Savor the Slopes at Keystone Resort

Savor the Slopes

If you are visiting Keystone Wednesdays through Saturdays from January 21, 2015 – February 12, 2015, you should definitely make a reservation to attend one or more tasting sessions at Keystone’s Savor the Slopes.  On each day of the event, one of our Keystone Restaurants will hold a ‘tasting’ session that focuses on one of four categories: Food, Wine, Spirits, and Beer.  Each sampling session holds a specific theme and is often correlated with the restaurant’s specialties. For example, the Keystone Ranch is holding a ‘Farm to Table’ Night and Der Fondue Chessel is featuring ‘Fondue Beers of the World.’  Some other intriguing sessions are titled ‘History of Colorado wines and Colorado Wine Tastings’ at Keystone Ranch, ‘Craft Beers with Gastropub style bites’ at the Bighorn Bistro and ‘Wild Game’ at the Alpenglow Stube.
 savor the slopes
This is a great opportunity to visit some of the amazing restaurants we have here in Keystone and have some fun learning and tasting some delicious food and drinks. Savor the Slopes makes for a fun date night or apres-ski activity!
All events start at 4 pm and each tasting event is just $25 per person.
Reservations for the sessions are required, please call 970-496-4386 to hold your spot and for additional information.
Date Restaurant Sampling 
 Wed., Jan. 21 Der Fondue Chessel A Taste of Fondue
 Thurs., Jan. 22 Alpenglow Stube The Wines of Napa Valley
 Fri., Jan. 23 Keystone Ranch Farm to Table presentation & tasting with Chef Vlass
 Sat., Jan. 24 Bighorn Bistro & Bar Creation of a menu item – The dissection of an entree
 Sun., Jan. 25 The Ski Tip Lodge Hors D’ourves Made Easy with Chef Brian Baker
 Wed., Jan. 28 Der Fondue Chessel Cabernet at its Finest
 Thurs., Jan. 29 Alpenglow Stube Wild Game
 Fri., Jan. 30 Keystone Ranch  Colorado Spirits
 Sat., Jan. 31 Bighorn Bistro & Bar Craft Beers with Gastropub style bites
 Sun., Feb. 1 The Ski Tip Lodge Trends in Wine Making
 Wed., Feb. 4 Der Fondue Chessel Fondue Beers of the World
 Thurs., Feb. 5 Alpenglow Stube Mysteries of Merlot
 Fri., Feb. 6 Keystone Ranch History of Colorado wines and Colorado Wine Tastings
 Sat., Feb. 7 Bighorn Bistro & Bar Craft Cocktails and How to Create Them
 Sun., Feb. 8 The Ski Tip Lodge Ski Tip Infusions: Learn to infuse your own liquors
 Wed., Feb 11 Der Fondue Chessel Wines of Sonoma
 Thurs., Feb 12 9280′ Tap House Colorado Brews


Savor the Slopes at Keystone Resort this February

Have you been dreaming of trying out some of Keystone’s Signature Restaurants? How about a chance to try them all?  Savor the Slopes is a month-long event at Keystone Resort that lets guests sample items in four categories; food, wine, beer, and spirits from some of Keystone’s most coveted restaurants!  Attend daily tastings at various locations throughout Keystone for just $25 per event during the entire month of February. Reservations are required and all events start at 4:30 pm, the perfect time for an après treat!

Week 1 (February 1 – 9) features FOOD tastings including an especially sweet Chocolate Tasting at the Keystone Ranch, Flavors of the Alps Fondue at Der Fondue Chessel, an informative Farm To Table seminar from The Keystone Ranch, Sustainable Fishing and Aquaculture at the Bighorn Bistro & Bar, and many more delicious showcases from your favorite restaurants!

During Week 2 (February 10 – 16) you will have the opportunity to sample and learn all about WINES! Wines of Love, Wines of Colorado, French Wines, Pinot Noirs.. all there is to say is, wine not?

Week 3 (February 17 – 23) focuses on SPIRITS!  Enjoy tasting seminars in which you will learn about and taste Colorado Whiskeys, Compare Vodkas, discover the ‘Beauty of Bitters’ and even enjoy some good old Martini tastings.  Life is good!

The final week of Savor the Slopes is all about BEER!  (February 24 – 28) This one might be our favorite.  Most of the samplings this week are featured on Colorado beer- Microbrews, Browns, and even Summit County Locals.  Make sure you take advantage of Keystone’s free resort shuttles to get back home to your condo after these!

