keystone has been operating since 2002, offering art camps and summer performances to all. The new project is slated for completion in July 2010 and will be a welcome addition to the River Run Village area’s energy and fun. Events are being offered in Keystone and are available for you to research or sign-up. I am personally excited for the Music in the Mountains Concert Series on Sundays and (for families) the Children’s Theatre Production of Rapunzel: A Family Rock Musical. Other events include the Annual Blues Festival and Art Show, Dancin’ in the Rockies and many other family friendly and fun events. For adults, there is a Bluegrass and Beer Festival and Smokey Joe’s Café. All in all, the summer season has some exciting events for the new Pavilions at Keystone facility and the winter season is sure to promise even more enticing performances.

River Run Village Swimming Pools

Which condos in River Run Village have swimming pools?

This is a question that many of our guests ask before they come on vacation to Keystone Resort, having a swimming pool can be a great way for our guests to enjoy a vacation, the kids love it, the atmosphere is great, the water is warm and the sunshine is bright.  If you are coming to Keystone Colorado for a summer vacation or a ski vacation and need a swimming pool then check out these River Run Village swimming pools.  Whether you need to stretch out in the water after a day of skiing at Keystone resort or your kids need to burn some more energy a swimming pool is a great thing to enjoy in Keystone’s River Run.  So where are the pools at River Run Village? Here is a photo tour of the swimming pools in River Run Village

The following buildings have a swimming pool in River Run Village.

The Springs at River Run Swimming Pool

Springs at River Run Village swimming pool.
The swimming pool and waterslide at The Springs Condos

Red Hawk Lodge and the Red Hawk Town homes share a pool

The swimming pool at the Red Hawk Condos in Keystone Resort
Swimming pool at Red Hawk Lodge Keystone Colorado River

The Pool at Lone Eagle at River Run

Lone Eagle pool and hot tubs above River Run Village
Enjoy a soak in this heated pool and hot tub

The swimming pool for The Timbers at River Run Village

Swimming pool at The Timbers in Keystone Colorado
Swimming pool at The Timbers indoor outdoor pool

Dakota Lodge – Araphoe Lodge Jack Pine Black Bear Buffalo Lodge shared pool

The swimming pool at Dakota Lodge in River Run Village
The swimming pool with mountain range views in River Run Village

Expedition Station at River Run Village

Swimming Pool at Expedition Station in Keystone Colorado
Enjoy this large heated pool at Expedition Station Condos

Now in River Run Village the buildings are all within an easy walk from each other so getting from Silver Mill to the swimming pool at Dakota Lodge is very easy and simple to get back and forth, remember you can walk from one side of River Run Village to the other in just a couple of minutes but if you are looking to walk right outside and enjoy a quick dip you can when you stay at one of the River Run Village condos that has a private pool.

We realized that we might want to give you a warning that pool poaching in Keystone is not allowed or encouraged.  Sun bathing in Keystone can also be very dangerous if you don’t wear sunscreen as Keystone is much closer to the sun and you can get a sun burn much faster than you would thing.