VIP Visitors at the Springs Condos Last Week in Keystone

Guests of The Springs in River Run Village had some ‘VIP’ visitors to the grounds last week! These moose were seen grazing in the front of the building and around the aspen trees.  Although they are fun to see, we’d like to remind everyone that these are wild and unpredictable animals- keep a safe distance and never try to feed wildlife! Moose can be seen in Keystone throughout the year and have been seen numerous times this winter.  Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife on your next visit to Colorado!

Wildlife sightings moose in Keystone's River Run Village at The Springs

Moose Sighting in Keystone Colorado!

One of our employees was able to catch sight of this massive moose near the Snake River Townhomes late last week! The fall leaves are changing and many animals are out and about, preparing for winter.  Moose are currently in the height of their mating season, meaning the bulls can be more aggressive than normal.  No matter what the season, it is always best to keep your distance from a moose and stay out of the way!  Only grab your camera if you are in a safe place, at a safe distance.

Fall is a great time to visit Keystone for hiking, fall colors, and of course these kind of amazing wildlife sightings! Call us today for a great rate on a vacation rental condo!