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If you drive past River Run Village in Keystone and bear right where the road forks to go over Loveland Pass ( route 6 east), you will find yourself on Montezuma Road.

Montezuma Road

Follow this road for approximately six miles and you will come into the eclectic town of Montezuma, which had been listed as one of Colorado’s top scenic places by “John Fielder’s Best of Colorado”. According to the Summit County historical society, Montezuma was founded in 1865 following the discovery of silver in nearby Argentine Pass. To this day many of the old mine shafts and buildings still remain, and it is awesome to take a drive up to this old mining town on a nice sunny day.

Welcome to Montezuma

On top of that there is a plethora of trails in Montezuma. Where you can do everything from hiking, backpacking, four-wheeling, backcountry skiing and hunting. Two of the most popular are Saints John Road and Webster Pass. Saints John is just off main street in Montezuma, and is known for it’s old mining cabins. Webster Pass is a popular four-wheeling and backpacking trip. For more information on these trails go to, However, be sure too prepare before you go, all the roads past the center of Montezuma are dirt and unmaintained, four-wheel drive is definitely recommended. And of course it is hunting season, so make sure you are wearing bright colors if you are going to be in the woods.

So many trails to pick from

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4×4 and Off-Roading Near Keystone

Are you a thrill seeker looking for some fun in Summit County? Discover 4×4 off-roading while you’re on vacation. You’ll take adventurous trails and roads throughout the mountain terrain of Summit County.  Take in the views of well-known Colorado wildflowers, alpine lakes, wildlife, and of course the Ten Mile Range and views of the 14,000 foot mountain peaks surrounding you. You’ll be able to explore the Continental Divide in a whole new world than you’ve experienced before. Explore the treasures of Colorado’s historic roads that were developed in the 19th century by gold-miners.

4×4 off-road trips can be arranged to fit your individual, group or whole family’s needs. Some trails are easy and smooth, while some are steep and exciting, so guided trips and rentals are also available. If you don’t feel like driving yourself and just want to take in the views, a guided trip would be perfect for you and your group. Feeling adventurous? Then you can rent your own Jeep and explore the Rocky Mountains on your own at your own pace. No matter what you decide to do, 4×4 off-roading will be an experience in the Colorado Rockies that you’ll never forget.

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