If you are visiting Keystone anytime this upcoming month, check out the Savor the Slopes Schedule and make a reservation to attend one of the tastings!  It will be the perfect end to a great day on the slopes and a great chance to visit some of Keystone’s best restaurants.


Savour the Slopes Culinary Festival at Keystone Resort

Savour the Slopes is a new culinary festival this season at Keystone Resort.  Every day features samplings of food, wine, and beer from some of Keystone’s signature dining restaurants.  Each tasting event is just $20 and they are held at various locations around the resort, starting at 4:30 pm.  The events are broken up into three categories: Food from January 18 – 27, Wine from January 28 – February 3, and Beer and Spirits from February 4 -10. See the schedule below for all of the details!  Be sure to register early because each tasting has a limited tasting capacity.

Fri. 1/18: ‘Seafood’, Alpenglow Stube (cap. 30)
Sat. 1/19: ‘The Ranch Farm to the Table’, Keystone Ranch (cap. 30)   /
‘Ice Carving Demo’, River Run Gondola Plaza (cap. 30)
Sun. 1/20: ‘Cooking With Kids’, Edgewater Cafe (cap. 12 children with parents,
ages 6-12)

Mon. 1/21: ‘Braised Prepared Tasting’, Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)
Tues. 1/22: ‘Meet the Chef’, Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)
Wed. 1/23: ‘Beer Based Appetizers’, 9280 Taphouse (cap. 30)
Thurs. 1/24: ‘Cheese & Chocolate’, Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 30)
Fri. 1/25: ‘Wild Game Appetizers’, Alpenglow Stube (cap. 30)   /  
‘Chocolate Tasting’
, Keystone Ranch (cap. 30)
Sat. 1/26: ‘Cobbler Tasting & A History of The Ski Tip Lodge’, Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)  
‘Oven Baked Techniques’, Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 50)
Sun. 1/27: ‘Barbeque Tasting’, Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)   /  
‘Grilled Steak Tasting’
, Bighorn Steakhouse (cap. 30)
Mon. 1/28: ‘Wines of Argentina’, 9280 Taphouse (cap. 20)   /  
‘Delectable Dessert Wine Tasting’
, Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)
Tues. 1/29: ‘California White Wines’, Bighorn Steakhouse (cap. 30)   /  
‘A World of Bubbles’
, Keystone Ranch (cap. 35)
Wed. 1/30: ‘Wines of Burgundy’, Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 40)   /  
‘Big Reds’
, Alpenglow Stube (cap. 40)
Thurs. 1/31: ‘A Taste of Italy’, Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)   /  
‘Infinite Monkey Therom Tasting’
, Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)
Fri. 2/1: ‘A Tour of Napa Valley’, Alpenglow Stube (cap. 40)   / 
‘A Taste of Colorado’
, Keystone Ranch (cap. 35)
Sat. 2/2: ‘Meritage, A World of Blended Wines’, Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)   /
‘The Misunderstood Malbec’, Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 40)
Sun. 2/3: ‘California Red Wines’, Bighorn Steakhouse (cap. 30)   /  
‘Greek Wine Tasting’
, Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)
Mon. 2/4: ‘India Pale Ales’, 9280 Taphouse (cap. 30)  
‘Tequila & Nachos’, Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)
Tues. 2/5: ‘Old World Single Malt Scotch Tasting’, Keystone Ranch (cap. 35)   /   ‘Signature Infused Liquors’, Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)
Wed. 2/6: ‘Wonderful World of Liquers’, Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 40)   /
‘Colorado Beers at Their Finest’, Last Lift Bar (cap. 40)
Thurs. 2/7: ‘”Shaken Not Stirred” Martini Tasting’, Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)   /   ‘Colorado Liquor Tasting’, 9280 Taphouse (cap. 30)
Fri. 2/8: ‘White to Red Port Tasting’, Alpenglow Stube (cap. 40)    
‘”Mix It Up” Mixed Drink Tasting’
, 9280 Taphouse (cap. 20)
Sat. 2/9: ‘”A Mug With Old Friends” German Beer Tasting’, Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)   /   ‘”A Time to Warm By the Fire” Signature Hot Drinks’, Keystone Ranch (cap. 35)
Sun. 2/10: ‘Bourbon at Its Finest’, Bighorn Steakhouse (cap. 30)   / 
‘Toast the Winter With An Ale Tasting’
, Last Lift Bar (cap. 40)